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Plenty of people want washboard abs, but not everyone wants to do the crunches required to trim the flab.
The Ab Circle Pro is the fast, easy way to help you get the flat washboard abs you've always wanted. As you swing your hips from side to side, the kneepads slide along the friction-free track, the movement working your entire waist and stomach muscles while providing cardio exercise and conditioning your heart and lungs all at the same time. Made with gym-quality steel built to last a lifetime, the Ab Circle Pro gets you off the ground and targets your entire core, from one side to the other and from front to back.

The Ab Circle Pro offers three resistance levels, making it appropriate for both beginners and more advanced users. Enter the Ab Circle Pro, a fast and easy way to give your body the sexy V shape you've always wanted. The Ab Circle Pro gets you off the ground and targets your entire core from one side to another, front to back, a complete 360-degrees! As you pivot your lower body on the Ab Circle Pro's unique friction-free track, you'll boost your cardio rate while also challenging your upper, middle, and lower abs at the same time. It works out your upper, middle, and lower abs and obliques - all in one simple, fun, fat burning motion!

And not only does the Ab Circle Pro help you lose your love handles, but it also helps trim and tone your buns, hips, and thighs.
The Ab Circle Pro--which folds up for easy storage under the bed or in the closet--comes with a 3-Minute Express Workout DVD and a Lose Your Love Handles nutritional guide.

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