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Most of these belts also come with an exercise and nutrition program and believe it or not the FDA actually endorses a few of them! I will tell you what this belts are good for, at least for me, my menstrual pains and cramps and thats all. Today I’m sharing my very first Infomercial Insanity – a strand we’ve continued to run here on the site and feature for the forseeable future.
I usually tune in to Saturday Night live for a good laugh, but over the years I’ve realized nothing is as funny (or ridiculous) as the fitness products advertised in all those late night infomercials. Next up on the list is the “Flex Belt” which promises ‘six pack abs’ if used for 30 minutes per day, everyday, for 6 weeks. The major issue with most infomercial products is that they don’t work, and the models they use are already in great shape. Ab belts are portable devices designed to target the abs using electrical charges that repeatedly activate abdominal muscles.
Unsurprisingly, they became a hit to the public particularly to those who wanted to achieve great looking abs the easy way. However, many of these ab belts are inferior and poorly constructed that they are not delivering their purpose. The makers of Flex Belt are a medical device company based in Ireland with 40 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and marketing Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) devices for both medical and consumer use.  Their products have been prescribed and used in 5000 clinics worldwide. This brand of abdominal belt has become even more popular since it has been endorsed by renowned icons such as celebrities Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna, model Adrianne Curry, celebrity trainer Brian Wade, and Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers among many others.

The belt features medical-grade gel pads which cover the central abs and external obliques.
The link below comes with a discount code allowing you to save 10% for every belt you purchase. Last week I introduced you to a new strand here on ATF called Infomercial Insanity, where I review a fitness product and judge it merits, or lack of!
Today, I’m talking about the AB Belt, a belt that literally shocks your abdominals with little jolts of electricity and promises a six-pack in just 6 weeks. The Ab Belt claims that by sending small electrical impulses to your abdominal muscles through pads in a belt it will tone, strengthen and somehow make a set of washboard abs appear. This leads people to believe that wearing such a belt will spot reduce fat in their belly area. My face muscles definitely get a workout from these products as do my abdominals, from all the cramping caused by my laughter! They are supposedly intended for toning, firming, and strengthening the stomach muscles even without rigorous routines like crunches, sit-ups, or any other type of ab workout.
Flex Belt, on the other hand, is the first ab toning system which is actually cleared by the FDA for its purpose.
The belt’s intensity levels range from 1 to 150, you have the option to increase it as your abdomnal muscles continue to improve giving you the ability to keep advancing.

The savings will show up on the ‘Total’ amount after you have selected your belt system option.
The ab belts out there may be a great solution for your abdominal area and they will ask for almost no effort at all from your behalf. The Slimming Belt may be one of them and if you want to find out more about it, then do read on. This article details the top three ab belts out there so you can decide which is worth a shot. They may help a bit with salvaging some lost strength, but the stimulators that rehab centers and clinicians use are far more powerful than any ab fitness belt available. Your abdominal muscles primary function is spinal flexion, meaning they pull your spine into a curved position from a straight one (as in a floor or reverse crunch) This belt can’t do that with electric stimulation, but it will slim your wallet down – by about $200!

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