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Ab belt, best way lose belly fat - Reviews

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Most of these belts also come with an exercise and nutrition program and believe it or not the FDA actually endorses a few of them! I will tell you what this belts are good for, at least for me, my menstrual pains and cramps and thats all. The EMS belts work based on a principle that is rather easy to understand: they send small electrical impulses to the muscles, making them contract and relax the very same way as they would during a regular workout. Definitely one of the popular names on the market when it comes to abdominal toning, Contour Ab Belts have received quite a number of good reviews among users.
This is another very popular abdominal belt out there and the truth is that it is quite similar to the Flex Belt. Furthermore, this belt comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, which makes it a trustworthy and reliable product in the eyes of many of its users. With tons of positive reviews and amazing features, Flex Belt easily made it to the top of the list. Whichever of the belts you choose do make sure that you purchase original products, since this is one of the most important things.

Today, I’m talking about the AB Belt, a belt that literally shocks your abdominals with little jolts of electricity and promises a six-pack in just 6 weeks. The Ab Belt claims that by sending small electrical impulses to your abdominal muscles through pads in a belt it will tone, strengthen and somehow make a set of washboard abs appear. This leads people to believe that wearing such a belt will spot reduce fat in their belly area. The ab belts out there may be a great solution for your abdominal area and they will ask for almost no effort at all from your behalf. However, it was also established among these reviews that their belts are bulkier than the competition so you can’t actually wear them discreetly when you need to. The manufacturers that created this belt made sure that it is highly efficient for a lot of people and they designed it with 150 levels of intensity.
Basically, you can purchase this belt and if you do not see your abdominal muscles more toned up within 60 days, you will receive your money back.
There are many offshore-manufactured products out there that imitate almost perfectly these belts, but these counterfeited belts will not be as effective as the original ones (not even by far, actually).

This article details the top three ab belts out there so you can decide which is worth a shot. Thus, you can select what suits your needs the most and you can increase the level of intensity as you progress with your use of the belt. All these belts are actually efficient and it has been proven to be so. What scientists did was use a thermal detector to see how the muscles warm up and start to work under the influence of an EMS belt and the results amazed them. They may help a bit with salvaging some lost strength, but the stimulators that rehab centers and clinicians use are far more powerful than any ab fitness belt available.

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