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Ab ballet school, build muscle without weights at home - PDF Review

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Alberta Ballet, a not-for-profit charitable organization, is Canada's third largest dance company and is in its 45th season. The School offers programs year-round and its main season runs from September to June, culminating in a year-end performance involving all students. The School of Alberta Ballet is seeking young dancers, between the ages of 18 and 21, to join Alberta Ballet II for its 2015-2016 Season. Alberta Ballet II is Canada’s newest dance project for emerging artists led by Director Aram Manukyan.
Members of Alberta Ballet II will join Alberta Ballet onstage in select productions – under the direction of Alberta Ballet’s Artistic Director Jean Grand-Maitre. Our emerging artists will also have the opportunity to work with guest choreographers and other Alberta Ballet artistic staff and form an integral part of Alberta Ballet’s education and outreach programs, touring across the province. Along with a rigorous daily training schedule, Alberta Ballet II members will also have professional development opportunities – giving them the tools to successfully audition for, perform with, and excel in dance companies around the world. Auditions for the Alberta Ballet II 2015-2016 Season will be held in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

The School of Alberta Ballet’s Intensive Training program offers classes for students ages 6 and up who wish to train at a more serious level. Ballet Class Our progressive ballet classes start with an introduction to ballet structure through beginning barre work, port de bras, centre practice, allegro (jumping) and eventually pointe work.
Pointe Class An exciting part of a ballet student’s training, pointe work requires strength and excellent body alignment. Character Class (first half of the year) Incorporating ballet technique with an emphasis on traditional folk or national dance from European countries.
Alberta Ballet has developed a distinctive repertoire and performance quality that has brought it to the forefront of both its home and international stages. The School offers two divisions to nurture and develop young dancers to their greatest individual potential.
This FREE, intensive training program was designed to attract top level dancers and bridge the gap between school and a professional career in the dance industry. The program is designed to prepare students to one day audition for the School of Alberta Ballet’s Professional Division or to pursue other high level training. Classes include preparation for Cecchetti exams, and those students who are ready for an exam will be offered the opportunity to take it.

Canada Diagnostic Centres is the official diagnostic imaging provider of the Alberta Ballet and sponsors various performances throughout the season including Helios and the holiday classic The Nutcracker. Canada Diagnostic Centres funds a scholarship for a student to attend the School of Alberta Ballet.
Ballet improves body posture, grace and strength and is the fundamental training that applies to all other dance forms. A fusion of contemporary movement and ballet technique, Modern fosters a freedom of movement, develops flexibility, and works core strength and conditioning.

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