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A fitness lifestyle takes discipline and dedication, especially for our on the go generation. A fitness lifestyle is more than a chiselled physique; it has the power to transform our bodies and inspire our minds, resulting in a longer, happier, healthier life. Like so many great ideas, 6-Pack Fitness was born from a dream and a drawing scrawled on a post-it in the middle of the night. Like a newly designed running sneaker or innovative gym equipment, 6-Pack Fitness was born from a moment of enlightenment and a tiny drawing hastily scribbled by a man trying to remember his dream long enough to write it down. Mark Samuel, Misha’s friend and business partner, had recently opened a gym with Chris LaLanne the grand nephew of Jack LaLanne, godfather of fitness. After a few grueling weeks of watching, training and trying to keep up with the two super fitness enthusiasts, Misha noticed one remarkable habit: Mark was meticulous about his diet. Mark’s work desk and car were scattered with food containers, dozens of bottles of supplements and vitamins, plastic baggies full of nuts and healthy snacks. Misha tried to stick to a fitness diet, but the organization needed felt overwhelming and cumbersome. The next day at the gym, Misha showed his drawing to Mark who instantly understood that the Six Pack could help millions of dieters and fitness enthusiasts comfortably control their meals throughout the day.

Being entrepreneurs, Mark and Misha immediately decided to develop the Six Pack and over the next couple of days, the Six Pack grew from a rough sketch into a real vision. Even as the 6-Pack system was coming off of the production line, the trio had already decided to combine their talents and help fitness enthusiasts, dieters and strength trainers like Misha, attain a six pack body. About UsEssex Fitness Source is your online directory of expert contacts, connecting you to fitness. EFS is the first and only county based fitness directory connecting you to all your fitness needs, from PT’s and Physiotherapists to kids Zumba classes, you can find it all in one specialist source. I first tried 6 pack bags last year while I was cleaning up my training diet and getting ready for my competition dieting. We all know how hard it is to stick to our fitness goals and staying on track with the nutrition is often the hardest part. With a 6 pack bag this all changes and you have everything you need for your daily nutrition in one simple convenient bag. That’s why we use smart designs, education and cutting-edge fitness methodology to help health-conscious people everywhere-from bodybuilders to after-work gym goers-meet their fitness goals. Through his religious fitness and gym schedule, he had achieved the strength and size he wanted, but a well defined six pack always eluded him.

With LaLanne and Samuel’s help, Misha stepped up his fitness regimen in an attempt to finally obtain a six pack. With more innovations on the way, 6-Pack Fitness will continue to offer simply effective solutions to deal with the everyday obstacles of healthy living.
6 Pack Fitness are renowned for the functionality of their products, and the Pursuit 300 Backpack is no exception.
The Pursuit 300 allows you to transport 3 meals with you on the go with the space for 3 ice packs built in to keep your food fresh and cool for up to 8 hours. The Pursuit 300 also has plenty of room for shakers and water bottles and makes it the perfect day to day bag for the individual looking to stick to their diet on the go.

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