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The installation manual states to connect both Blue and Black ceiling fan wires to the Black outlet box wire. If you want the fan and light to operate separately, then connecting the wires as you described is the way to go. As for the green grounding wire, simply attach it to the green grounding wire in the ceiling. Assuming your new fan has a pull chain control and your house wiring is wired conventionally, and you want the same function as before, your assessment of connections is correct.
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What do you call this input element where a focus will automatically be transferred to next text field after being filled? I will be running new wires to a master bedroom renovation and would like to wire the ceiling fan (a Hunter) so I can control the light and fan independently from two locations.
I'll check to see if a remote module can be added to the fan, but I'm also trying to cut down on the remotes on the nightstand! For speed control, you can just substitute a 3-way speed control for one of the fan switches shown in Hammerlane's drawing.

The first part of this section deals with the wiring of ceiling fans without lights, as shown in Figure 1.
Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #1 Explains Show the Wiring and Connections to the Fan and Switches. Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram #2 Explains Show the Wiring and Connections to the Fan and or it can be used to power a second switch for the ceiling fan light fixture.
Cable A and Cable B are the live, neutral and earth loop to each of the lights in the circuit, (Cable A feeds in the live supply from the previous light in the circuit and cable B loops out to supply the next light in the circuit) these cables remain ‘live’ even if the light switch is off, this is why you should ALWAYS make sure the circuit is isolated before you start work. If the number of red & Black wires doesn’t quite tally-up with that shown above, one of the following will be the case. Fig 3 – shows the last ceiling rose on a circuit and therefore there is only two cables present, cable A is the live, neutral and earth supply, cable C is the twin Red and Earth to the switch. If the cables in your ceiling rose are Brown and Blue and not Red and Black as shown above then see the alternative wiring diagrams. The previous fan's light was controlled by the switch and the fan controlled by the pull chain.
You should use an appropriately sized ring or fork terminal, to connect the ground under the same screw as the ground from the ceiling. The fan's green ground connects to the green wire at the outlet that is bonded to the hanger plate.

If you want it on a wall control, there are only a limited number of fans with that feature. One with a light kit and These diagrams to follow are based on the ceiling fan Need some help wiring a ceiling fan and light? 1 here the electrician has used twin and earth for cable C (Red and Black) instead of twin Red and Earth as the switch wire, the Black conductor should really be sheathed with Red sleeving to show it is a live conductor, if it is not, before attempting to replace the ceiling rose you should mark this conductor with either Red sleeving or insulating tape to avoid problems when reconnecting the ceiling rose. Am I understanding correctly that this green wire should be connected to the green wire from the fan motor?
Wiring a light A ceiling fan requires a neutral wire (white), a ground wire (green), a hot wire for the fan (black), and on fans with light kits a hot wire for the lights (blue). I need to Ceiling Fan Wiring information and diagrams will make getting your ceiling fan properly Another way is for the single switch to wire the ceiling fan and the light. I see the blue and white wires coming from the Learn how to wire light kit when installing a ceiling fan in this free home improvement video. Expert: Mark Sullivan Bio: Mark Sullivan has been a handyman I would like a electrical wiring diagram for a ceiling fan with inbuilt light to replace my excisting Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a light ceiling fitting?

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