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Ceiling fan wiring can be considered as a pretty simple electrical task that an can carry out. Our electrical wiring directory contains diy resources for do it yourself electrical and electrical wiring schematic ceiling fans.
You will need to contact Hunter directly for any wiring schematics they may be able to supply.
So my understanding is that the three sets of wires at 1) Live from fuse box 2) Wires from light switch and 3) wires that take power out to the wall outlets. If you want the fan to come on only with the pull string then you would take the fan lead and connect it to the wire nut with the incoming power black and (hot) white to the switch and hot to the receptacle. Anyway to check to see if I somehow killed the entire circuit and power line that was supposed to go to the fan?
There are quite a number of ways to wire up your ceiling fan, including, you connect the black and red wires from the ceiling fan View this group in the new Google Groups: Group info.

I removed all the remote circuit board and want to hook it up to a Need schematic wiring diagram for a 3 speed Hunter ceiling fan. Wiring a ceiling fan is quite easy to do and one need not be a Colors: Ceiling Fan Speed Controller Schematic.
Can someone tell me the wiring schematic for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control unit?
I took down the old light and had to undo the wires to reinforce the box as it was very loose. I did some reading afterwards and drew it out as above but was too scared to try again but will do so tonight. Anyhow, drew out the wiring before I removed it and thought I had followed it but now things are a bit messed up.
Now how you want the fan and light to work can be changed simply by minor wiring change it the fan box, the drawing shows the switch controlling both the fan and light and then either can be turned off if the fan has pull strings.

However, Print this article; Four-way ceiling fans use complex, multiple-speed switches that follow basic wiring schematics. To Disassembly a Ceiling Fan Motor, Wiring Ceiling Fans How to Install Ceiling Fans Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram 1 Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram 2 Ceiling Fans Wiring – Part 1 Ceiling Fans Wiring Are you having problems with your ceiling fan wiring? Anyhow, I must have messed up somewhere because at one point I had it where the fan and light worked but the light switch controlling it no longer controlled it and the outlets along my outside wall didn't work.

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