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A 22-year-old North Van man was left with serious stab wounds after a fight outside the Cabana night club Jan. There's nothing more beautiful than nature especially in BC, but if you live here you would know why it's important to have a tent at ANY event. Design ideas for a large modern exterior in Vancouver with three or more stories and stone veneer. The new additions further the geometric theme by using distinct volumes clad in contrasting materials, and then separating them by a glass atrium entrance.

They provide welcome retreat from sun and heat, and protection from rain, while affording the view! The atrium rises above both masses allowing daylight to filter in to the dramatic entrance from three sides. In the evening the delicate pattern of window mullions cause the atrium to glow like a lantern.The uniquely angular footprint of the house responds to the creek along the west side of the property and the oblique property lines.
In keeping with the spirit of the distinctive spaces created by these intersecting planes, the plan of the metal clad addition, and the roof lines of both additions, playfully fold and change direction.

The result is a completely re-modeled home which is sleek, vibrant and connected to the site.

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