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This product is discontinued with no replacement or is completely out of stock with no estimated in-stock date. At what time ceiling fans were originated in the late 1800s their main purpose was to give a cooling breeze all through periods of warm weather. It continued to be their main purpose until the early 1990s at what time competition from foreign producers forced American companies to improve new and innovative ways to sell their items. The result has been the improvement of ceiling fans which are not only technologically advanced but also their creative designs.Unique ceiling fans, unlike an air conditioner, do not cool the air yet rather provide a cooling effect simply by pushing the air downward.

That gentle breeze makes evaporation of moisture from the skin and it can give a helpful cooling of 6 or 7 degrees. Besides, you can save on the electric bill just by turning the ceiling fan off once you are not in the area since there is no advantage if you are not there.
For the period of the winter heating time, ceiling fans can also play an important role in keeping a regular temperature all the way through the area.Hunter Valhalla 23593 56-Inch Coffee Beech Ceiling FanWestinghouse Harmony 7214100 48-Inch Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Opal Frosted GlassBy reversing the direction of the rotation cooler air will be pulled up from the floor and then the warm air will be pushed down to swap it. It means that the cooler air will be pushed up toward the ceiling as the warm air keeps the level of the floor comfortable. When used in this way, unique ceiling fans must run a slower speed to avoid making a draft. A ceiling fan can also team up with an air conditioner just like those mounted in a window or through the wall.

Operating the ceiling fan thus it will push air down from the ceiling not merely provides a cooling effect from the evaporation of skin moisture yet it will disperse the cool air from the AC more evenly in the area.There is a situation in which the operation of unique ceiling fans is the opposite from what have been described and it occurs as the area has exceptionally high ceilings like two stories high or where the ceiling fan is placed at the top of a stairwell. Additionally, with that much distance from the ceiling fan to the floor the effect of evaporation is nil.

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