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There are hints that the Valvrave is either sentient or alive, both of which make this theory more likely.
In the space dock for the Valvraves the anchoring mechanism for each unit is an ovoid ring from which massive needle like rods extend. Actually, that design seems quite useful; one docking point design capable of holding almost any shape capable of fitting inside the docking unit, rather than having each dock custom made for a given Valvrave. Here's a thought: If Shoko "surprisingly" turns up not dead, then the most fitting unit for her to pilot would be the one listed as being "mysterious" (Valvrave Six). Mad theory here that the other Valvraves are actually different versions of the original, and that they change because of Haruto's vampiric habits. You know the Valvrave has a 6 way dial in the upper left top corner of its front control panel. If this scan is any indication, then Saki has become a likely candidate for piloting Valvrave Four (the green one). Shoko in Valvrave 3 (Yellow) - Valvrave 3 looks like a Big Guy member of the team, which would fit Shoko's personality. L-Elf in Valvrave 5 (Blue) - Would emphasis the Red Oni, Blue Oni dynamic between L-Elf and Haruto. The back of the Valvrave Three model's box spoils who its pilot is going to be (assuming the reader understands Japanese).
Given Sunrise's track record with situations where people live through something they probably shouldn't have, it does seem pretty likely. She is the original pilot of the Valvareve (or one of the other 4) and is thus a vampire, allowing her to survive the blast.
Heck she's still in the OP at point, particularly in one shot with that other school friend of there's that is still seemingly alive.
It's only Episode 2, and she's already confirmed to be alive and well, not a scratch on her person.
In episode 4 when the Valvrave kills the solider trying to pilot it the girl on the screen says, "You mistake." This could just be part of the programming or a sign that the Valvrave is alive. She doesn't seem to be present for the Green Valvrave's question, so Haruto's Valvrave might be special like that. After the events of Episode 4, Shoko has proven to be a major Spanner in the Works to L-Elf's plans, and therefore a threat to him. Episode 11 showed that L-Elf was willing to pull the trigger on Shoko had she not chosen to let Haruto destroy the Dorssian fleet along with her father.
We've only seen him on screen on two separate occasions so far, but it's safe to assume that he's going to have a major effect on the plot.
This trooper believes that he isn't magical but just a very analitical guy who most of the time is correct. If his original body is damaged (or even killed) it will revive, regenerate, and attack the person who attacked him. Something about her personality and the whole secret deal with Haruto bit makes me feel very uneasy about her. Second, in episode 5, Liselotte is shown in an extravagant, pink room made for a princess, she has the appearance of a princess, she dresses like one. Now, if A-Drei is a Dorssian prince and Liselotte is a Dorssian princess, who says that they are not related? Although I do like Shouko, I feel that her death is necessary in order to get the plot rolling. Saki does seem to be acting incredibly irresponsibly with her newfound powers as the pilot of the green valvrave. Aina calls Haruto a "holy spirit" empowered by a god and Haruto's blood test does not show any observable physical changes. If you read the text above the question in episode 1 it says, "You must answer the following question. Actually, if you watch the first episode carefully, the "do you resign from humanity" question appears several times with the "no" button being pushed repeatedly while Haruto desperately tries something else.
So in episode eight Takumi looks at some of the incomplete Valvraves and says that "I can hear her—our bride!" Either that or it was Cain's voiceover during the scene with Takumi.
In episode 5, when he is looking at Valvrave One, Kibukawa mentions a "Doctor Tokishima" who apparently was responsible for developing the units. We have more than one visual confirmation that Haruto's Valvrave is the only one which has the AI Girl in the weird outfit, and there are hints that Cain considers one of the mechs to be his wife. Instead of leaving the conversation like that, L-Elf is actually confessing his feelings to which you know that only unfortunate events await. MORE LIKE THE TOOL BEING USED BY THE MANLIEST MAN THAT IS ERU ERUFU THAT IS FIGHTING THE WHOLE WORLD. Well, we have vampires, shining finger mechs, so I suppose it’s only right for there to be aliens as well. Haruto, if you be more independent and stop being such a tool, you can be a good character.
The most disappointing thing about this episode is definitely the revelation of the truth about Magius. This season is much more serious than the previous, and for the most part, I’ve been happy to see a more well thought out story. This entry was posted in Valvrave the Liberator Season 2 and tagged confession, death, despair, memories, NOM NOM NOM, outsmarted, ownage, revelation by Entrav Riccardo. Meanwhile,it looks like Shouko is finally gonna make an appearance again.Why do I have this feeling that Haruto hasn’t given up on her? ERU ERUFU’s plan to revolutionize Dorssia involves planning you to plan that you have to revolutionize Dorssia.
These 200-year flashforwards have been used to build some excitement as well as to give some clues as to where the show is headed. Now that Shoko realizes what burden Haruto has carried on for her sake, she’s probably mentally slapping herself across the face for acting the way she did though it was understandable. Now all they have to do is to learn how they move their mouth and make those random sounds. One of the parts that I find most lacking in this series since the beginning are the characters. This entry was posted in Valvrave the Liberator Season 2 and tagged agreement, betrayal, bromance, promise, punch, space, space suit by Entrav Riccardo. However, problems arise when eventually the two extreme opposites annoy each other to the point that they start fighting. L-elf reveals the truth about Shoko’s father being killed by Haruto, and yells that Shoko hates him and that he is a monster that brings misery everywhere he goes. Both men are stunned by the revelations, and in a nice twist on the Newtype ghosts, both men are confronted in their heads by the person(s) they loved. L-elf quickly discern that the Magius control the runes through words(specifically chants) and that Haruto who while he is only feeling this out, might be able to release enough power for a flare. This Haruto is confident in himself, wants to start his own country that is not Jior, but something all their own. A-drei got some surprising depth this episode as we see a flashback of why he wants to start this revolution. However, A-drei lets himself get caught by X-eins who is wondering why his team is all suddenly turning into traitors.
In the end, L-elf and Haruto make a new promise that they will reveal the truth to the world and make a new country of their own.
Next week, it looks as if they’ve been found, and the kirshbaums are still a heavy match for the Valvraves.
Very badass, with all the rune inscriptions in a mysterious language running over its plating. I have some expectations for a classic emotional bonding unfolding between Shoko and Haruto.
Haruto, facing a visibly finite remainder of his life, is bearing the bigger burden here, I think, and overcoming it is just very inspiring.
There's got to be more to it than just a Super Prototype or highly powerful experimental weapon.
And most likely, much easier to repair and replace than said custom docking unit - just pull out a damaged 'pin' and replace it.
Aside from changing Valvrave's (or, should we say, Valvrave One's) section, it added in entries for Valvrave Three-Six, which appeared in the opening, with Valvrave Two explicitly missing, which will probably be important to the plot. Mystery Valvrave aside, even if the other main characters L-elf Saki and Shouko use them, they've still got one Valvrave left. It's either him or someone we haven't met.Jossed, as of episode 9, Kyuma is the pilot of Valvrave 5.

I mean making it even more obvious is that the laser didn't make direct impact on her, and just flung debris towards her and the camera.
Heck, even if she did bite it, given that this series has vampire-esque entities, it's would be just as like for her to be brought back to life. While he probably won't willingly assassinate her, he won't hesitate to eliminate her if she became a burden. However, the Magius who collectively are The Man Behind the Man, dislike the Dorssian's plans of attacking JIOR and getting a hold of the Valvraves, which was revealed to them thanks to their informant Cain. Clearly, the body switching ability is related to Geass, the girl we see on Valvrave's screen is connected to Codes (and possibly inside the core, but that's another WMG), JIOR was formed when Japan joined with the Black Knights' former allies China and India, Dorssia is the EU which never properly demilitarized even after Nunnally changed Britannia into the basis for ARUS, etc.
Dorssia was founded by disgruntled Britannian veterans that chose to remain in the Eurasian front and create their own absolutist empire. Now, years in the future, we have another rebel against another oppressive militaristic government. Since Valvrave one is more of a jack of all trades it gave Haruto a fairly flexible power more suited to influencing events around him.
If Haruto chooses to stay with Saki, then would this point out that L-Elf would fall for Shoko? She seems like a prime candidate to cause Haruto a great deal of trouble whether unintentionally or intentionally.
See below for speculation of significance, but in Season 2 teasers shown in episode 12, it was shown that Saki did visit Dorrsia. When A-Drei was getting impatient because the Valvrave wasn't coming out, H-Neun told him to not "be impatient, prince".
I don't have much proof because she's only made ONE THREE SECOND appearance, but hey, its kinda obvious that she's a princess. And the by 0.009 % chance that all of this is true, then L-Elf probably met Liselotte because of A-Drei or vice versa.
Taking that into consideration, the cover art seems like less of an indication when you take into account that Saki is still alive 200 years from the current era. This can be taken as a massive death flag, or at least a sign of an incoming Break the Cutie character arc for her. Saki is shown to still be alive and well two hundred years after the events of the current time period, seemingly not even having aged a day. Either way, I theorize that the bride in question is the girl in the Valvrave's humanity question. Haruto is the only Magius so far to also freak out, get those strange markings, and attempt to bite someone against his will. Before, if anyone spoke of Valvrave being predictable, I’d smack that person in the face without hesitation.
But the troubles on other fronts are not to be ignored as they do leave Haruto’s father behind.
Magius are spiritual lifeforms that take over living organisms in order to survive on earth. It seems to me that Haruto and L-Elf’s relationship may become closer as a result of Lieselotte dying. Okay, the spiritual aliens are kind of interesting, but crash landing on earth hundreds of years ago? I’m just worried that if they take this too seriously, some of what made the first season great, that is the crazy absurdities, will become less and less significant.
Haruto hasn’t given up yet clearly because he just told Lieselotte not to think that humans and Kamitsuki cannot be together. I had to delete your whole comment because Disqus doesn’t let me delete individual images for some reason. The promise that Saki mentioned is almost certainly the promise between Haruto and L-Elf in this part of the episode. Of course, this is excluding ERU ERUFU, but Haruto has seriously been a bit too irritating to watch a lot of the time. However, decisions have been made and the stage is set: Get Ready for the Third Galactic Empire to Arise! Haruto and L-elf are stuck on the moon, L-elf is still as apathetic as possible and decides that there’s no point. Haruto’s about to give up to death and join his friends, but the Kamitsuki half of him says that it would be a waste and everything he ever fought for would have been in vain. We see that L-elf has become just a bit softer and he has a new mission in life which has reinvigorated him from his former despair.
And as he and L-elf talk, I have to say, that they two were as good of friends as A-drei always suggested.
He then is the one who releases Saki and returns her Valvrave to her, so that she arrives just in time to save Haruto and L-elf from the Dorssian Army.
Saki, activates the chamber that holds it by using her own rune power, so we’ve got to assume that all the other kamitsuki end up perfecting their powers.
The team is back together finally, even though they now only have 4 Valvraves rather than 5. It actually looks even better than it did before, it’s a rather regal look with the gold, silver, antique accents, and alien writing all over it. It’s a tried-and-true method of using misunderstanding to build regret and with it, a ten-fold surge in affection for a heroine who wounds a hero.
Of course this was already revealed, but the sense of inheriting a cause from a loved one is just imbued with such emotional power. Saki, the heroine who smiles in her tears at seeing Haruto, is also beautiful in her green pilot suit. I’m just glad that Saki actually likes Haruto now instead of being a total tsundere at the beginning of the series. Turning the pilot into a durable vampire also probably helps the pilot survive some of the lethal Gs that it can produce. It's possible L-elf's 4 teammates use them, but the OP and ED seem to show them having other units. My guess is she'll turn up half-way through the series with amnesia or brainwashed against Haruto. Now, no matter how advanced the robot, or how good it's guide program is, there is no logical reason why it would it even need to have those two words in its database. He just knows how unworkable is Shoko's plan but he yerns for the challenge of an unexpected situation. I guess the sakuradite stocks ran out eventually, so Knightmare frames were no longer practical or possible. One who displays the exact same style of chessmastery; like Zero he will always win if he knows the pieces on the board and the other players involved, and his pieces follow his commands, but rapidly falls apart when unknown factors enter into it. When Haruto had thought that she was dead he had given up his humanity and went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Dorssians.
One of them will probably confess to Haruto, but in the others body causing much drama a la Kokoro Connect.
Saki would change bodies with Souko to save her, making Shouko promise to defend the earth or something like that, a promise that Shouko would follow forever, if needed.
Then Haruto becomes disgusted at his father's plans at creating a new breed of super humans. He might be the only pilot to have been severely injured so far, but he's also the only one to have freaked out when not injured.
However, this episode is really far more predictable than the usual Valvrave episodes that I love watching. Hopefully, he becomes even more crazy, and does something out of the ordinary that will be relevant in the future as it’d be a waste to have his character thrown away like that. Pino is the same as them, and I suppose instead of going into living organisms, somehow she’s inside of the Valvrave.
This is taking liking older women to a whole new level, but that’s Valvrave for you I guess. Firstly, the execution at the end with Lieselotte’s death is something to praise, but I cannot say that it has the same impact as when Marie died.
Is it even worth moving forward?” Those questions pop in the head of Haruto and L-Elf as they find themselves in a hopeless situation. Not only does L-Elf have a far more friendly demeanor towards him, but he also holds a similar vision that binds them even closer together.
This is being nicely addressed in this episode as now he’s being dragged with L-Elf and nothing can possibly be short of awesome when ERU ERUFU himself is around even if it is Harutard. Haruto however, has totally done a 180 and now sounds wayyyy more confident than he ever has before.

L-elf is shown to have emotions, laugh happily, and actually relax while he’s with A-drei, and the two share their dreams of revolution.
And does the set up for these two last episodes look like a season finale or a series finale?
Which then leads to the conclusion that the Valvrave can reproduce through sexual intercourse. Pan up some more and there is the girl, who looks a humanized (or demechanized) form of the Valvrave.
Later on the ARUS president is seen getting along with them, and the Dorssian leader tells him that so long as he obeys the Magius, they won't force him into becoming one of them. Haruto forming a contract with Valvrave is seriously throwing off his visions though, which is why he laughs at the end of Episode 4. He fights like he's been practicing for decades, makes similar oversights to Zero, does things which should be impossible for a man who can be killed regardless of his skill (like winning alone against a full brigade), etc. When she was confirmed alive he basically reverted to the way he was and now we're stuck in this school arc.
This will culminate in either a Murder the Hypotenuse situation where one girl leads the other into her death, or a Heroic Sacrifice where one girl swaps body last minute with the dying girl. The new souls are able to repair and maintain their Residual Self Image in the material realm (Saki thinks she is an immortal being, ergo she does not age) and move into other human bodies and possess them by suppressing the weaker normal souls (meanwhile the original body is literally soulless). Cain has it all sorted out, but this time L-Elf knows of this and is a bit more well suited with dealing with him as he does have Lieselotte for moral support. If they get to know each other properly, and are on the same page, then both characters will improve. In the best case scenario, which is close to what’s happening right now, Sunrise will continue to tell this absurd story in a coherent and well thought out manner.
As they reflect upon these questions, however, they find a commonality that can push them closer together to become real partners. Saki will remain the Valvrave pilot that she is for the remainder of the story, and Shoko will most likely work with L-Elf and Haruto again with a better understanding of their goals. In all seriousness though, both of them got their fair share of development in this episode, and the execution is so like the Valvrave that we know with dead people, and Magius, showing up as ghosts to urge them onwards. Sadly, both of the main female characters have been neglected for much of the season, but now that Saki is finally free, and Shoko understands what the heck is going on, I expect the main characters to only improve from here. Both men decide that they want to live, and Haruto subsequently learns about his ability to rune speak, like the Magius can. However, she does thankfully find out about why Haruto became the way he did through a video given by Pino, who doesn’t care who is her pilot, as long as somebody feeds her.
This makes me think that every scene we’ve seen the two confront each other since, L-elf was acting. When found, the true cause that is worth dying and living for imparts on a person courage and a consecration of his life, which is what we see here with both of them. Dorsia is as easy to read as an open book—all they want is world domination, but what about the head of a group of people who are united economically? When he encounters people with outright magical powers, he doesn't even display surprise, just learns what he can of their capabilities and adjusts his plans accordingly, as if experienced with such matters.
Everyone trusts her as a leader, and at this point, more people probably do expect her to die than don't. If there is anything that Gundam SEED taught me, then it would mean the two main protagonists((Haruto and L-Elf being the Deuteragonist))is going to fall for one of the two main Heroines.
If she's around then he'll probably never make a contract with L-Elf and we'll be stuck in this school arc forever.
Pino isn’t aware who Lieselotte is which makes me think that they may not have crash landed on earth only once. Firstly, while the soundtrack is fitting, it is simply not the same as when Soba ni Iru yo was used. It’s going to be extremely difficult closing everything up in just half a season especially when there are so many developments left to be had especially if they plan to do it in this more serious way. Still, because he betrayed Dorssia, there’s no way for them to remain in contact without A-Drei being seen as a helper. So perhaps the most important thing this episode shows is the re-establishment of relationships that will lead to their eventual success.
The way they both have such determination in their eyes nicely reflects the second ending where the two look up at the same time showing how they can now work properly with each other with the same goal. Well, Inuzuka wanted the Harutard- Anyways, the plot itself did not advance too much in this episode as this is a preparation episode, but you can see how A-Drei and X-Eins will become pivotal to this unveiling of the world as the show sets up the pieces for what will probably be a third season or a movie.
This episode isn’t downright crazy like usual, but it is probably one of the most satisfying ones so far with solid developments overall that ties what the series has been hinting on since the beginning. He never again showed that slightly less stoic side that we saw for an instant way back in episode 2, when he said that he would have never have shot A-drei. What will happen when the main reason that you’re struggling, and fighting just disappears?
Still, it’s a mystery as to how many there are or how they communicate with each other so it could be possible that they just lost contact after landing and trying to look for suitable hosts.
Secondly, she’s just fixing the rocket and is reminiscing while Marie slashed away her memories one by one and everything was just perfect. We also know why Magius are not eliminated as Haruto changes his goals with L-Elf so that everyone can live together. The unpredictability of Valvrave has been one of its major selling points, and now that A-Drei and X-Eins are more involved in the overarching story than ever, they will only bring more unpredictability to the show which most, if not all, of us can appreciate. Still, if they crash landed a few hundred years ago, and the first episode of the first season says that the start of the show is the beginning of the Third Galactic Reich, you have to wonder if they had any contact with the Magius home-world.
He can take the path to seek revenge on those who put those restraints on her, or he can fulfill Lieselotte’s wish of having human beings and Magius co-exist.
By the end of this, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Haruto dying for the cause of ending this curse.
Everything was synced up, and the disappearing memories got closer and closer to the present while she fought with brilliance. Lieselotte basically talks about this even though we’ve been waiting for quite some time to hear it.
I didn’t feel the hype that I usually feel after watching my weekly dose of Valvrave which is not a good sign, but the next episode could easily make me forget about my troubles in this one.
For Haruto, this mission will be the last before his runes burn out, and for L-Elf, he even says that he can’t live his life on without her, but that he will finish this mission to fulfill her wish which means that he may very well die when this is all said and done. I mean, it’s not like humanity can just declare that they conquered the galaxy right? The delivery of this revelation just seems like a means to an end and I wasn’t excited about it at all. I can just see the end as the two of them sacrifice themselves to complete this final mission.
Haruto and L-elf want to find Cain and the Council of 101, but I really don’t see them doing that until the finale episode. From the 200-year time skips, we know that humanity reaches far out into space by the end of this show. It’s not as if humans are going to explore the galaxy and not come into contact with more Magius, and it appears that at least the upper echelons of society do know of Magius and are accepting of them.
Emotionally, I wasn’t too affected either as the relationship between L-Elf and her has been not expanded upon. For now though, it’s just damn glorious that the two are going to work together to create a fucking GALACTIC EMPIRE. So, is Haruto and L-Elf going to take over the galaxy and start this “Third Galactic Reich?” What happened to the previous two if this is going to be the third?
Even so, they do deliver a decent enough scene considering how little screen time Lieselotte actually had, but it’s a bit below my expectations for such an important episode.
I just have a feeling it may have been better for her to actually survive here and die later so she gets proper development to make her death more emotional. Since there are probably no human beings on the home-world of Magius, then they undoubtedly have some sort of other way to survive. That said, as leisurely as this is moving along right now, I’m almost sure of another season coming up.
Heck, now that Haruto has found his resolve and Saki is free, IT’S TIME TO UNVEIL THE WORLD.

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