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Individual handcrafted earrings are made using fired .22 Magnum brass rifle cases and new factory bullets.
As our earrings are individually handcrafted, each set is unique and subtly different in design and dimension. 4 Natural mother of pearl beads are made from mother of pearl that is naturally golden brown and has not been bleached to look white.

Due to the varying quality of brass cases by each manufacturer, each earring will be distinct due to any minor marks or other blemishes on the brass cases.
These are just so cute and perfect for your wife, your mom, or the special lady in your life! To care for these unbleached semiprecious beads, be aware that alcohol will eat through the nacre, causing irreparable damage to the color and luster.

Described by supplier as Genuine Swarovski crystal core with synthetic pearl coating, see example.

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