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ASVInteriorsI agree that there are very few fans that have an elegance - however design is evolving to make the regular housefan a bit more interesting.
Nicole Leethe noise though! but depending on the space and the location, i can see how fans must feel terrific on a hot day. ACHLA DesignsYes they have better designs now, reversible ones are great for circulating warm air back down in large spaces with high ceiling.
All in all, I removed four ceiling fans, replacing two with new (matching) fans, and replaced two with non-fan fixtures.
The kitchen fan (below) and baby-sized fan in the 3rd bedroom (even further below) were neutral enough to stay; but they were the only survivors. The master bedroom and guest room fans were particularly bad; the overly ornate + rainbow varieties needed to go. Understandably, some of you aren’t going to be as picky as me, but I searched long and hard for fans that were neutral, with lights, close-to-ceiling, and in my price range. Installation of ceiling fans is slightly more annoying than removing them because while you can just remove the fixture in one full piece, to install properly and take proper considerations to balancing the unit, you have to affix the blades once the motor is installed.

I was surprised to find the ones I did at such a good price – even so many of the expensive ones have difficult-to-stomach detailing! Those are super cheap, low quality ceiling fans that will probably break in a matter of a year or so!
With that said, the picture of the living room you attached looks fantastic, especially since the ceilings are a bit higher. A large fan is a must in a 2 story foyer to keep the air from collecting one way or another depending on season.
For example, they all had those dangling spotlights, which happened to make already small rooms even smaller. When I found one that I liked, I bought two, and luckily for me they were marked down to $24 each, which is practically nothing if you’re familiar with how damn expensive ceiling fans can be.
It’s a little bit like doing acrobatics on a step ladder, but we made do so you probably can too. The light hung down a little further than I would have preferred, but the fan fits really nicely against the ceiling and most importantly, I barely notice it anymore.

Either very suburban, country-ish, or way, way too modern (like, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired). I do not like the blowing air myself right above me just like I do not like sitting in an open car. That’s a little too much ceiling fannage for me, a girl who only bothers to use a fan the middle week of August. It ended up being considerably below my budget to buy them both at the same time, and I was able to guarantee nice matching fixtures in the upstairs rooms. Supone un ahorro de energA¬≠a si lo comparamos con cualquier otro sistema de enfriar el ambiente. They are especially nice if you get "hot flashes" at night or if your home just can't catch the cross- breezes.

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