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Talk to Sugar Tang ( She is in Bird Island’s City, near to Left Gate jump towards the north. Go to BI second island, then jump towards your left along the river side, you will see a portal, jump in. Get a fishing net from the Net Peddler, jump towards the left somewhere at ( 170, 191 ), then right click on your fishing net, 3 mobs will appear, kill them and you should get some fishes in your inventory (You need 3 fishes to exchange for quest item). Go to first island hawkings, jump towards your left ( Bottom left corner of the square landscape ). Talk to Plum ( She is in Desert City, once you scroll there, jump toward’s north east of your map, the walkway inbetween the wh and pharmacist. Use the Conductress in Desert City, go to Mystic Castle ( Do not go into the castle ), then jump towards your right till you see some funny bats alike mobs known as Desert Condor. If you planning to do quest on your other character should get some scrolls to there because you need to come back here twice throughout the quest. When you are done you will be scrolled to somewhere in Desert, scroll to DC and talk to Kunlun Wanderer and he will give you Kunlun Liquid, right click and combine it with the Posion Fang to get Sacred Water.

On right side of the island you will see 3 water tele alike thing there, click it and use that Iron Poise to open all 3 doors, then jump into any of the portal (the white colour thing) you will arrive at the Hut.
Kill about 20 of them then a Caprice Leader ( Look like snakeman ) will appear, kill it you will get a Handkerchief. Edit: If you need to repot, do not melt your weapons using the Cauldron first because you will need those weapons to travel to 3rd floor dungeon again. The Brigands will appear when you kill enough vipers, eliminate them too to get the Bee Kettle.
A Crimson Claw will appear when you talk to him, kill it then talk to Villager Chou again and he will give you Incense to be burn by the Swan Lake and a Hairpin.
When you are in, look for coordinate 55, 109 and right click on your Incense on that coord exactly. Then click the water tele there you will be inside Mystic Castle with a quest item call Weird Invocation. The Bee Kettle is a teleport device, to be able to use it, you need to kill all the Brigands inside.

Herbalist Chou will appear in ghost form, talk to him and Crimson Viper will appear, kill the green one to get the Purple Eye, i don’t think need kill that guard unless you dont get this quest item. After you are done, cilck the Teleport Platform and you will reach a room with 3 Treasure Boxes. It is like 10-20mins for each spawn so if there is a lot of people you need to keep waiting for your chance.
Take note if you open a wrong box, mobs will appear and you have to kill them before you can open the right one.

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