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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sometimes it snows in April in Minnesota, so we’re replying all to questions about April snow in Minnesota.
It snowed so hard, it sliced the Metrodome’s roof, causing the staff to turn off the blowers and deflate the dome to avoid a larger tear.
Even a foot should be gone within two or three days, according to WCCO-TV chief meteorologist Chris Shaffer. Right now, the sun is similar to what we see at the end of August to early September, so even if it doesn’t get super-warm, the sun’s rays are powerful melters.
Black PantherChadwick Boseman (42, The Express)The guy is a great actor and has the athletic build needed to pull off the physical nature of Black Panther. Check out what people had to say after the premiere of Batman v Supermanby Jahan Zaib KhanWhat's Next For Jon Bernthal's Punisher?
Kyle Rayner could very well be his gateway into playing a superhero.Robin (Tim Drake) The only Robin that has made it into the movies is Dick Grayson.
I personally love Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in the TV series, but the character would have to be recast for a movie.Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam looks like Green Arrow ripped off the page. Strange Christian BaleI realize Christian Bale may seem like an odd choice since he is the face of DC for the last few years but think about his performance in The Prestige.
He is a pyromaniac with burns on 90% of his body, and has a suit that allows him to fly, equipped with a flamethrower. Also, he truly is nuts.Charlie Day The voice of Firefly is the most important thing, seeing as how his entire body is covered by his suit.

Which I can't figure out but their loss is your gain my friend) Sorry for getting side tracked but seriously he would be awesome with the magic side and has that mysterious vibe.
The guy is one of my favorite actors and has shown he can be in anything from action to more serious roles in thrillers. It is surprising to me that she hasn't been in a movie yet, since Spider-Man has such a huge following, and there are so few female led superhero movies.
Granted he will never have to play in the Fantastic 4 ever again with the new reboot but Michael could do both.
He has dark hair, usually plays an arrogant character, and has some evil ass eyebrows, which are all requirements.
I also think he or Elba would make an awesome Green Lantern but that is for another day.Rampage JacksonIf not Rampage it needs to be someone with a background in fighting who is powerful. Cable is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, sent from the future to warn the X-Men of their doom. We don't want to see movie magic with Luke Cage I want to see someone who would be believable.related contentHold The Phone! Who Was That In The 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer?Everybody's seen the Captain America: Civil War trailer, but did you catch this mystery prisoner lurking in the background?The First Public Reviews Are Here For 'Batman v Superman'The best superhero movie of all-time?
Mark Ruffalo has suggested the possibility of She-Hulk, but nothing has developed thus far.
I was almost certain he would have his big screen premiere with the Sinister Six movie planned, but we can pretty much call that off since Marvel has the rights to Spider-Man now.
However, Shocker is a good cameo villain to put into the new Asa Butterfield movie(s).Matthew McConaughey There have been rumors going around that McConaughey will play Norman Osbourne in the new Spider-Man, but I would like it if he played Shocker.

He has the southern draw and the slender, muscular build that goes with the character.Vulture Pretty much the same deal as Shocker, except a more universal villain for Spider-Man. In almost every game or animated series that Spider-Man has had over the years, the Vulture has been in it, even though he is also mostly seen with the Sinister Six.
Sinister would also make a badass villain for the Deadpool movie, but again, Fox doesn't tell us anything. If the character would appear in Deadpool,however, I would go with Ralph Fiennes, who has a history of comedic acting. Isaacs could probably pull it off in a Deadpool movie, but he is still an actor that wants to be taken seriously, not made a mockery of.Enchantress This is a character I was hoping to see in a sequel of Thor, or at least make a cameo appearance.
I know that Thor: The Dark World turned out to play a big part in the MCU with the infinity stone, and The Collector at the end of the movie, but wouldn't it be better to just forget about Malekith, hands down the worst villain in the MCU thus far, and replace him with Enchantress and Executioner? And with Baron Zemo set for Civil War, adding Enchantress and Executioner, plus maybe some other villains like Loki or Baron Mordo (likely to be in Doctor Strange) introduced from other movies could open up the possibility of The Masters of Evil.
Despite usually having dark hair for most of her roles, Green is a natural blonde, and looks just as gorgeous with either hair color.

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