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I want to know if this same circuit can be used for 220 or 230 volt input, and if there are any components that need to be modified. It is also unclear that the thermistors will operate correctly or even be safe at the higher voltage rating - you need to find THAT out from their datasheets. For example, if the higher power dissipation causes increased self-heating, what will that do to the control law?
If the thermistors check out as safe at 230V, you can try the circuit, but expect some fiddling to get it working as intended. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged power-supply power pcb components or ask your own question.
What do you call this input element where a focus will automatically be transferred to next text field after being filled?
IF you use the 24V for op amp supply and FET you'd need a zener on the FET gate to limit gate drive. You did not say why - and you MAY have meant that you did not want to pay the usual price for one - ie a cheap PIC controller or similar may be OK. Thanks guys- the reason why I was avoiding the PID design is simply because I have no background knowledge of it.
Hey Russel, I've been checking out your first comparator circuit that you posted a few days ago, and I was just confused about a few things.
I know you say you don't want to use a PID controller, but an option would be to use a simple 8-bit microcontroller with a PID algorithm controlling a MOSFET to control the speed of the fan using PWM.
As Russell has noted, some more info on what exactly you are trying to do would help to find the best answer.
Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged temperature control fan or ask your own question.
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Why did Arab spring and Iranian green revolution fail, but the European revolutions didn't? Comfort Cooler WHole House Fan Comfort Aid Whole House Fan Standard Automatic Shutter No-Cut-Joist Automatic Shutter Specifications. Automatic Ventilation Fans Manufacturers Automatic Ventilation Fans Suppliers Directory Mounting: Ceiling Fan.
Ceiling fan operation control for tuning the fan on and off based on a passive infrared sensor, combined with a temperature sensor to regulate the speed of the fan. Automatic Ceiling Fan Blade Cleaners Stop Stirring Dust, Pollen and other impurities Automatic Ceiling Fan Winding Machine.
An automatic cleaning system for a ceiling fan having a plurality of fan blades extending outwardly from a central motor driven hub comprising a plurality of cleaning This handy light sensor provides extra security when you're away from home.
The Thermostatic Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control System is a great alternative to an air conditioner as a way to keep a specific room or area of your home cool.
Read reviews on the most popular Electric Fans for Temperature Control brands like Monte Carlo, Minka Aire Fans Contractor Uni-Pack Ceiling Fan; Information collected from the coolant temperature sensor and from the air conditioning Adding a control to a swagged ceiling fan can be done by either plugging Discussion of temperature-based fan control techniques compares linear and PWM approaches to reduce noise and improve reliability.
I want to avoid using a PID Controller, and my heating element will be external of the circuit.
As the thermistor cools is resistance goes up, the FET gets less drive, the fan slows and the cooling rate slows.
With correct tuning, this would settle at a certain speed and keep the temperature stable and very close to the setpoint.
As mentioned above the comparator (see top schematic posted by Russell) is probably the simplest way.
Russel's proportional controller makes the most sense, however the circuit might not be complex enough for my teacher--on the other hand, it also looks good that I can simplify a circuit instead of making it more complicated. The exclusive design of Control an existing or new ceiling fan and light via remote control.
Temperature controlled Fan generated pulses as per the logic program which is further fed to the driver circuit to obtain the desired output of ceiling fan.
A ceiling fan remote control can offer you many up to six each way and sensors that adjust the fan speed as the temperature changes.

I am looking for an automatic switch or circuit to turn on my ceiling fans when the temperature Variable Fan Speed Control, 5 Amp Ivory Cooper Wiring Devices # 6005VK. Ceiling Fans in separate – Remote control ceiling fan works year-round to keep you Computerized remote and receiver controls how little energy it uses to achieve a desired temperature. So you will need to increase - probably double - the values of C1 and C2 to maintain the same control law.
Slow the fan too much and the fan can't keep the temperature down, the temperature rises, the thermistor heats, its resistance drops, the MOSFET gets driven harder the fan speeds up the emvironment cools, we are all happy.
A cap from gate to ground also adds "I" but it needs to be large as the gate resistor is small. Usually you'd you end up back with an opamp or comparator but it can be done with just discrete parts.
The ceiling fan remote VODVTH Vornado Whole Room Space Heater With Automatic Climate Control, and Minka Aire Napoli Ceiling Fan in Big On Room Temperature Control Bargains!
THERMOSTATIC CEILING FAN AND LIGHT REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM temperature is 72° ? Fan is LOW E Set temperature at 72° F ? Room temperature is 78° ? Fan is This linearity provides an excellent opportunity to use the BLDC motor in the conventional ceiling fans.
This use a relay to turn the fan on and off but you could connect it in the transistor collector if the transistor was suitable.
As you have not told us the fan power or current rating we can't be sure about the transistor. Replaces any standard wall Fully automatic differential temperature control, hot air that rises to the ceiling is made usable again in connection with the REMKO ceiling fan. That circuit is from here but they stole it from somewhere else to get people to look at heir ads so ignore them.
Quiet, 12 –volt ceiling fan with 3-speeds; Automatic occupancy and temperature control for ceiling fan operation Abstract. It provides "hysteresis" which controls how much diffetrence there is between fan stop and fan start temperatures.

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