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Composting is the decomposition of organic materials that creates a nutrient-rich soil known as compost. Since composting is done by microbes, it makes sense that the organisms would need some sort of "food" to keep the process moving. Anything that was once living can be composted, but that doesn't mean that you should compost everything that was once alive. If you are looking for some greens to add, try grass clippings, kitchens wastes, manure, green leaves and weeds. Just as there are many things around your house and yard that can be added to the compost pile, there are a good number of wastes you should stay away from. If you have any questions on whether or not something should be added to your composter, we recommend seeking help from an expert or Contacting Us.
Another great benefit of composting is that it provides a cost-effective, nutrient-rich soil for your crops.
Compost is a cost-effective alternative to using chemical fertilizer or nutrients you may find at your local garden center.
If you would like to make composting a part of your farm or business, you should consider purchasing a fabric structure to house a commercial-sized composting pile.
If you are looking to compost from start to finish inside a structure, you may want to look into Hercules Truss Arch Buildings from our affiliate company, ClearSpan Fabric Structures. Whether you are simply looking to recycle your kitchen waste or want to make composting a part of your business, TekSupply is here to help. TekSupply's mission is not only to offer the highest quality products at economical prices, but also to share our knowledge and expertise with customers on a daily basis. Our CEA Hands-On Workshops are offered in two convenient locations, Growers Supply CEA Learning Center East in South Windsor, Connecticut and Growers Supply CEA Learning Center West in Dyersville, Iowa. We offer private tours for those looking to learn more about TekSupply and the things we do best. We welcome local area high schools, colleges, 4-H programs, agriculture extensions and more to join us for an educational group tour of our CEA Learning Centers. Greenhouse coverings, or glazing, can consist of various different materials including fabrics, films, polycarbonate and glass.
We also carry various 6 Mil Sun Master Films which offer excellent durability and light transmission. Polycarbonate is an extremely durable plastic that can be used for a variety of applications in many different industries.
Our lightweight Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets are designed and manufactured to stand up to the most demanding applications. We recommend using our channels and profiles when assembling the polycarbonate on your greenhouse.
Our PolyMax® Greenhouse Fabric is manufactured from rip-stop, woven polyethylene, offering exceptional strength, durability and diffused light. High tunnels are hoop houses covered with greenhouse film or woven polyethylene fabric that will help increase crop yields and extend the growing season.
Soil warming, wind and rain protection, and reduced labor and operating costs are not the only benefits of a high tunnel. As one of the largest high tunnel manufacturers in America, TekSupply offers many styles of high tunnels, from Single Bay to GrowSpan Premium, in both gothic and round style. Our GrowSpan high tunnels utilize premium, 18-gauge galvanized roll-form frames to ensure strength, durability and long life. Many options, sizes and styles are available depending on your growing needs, climate and location. High tunnels are covered with a single layer of greenhouse-grade woven polyethylene fabric or greenhouse film. TekSupply's suggested greenhouse film for high tunnels is Sun Master® 6 mil4 year film, made from strong copolymer resin for strength and durability.
Tunnel ventilation is very simple and is one of the advantages of a high tunnel over a greenhouse. Since plants grown in a high tunnel are typically established in the ground, high tunnels are usually anchored in soil. Lighting is a necessity for all types of agricultural, growing, commercial and residential applications for a variety of reasons. Incandescent Lighting: For decades, incandescent lighting has been the most popular type used in homes. Compact Fluorescent Lighting: Compact fluorescent lighting is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of places including residences, businesses, greenhouses and livestock and poultry houses. Compact Fluorescents from TekSupply: TekSupply offers many types of compact fluorescents including a capsule light, full spectrum bulbs, U-Tube lamps, spring lamps and dimmable lamps. Metal Halide Lighting: Metal halide bulbs produce a crisp, white light that makes them ideal for commercial and residential applications including grow lights and athletic fields. Metal Halides from TekSupply: We recommend using metal halide lamps in barns, warehouses, gyms, arenas and as flood lights or grow lights in some instances. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lighting: One of the most common types of outdoor illumination, high pressure sodium lighting is ideal for parking lots, security lighting, to illuminate roads and as highway lighting. High Pressure Sodium Lighting from TekSupply: TekSupply offers a variety of high pressure sodium lamps that can be used for warehousing, growing, barn and exterior security applications.
Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs): LEDs are the most up-and-coming lighting technology on the market today. LEDs from TekSupply: TekSupply carries an extensive line of LEDs for use in residential and commercial applications. There are many ways to rate lights, but for this purpose we will look at color temperature and lumens. For example, the typical yellow color emitted from an incandescent bulb is rated at a color temperature of -2,700 K. Schunk is pleased with the abundant natural light the buildings provide during the day, as he is saving on the cost of light fixtures and electricity. Before purchasing the TekSupply buildings, Cedar Creek was not able to offer batting and pitching lessons. The nonprofit organization, Project Perry, rescues and provides sanctuary for parrots without homes.
While Project Perry has a number of warm-weather-only aviaries, they needed a structure to get them through the winter so that the birds would not have to come inside when the temperature became cold. Composting is a great way to help your garden thrive, while decreasing the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills. Compost piles should be damp throughout because that makes it easier for the microbes to move around. When adding grass, be cautious that it is used in small amounts and mixed well because it tends to mat down.
Unlike synthetic fertilizers, compost can add organic material to your soil which will help it retain more water in sandy soils and drain more water in clay-like soils. You will be able to provide yourself with fertilizer year after year, simply by reusing what you would normally discard as waste. These buildings provide the perfect environment for composting and heat capture applications.
This smaller, single hoop building is designed like a high tunnel to allow for ventilation and easy vehicle access. These storage buildings provide ample height and extraordinary clearance for ease of movement, loading and handling of materials.
One of the ways we are accomplishing this is through our Growers Supply CEA Hands-On Workshops, hosted at our Growers Supply CEA Learning Centers. Growers Supply CEA Learning Center East features three hydroponic grow rooms that have been designed and built inside our warehouse. Visit our CEA Grow Rooms in South Windsor, Connecticut or tour our Hydroponic and Aquaponic greenhouse in Dyersville, Iowa.
Gain first-hand experience with the latest growing technologies and receive valuable information from our industry professionals. Coverings are essential on greenhouses for the retention of heat and savings on energy costs, as well as overall protection from outside elements and pests.
The 3 Mil 1 Year Clear film is ideal for overwintering and single-layer greenhouse applications.
The Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Film provides superior diffusion rates, heat retention and tensile strength.
When used with the white side up, the film provides light blockage which is essential for certain plant species. They are ideal for covering both commercial and hobby greenhouses, but are also useful for a variety of other roofing, siding and ceiling applications. This clear, UV-resistant material is 12 times lighter than glass, and will not film over even after long exposure to sunlight. These will help keep out dirt, insects and moisture while creating a professional, finished look. These covers ensure a more comfortable climate within the greenhouse, reducing energy costs, the need for pesticides and the amount of water needed for irrigation.

Many growers, from hobbyists to professional and commercial growers, see high tunnels as the step between field growing and greenhouse growing. Use different styles of high tunnels in your fields to best utilize their protective abilities and maximize your crop yield. Other tunnels, like our GrowSpan Round Economy and Round Premium high tunnels have frames constructed from our USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing. Roll-up or drop-down sides and zippered ends make ventilation easy within your high tunnel. This is less expensive than greenhouse polycarbonate or double-layer plastic, and allows high tunnels to be opened when desired to help maintain the best possible climate conditions for your plants; leave the sides down to keep in heat during colder nights, or roll them up in the summer to let out extra humidity.
Sun Master® Greenhouse Film contains anti-dust additives that repel dirt and dust to allow for 92% light transmission. Temperatures in the high tunnel can be monitored by adjusting the sides, end doors and peak vents.
TekSupply offers two different methods of high tunnel anchoring: ground posts and mounting feet. For growers who want to significantly extend their growing season, heaters and thermostats are great ways to protect against the cold during the winter. High tunnels offer significant cost savings over similar size greenhouses, and for a low investment, they help bring in a large return. There are many forms of lighting available, and it is important to know which one is most fitting for your individual needs.
These bulbs light up instantly, needing no time to warm up, and provide a warm white light. Full spectrum lighting more closely resembles actual sunlight than any other type on the market today.
Metal halides are recommended as grow lights in areas where no natural lighting is present and also work well when starting seeds. As grow lights, TekSupply offers a metal halide option for our Growers Supply Greenhouse Light Fixture.
If you want to use HPS lights for growing, it is recommended that they are used as supplemental lighting where some natural light is already present. Our Growers Supply Greenhouse Light Fixture can be used with a high pressure sodium lamp for use as a grow light in damp environments.
LEDs are much more efficient than traditional forms of lighting due to their long life, durability and high quality.
The color temperature of light, measured in degrees Kelvin, is a numerical measurement of how its color will appear. On the other hand, a compact fluorescent, which emits a crisp, very white light, is rated at about 5,500 K.
Cedar Creek was started by his father in 1991 as a family fun center housing a mini-golf course, driving range, go-karts, batting cages, bumper boats and an arcade. Besides the easy installation process and heating options during colder months, Cedar Creek's buildings have proven to stand up to even the worst of weather conditions. Now, they are able to offer baseball lessons, as well as provide a space for the neighboring Little League teams to practice during bad weather. Founder and director Matt Smith started the organization several years ago to offer a safe place for birds who have no other options.
With a cost-effective and easy-to-use system from TekSupply, you can start composting today to save money on fertilizer and decrease your environmental footprint. Starting your own backyard composting system is a great way to return nutrients to the soil by using the same process that naturally occurs in the environment.
If your compost pile is somewhat cool and exposed, worms and insects can help with the composting process as well. Compost that is too wet will prevent sufficient air from entering the pile, and dry piles will slow the process significantly.
The first type, known as browns, consists of dead, dry plant material like leaves, woodchips or straw.
Your kitchen wastes, like vegetable scraps, coffee bags and egg shells are very high in nitrogen, making them perfect food for the microbes. Chemically-treated wood can add arsenic to the compost pile essentially poisoning your plants when you fertilize them.
Not only are landfills becoming too full, but when your kitchen and yard waste decomposes there, methane gas is given off into the atmosphere. Another added benefit of switching to compost is that it is much less harsh on the root systems of your plants than chemical fertilizers are. It is ideal for the temporary storage of compost for later application or sale because the cover lets in nutrient-building sunlight, while still offering protection from the elements. These structures are extremely durable and able to withstand corrosive environments because of the triple-galvanized steel frame and all-weather fabric cover.
Each building will hold approximately 4,000 tons of dry aggregate product that is sold for use in the production of concrete blocks, concrete pipe and charcoal briquettes. Experience speedy deployment as trucks, loaders and plows can drive inside and easily maneuver. CEA workshops educate and inform attendees on a variety of sustainable growing opportunities and technologies through informative presentations and hands-on demonstrations. These rooms are dedicated to the production of fruiting and flowering crops, leafy greens and hydroponic fodder. While glass is an attractive alternative, it is more costly and less effective at retaining heat than the materials we offer.
Infrared additives re-radiate heat back down to the crop, saving as much as 30% on heating costs.
When used as a reflective ground cover, it has been proven to increase yields and provide a more efficient distribution of transmitted light. While polycarbonate panels are not the least expensive option for covering a greenhouse, they are longer lasting and offer greater protection against wind and snow.
We offer H-Channels, U-Channels and U-Profiles in both aluminum and polycarbonate materials.
High tunnels have been widely used in Japan and Europe for many years and are becoming increasingly popular in the US. Greenhouses usually have a double layer of air-inflated polyethylene plastic that remains installed year round. By protecting plants from the elements and providing insulation, the ground takes much longer to freeze inside a high tunnel and frost damage is reduced for an extra 3 to 4 weeks on each end of your growing season. Sometimes it can be difficult to regulate temperature over such a large area, so Mutli-Bay Tunnels are often used as shelters from rain and wind. From our GrowSpan Mini Cold Frame for the hobby grower to our large High Tunnels for the commercial grower, there is one for every growing need. Sides can be rolled up and doors can be opened fully or partially, depending on the ambient temperature. TekSupply offers a variety of heaters that range from forced hot air to radiant heat, in electric, natural gas or propane. High tunnels help to extend the growing season and protect your crops and flowers from wind, rain, frost, insects, pests, disease and wildlife.
TekSupply offers various types of lighting from residential bulbs to large outdoor lighting fixtures. Though incandescent bulbs are the cheapest to purchase, over time they are more expensive to operate due to their inefficiency and short life. This makes it an ideal choice for seed starting and grow lights, and also makes it an excellent remedy for Seasonal Affective Disorder, a disease more than 35,000,000 people suffer from. The full spectrum lamps are ideal as grow lights and also work exceptionally well for combating Seasonal Affective Disorder. For outdoor residential or commercial use, TekSupply offers a Deluxe Metal Halide Wall Light that is ideal for illuminating large areas. High pressure sodium lamps should be used when seeds have already been planted to promote budding and flowering. In residential applications, LEDs last 25 times longer, while using 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.
In most cases, low color ratings are desired in areas where you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable, like a spa, while high temperature ratings are used in areas where attention and accuracy are necessary, like a doctor's office.
In order to provide customers with golf lessons during the rain and cold, Schunk needed a driving range that could be fully operational, regardless of weather conditions.
Another added benefit of purchasing the buildings is the extra indoor space Cedar Creek has now. Though eventually microbes will always turn the waste into compost, you can speed up the process by creating ideal conditions in your composting location.
Any of your kitchen scraps should be mixed with plenty of browns because they are moist and heavy.
While alfalfa hay is high in nitrogen and decomposes well, be careful to minimize the grass hay you use because its seeds can re-sprout when the compost is added to your garden.
Also, be careful not to add material from plants that look diseased so you won't infect your garden.

Microbes take nutrients from the soil and pass them to your crops, assisting in their growth. Chemical fertilizers can be so harsh, in fact, that it is not recommended for you or your pets to touch the product.
Their exceptional height and wide open space allows for easy access and handling, with plenty of room for maneuvering large equipment. ClearSpan provided excellent customer service from the initial order, through design and engineering, and finally during installation with their professional staff. Our coverings consist of many different effective and economical fabrics, films and polycarbonate, each with various thicknesses and life expectancies. The material comes in a variety of colors, but for greenhouse coverings it is made of a clear, UV-resistant material. Use the H-Channel to join two polycarbonate sheets together, and use the U-Channel to cap off the tops and bottoms of polycarbonate sheets.
High tunnels, however, have only a single layer of greenhouse film or woven fabric that can be applied and removed as needed. By controlling the moisture, sun and heat within your high tunnel, you will reap the benefits of better-flavored produce earlier. Heavy-Duty All-Purpose Fabric, Anti-Condensate Thermal Greenhouse Film, and other films with different opacities to help you design the best possible high tunnel for your crops.
Frequently, growers will leave their high tunnels rolled up day and night in the summer, but close them at night during the spring and fall to protect plants from cold weather or potential frost.
Since your high tunnel's protective structure keeps out rain, an irrigation system is necessary to keep your plants healthy and productivity high. They are made from a single layer of greenhouse film or woven polyethylene fabric that can be raised or lowered depending on the climate, allowing you to control the growing environment.
They are also much less bright than newer bulb types, providing about 10 to 17 lumens per watt. While magnetic ballasts need a short amount of time to reach full brightness, electronic ballasts light to full brightness immediately. If you are looking for CFLs for your home, our Capsule Light, Spring Lamps or Dimmable Covered CFLs are all excellent choices. With a lifespan of 5,000 to 20,000 hours, metal halides generally produce 70 to 115 lumens per watt. Producing a warm white light, HPS lights have a lifespan of 16,000 to 24,000 hours and produce about 50 to 140 lumens per watt. LEDs tend to produce between 27 and 150 lumens per watt and have a lifespan of 35,000 to 50,000 hours, or nine years or longer. The Sylvania line boasts extremely long-lasting dimmable flood lamps and dimmable A-19 lamps. We recommend that these materials are dampened before being added to the compost pile because of how naturally dry they are. Dead, dry leaves are perfect for compost piles, but should be added in small layers because they can clump and block airflow. They also provided the most economical, highest quality product when compared to their competitors. Vehicles and equipment can be stored indoors, protected from inclement weather and freezing conditions.
This film is ideal in greenhouses, high tunnels or cold frames for protecting plants that sprout too early if they are exposed to excessive light. The 6 Mil 4 Year Clear or White Films are ideal for both single and double layer greenhouse applications, and also have a four year film life. Polycarbonate is a recyclable, environmentally friendly material, making it preferable to other types of plastic such as PVC. The U-Profile act as a border for the polycarbonate and should be used around the edges for a finished appearance.
Farmers use high tunnels to grow many different types of crops, including strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, radishes, squash and herbs, as well as roses and a variety of flowers.
In high tunnels, heating systems are usually not employed, though sometimes growers choose to use space heaters to help further extend their growing season. Plants grown in high tunnels are also healthier than plants grown in the field; high tunnels protect plants from wind, reducing stress and possible photosynthesis shutdown. Mounting feet can be secured to a customer-supplied baseboard, concrete pier, footing or foundation. TekSupply offers many different options for irrigation systems from drip irrigation, to misting systems, to sprinkler systems.
Let TekSupply's wide variety of accessories keep your high tunnel in peak condition, allowing you to reach your full growing potential. With an efficacy of 30 to 100 lumens per watt, compact fluorescent bulbs normally last 7,000 to 24,000 hours depending on bulb type. TekSupply's Outdoor Security Super Light is the perfect street light due to the built-in photo control for automatic dusk-to-dawn operation. LEDs need no time to warm up, reaching their full brightness right after they are turned on. TekSupply also offers attractive, energy-efficient Gama Sonic® Solar LED lamps which can light your business or home walkways and driveways. The microbes also need greens, which provide them with protein due to their high levels of nitrogen. It is high in nitrogen, but if you don't allow it to decompose for long enough it can burn your plants, so be sure the composting process is complete before using it as fertilizer. Dry straw, on the other hand, will create little pockets for air to travel through but should be kept moist so the process won't be slowed.
It is critical to avoid composting any human, cat or dog waste as they spread pathogens that can make people very sick.
Natural ventilation and abundant sunlight eliminate moisture and keep materials dry and easy to work with. All of our polycarbonate comes with a 10 year warranty, is USA-made and is offered in Corrugated, Twin-Wall and Triple-Wall varieties. These channels and profiles allow for easy connection of one sheet to another and contain UV additives for long life and durability. While greenhouse plants are usually established in containers, plants in high tunnels are usually grown in ground, although containers and media such as raised beds can be used.
Furthermore, high tunnels keep out harmful driving rains, allowing you to maintain an appropriate and constant moisture level with your own irrigation system. Many customers make use of our timers and controllers to automatically maintain an optimal climate in their high tunnels.
Incandescent lighting will most likely be obsolete within the next few years as newer and more efficient technologies continue to develop. When purchasing compact fluorescents, it is important to check the temperature range on the packaging or through the seller because some bulbs are only appropriate within specific ranges. The Plantastar® HPS Lamp is the ideal lamp for greenhouse growing and ensures healthy growth and optimum plant shape. A typical household bulb is usually rated at about 15 lumens per watt, while a typical warehouse bulb may be rated anywhere from 50 to 140 lumens per watt.
Greens consist of fresh, green plant materials like vegetable scraps and grass clippings, as well as horse manure, tea bags and coffee grounds. Weeds and yard waste should be composted carefully, as weed seeds will survive the composting process more often than not and can even sprout again in the pile if they aren't truly dead. Wood waste can be used for composting, but carefully because many types of wood are slow to compost and will hinder the process.
TekSupply's high tunnels also come in a variety of lengths and customers can connect multiple high tunnels end-to-end in order to create any length high tunnel they want. Customers in some locations also use our industrial and greenhouse fans to help keep the temperature constant throughout their high tunnel. If you are looking for a type of lighting that that can be used in hard-to-reach places and be on for a long period of time, compact fluorescents are the most cost-effective and efficient option. Make sure to keep a good balance of browns and greens available to the microbes to keep process moving at a steady pace. Many accessories are also available, including zippered roll-up doors, roll-up or drop-down sides and extra rafter kits.
Growing in ground is made possible in a high tunnel because there is no foundation—high tunnel frames and supports are driven directly into the ground. For those high tunnels that only require roof vents, TekSupply offers a variety of vents and louvers including solar-powered vents.

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