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The Air King 6in Clip on Fan is exactly what you want if you are looking for something that is low energy footprint, made with quality parts, inexpensive, and quiet. The Bionaire BPF1140B-U Breeze Power Fan has a simplistic design, and includes one large button on the base to control the power of the fan. One of the more underrated tower fan models out right now, it is loaded with features most tower fans do not have, like an internal oscillation, breeze mode, shut off timer, and backlit remote. If you are looking to regulate the temperature in your home, the Bionaire Remote Control Twin Window Fan would be a great choice. In addition to a space saving tower design, this fan is loaded with functions like sleep and breeze mode and a remote control operation. Features a unique design, using a 12 inch five blade setup mounted close to the engine housing to blow air over a wide area and to get lots of coverage.
The Holmes HPF650-U fan brings an attractive combination of style and power into your home with solid structure, 18” metal blades, and retro styling.
The Honeywell high velocity fan packs a big punch when it comes to raw power and getting air moved at a low price.
The “Super Turbo High Performance Fan HT-904” lives up to its name the second it is turned on.
Standing 17? inches tall at 12.8 lbs, the brushed nickel fan has a sturdy build and comes fully assembled.
The sturdy Hunter Century oscillating table fan is one built above average compared to most table fans.

This tall tower fan has a slick modern design featuring a timer ranging up to 7.5 hours, an oscillation feature, and mostly quiet operation. The Lasko 4305 Out Living Fan is one of the greatest combinations of power and low volume of any fan. The Sunpentown FSQQ 10" High Velocity Dual Fan looks like a robot out of a Sci fi flick at first glance, but this little robot fan cannot do much more than push air, but it does what it does well. While having the common 3 speed settings, this tower fan has a 45 degree oscillation feature, an ion generator, also sleep and breeze modes. A very sturdy fan that will live up to its name as an industrial grade heavy duty fan is the Sunpentown SF1816 SF-1816 18" Heavy Duty Fan. The Vornado 530L High-Velocity Personal 3-Speed Air Fan is definitely one of the more powerful table fans you can own.
The Vornado 783 B Air Circulator fan is one of the highest rated fans for its power, volume and style. The Vornado CR1011906 Whole Room Air Circulator Fan is definitely of the most stylish fans that has a great combination of looks and power which is not as common in the Vornado fan family due to the high importance the brand puts on function a and power.
The Vornado TouchStone 500 Vortex full-Room Fan Heater dabbles in the other, often underrated realm of fan usage, as heaters. Mounted on top of that is an 8 inch three blade setup designed to blow a more direct stream of air for the individual, giving this fan both wide and narrow range air control.
This fan is most commonly used as a patio fan to provide a breeze and keep away pesky mosquitoes.

Even moving an impressive amount of air on its lowest setting, this fan sports three 18 inch turbo fan blades and uses a wind tunnel design to blow a strong stream of air. Featuring 6 different airspeed settings and LED indicator lights, and chrome rings around the fan heads, this trio has customizability and looks. Capable of blowing air up to 27 feet, this fan uses a wind tunnel design and includes 3 speeds to focus and adjust cooling. Built with an all metal structure, this fan has a retro feel and clean look with plenty of power due to 12” aerodynamically shaped blades.
This fan would not be recommended for moving air in a large space, but was built exceptionally well to serve in an office setting. The fan will stay “whisper quiet” on the first two settings, which blow a lot of air in themselves, and on the highest setting, as expected from a higher powered fan. Including 18” fan blades, this can be set to three different speeds, includes an oscillation feature, and can be raised or lowered in height. It comes with the signature deep pitched Vornado blades that cause a controlled stream of air to be generated and ricochet off the walls to circulate air throughout the entire room. Not taking up much more room than a coffee mug, the Flippi has a completely non-existent noise level on the low setting.

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