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The newest Survivor alumni on this season, Malcolm only just graduated in fourth place from Philippines, which means that he barely qualifies for a "favorite" (much like how none of the fans knew who Amanda Kimmel or James Clement were on the original Fans vs.
Cochran began South Pacific by stating his intention to become one of the great Survivor players, but was a failure socially and in challenges. Corinne did well in challenges and was an excellent strategic player with a strong alliance, who no doubt would have made it to the finals had there not been three tribal switch-ups before the merge. One of the few Survivor players who we think were actually, clinically crazy, Brandon was only cast in the show to begin with because he happens to be the nephew of the infamous Russell Hantz. On an infamously bad season (seriously, what was up with that?), Brenda made things a little more interesting.
This season marks the first time ever that the very first bootee on a previous season has been invited back. The last of the South Pacific alumni to be cast this season, Dawn was a bit of a nothing player, so we're not entirely sure why they're bringing her back -- although, she is pleasingly articulate in tribal councils, a surprisingly rare trait.
This is the part where we're supposed to post the pictures and bios of the new contestants, but really, what's the point? As long as the contestants have mental, social and physical game -- and a strong helping of luck -- they all have a shot at winning. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Favorites -- Caramoan premieres Wednesday in the US and Thursday in Australia, and to prep you for it, we've put together a brief history of the returning players and what we think their chances are this season. Favorites, as it had only just begun airing before they started shooting Micronesia -- and how no one knew who the hell Russell Hantz was in Heroes vs. She never lost a redemption island duel, and managed to return to the game after defeating three strong guys in the final redemption challenge.
With only one out of the three core values associated with the greats (mental, but no social or physical, aptitude), he coasted through on luck until the merge.
Also, she shares a name with the author of this article, and we are thereby obligated to root for her.

Brandon spent the first half of South Pacific gunning for poor, simple Mikayla Wingle, who he was certain was another Parvati Shallow (note to Brandon: there is only one Queen P), who screwed his Uncle Russell over in Heroes vs.
She dominated strategically and was a great physical player -- and was duly blindsided after the merge.
We assume it's so that we can watch the friction between Francesca and Phillip again, and to entertain us with the fact that Phillip finds it physically impossible to pronounce her name. However, it does raise the interesting question about whether the three former South Pacific players will make an alliance of familiarity together. No matter what someone's age, gender or occupation is, they are all objectively equal in their likelihood to win (at least until we know what their personality is really like). The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Having desperately won individual immunity in the final five, he was conned by the infamous Black Widow Brigade into handing the immunity necklace over to Natalie Bolton -- who promptly voted him out (watch it in all of its glory below). The only person left with a strong will, and thus, his only remaining threat, Boston Rob voted her out at the final five, leaving him with sheep Natalie Tenerelli, Ashley Underwood and Phillip Sheppard -- and US$1,000,000 (actually, $1.1 million, after also winning fan favorite that season). He then made a huge blunder by swapping alliances (eliciting the famous "you disgust me" tirade from Whitney Duncan) and came in eighth, right after the other tribe had picked off his original tribemates, one by one. She was, however, labelled a villain due to her unfortunate propensity to tell people what she really thought of them, which is not always a great strategy in a social game like Survivor. As long as she isn't targeted first again, she should do fine, although it's hard to judge someone we saw so little of. He is thus known as one of the dumbest players in Survivor history (perhaps even eclipsing James Clement, who got voted out with not one, but two immunity idols in his pocket on China; Tyson Apostol, who effectively voted himself out on Heroes vs. Malcolm was only given a two-and-a-half-week break between filming Philippines and Caramoan, which could either work to his advantage -- no one will know how he plays the game, plus he is already acclimatised -- or to his disadvantage, as he could still be exhausted from his first 38 days out there.
He basically spent the entire season hanging out in his pink underpants, wearing feathers in his hair and insisting that he used to be a federal agent. Hopefully he'll do a little better this time; he's actually been coached by Cook Islands winner Yul Kwon, who was such a mastermind that we was recruited by the FBI and FCC right after winning Survivor.

If she can hold her tongue, or at least unleash her temper at someone with a minority alliance, she should do well -- but that's a big if.
Also, it might be amusing for people to try to say both "Brandon" and "Brenda" in the same breath. Villains; and JT Thomas, who gave an immunity idol to Russell Hantz, which was then used by Parvati Shallow to vote JT out, also on Heroes vs.
He seems to be a natural at the social, mental and physical aspects of the game, however, and will probably do quite well. His strangeness and lack of any redeeming qualities as a player led to him being taken to the final three as a goat for Boston Rob. During the "loved ones" visit, Brandon's father attempted to strategise on his behalf, bullying Coach into making a final-three pact with Brandon. She seems a little too smart to do so, but an alliance with them could put her in the majority, which is something an older player could really use. He actually did manage to get one vote for the win, defeating the other goat, Natalie, who received zero, and ruining what would otherwise have been Boston Rob's well-deserved unanimous win for a perfect game.
At the final five, Brandon pulled an Erik Reichenbach and handed his immunity necklace over to Albert, and was, of course, voted out.
At the Reunion Show, Russell proclaimed that he was ashamed of Brandon for ruining the Hantz name. In any case, it would certainly be funny to see another loved-one visit from his father or uncle (though we doubt he'll last that long).

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