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The episode begins with Kick in the gully, performing his longest ever stunt: skating on a halfpipe through rings of fire while twirling snakes in his hands for a whole week.
Jackie rushes out angrily, starting an argument about who owns the title of Kick's biggest fan.
Kick is speedily awoken by Jackie and Kyle, asking him how he would prefer his celebration. Outside his house, he sees the celebration Kyle and Jackie set up, and everyone in the neighborhood is having a good time, even Ms. Gunther & Kick decide to go shred Dead Man's Drop, the same location that Kick shredded in the first episode. Blender motors RS-7912SHF,small electric motors, Fan motorThe models we list below are part of our existing designs.

They express this through the possession of Kick's belongings, varying from retainers, scabs, and even a secret twin. Kick, who is now very tired, suggests that Jackie and Kyle compete for the title, but Gunther rejects it because pitting crazy against crazy leads to more crazy.
He tries Brianna's room, his dad's bills, and even Brad's dirty laundry, but Kyle and Jackie still find him and tell him how excited they are about the celebration. Kyle and Jackie then tell Kick that they have a super awesome surprise planned, but Kick crossly tells them that they are bothering him, and that he wanted to sleep. Upon realizing this, Kick walks home to bed, as he had been awake for a long period of time performing the stunt.
After imagining what would happen (a scene of Jackie and Kyle flying war planes), Kick decides that they work together to throw him a celebration for his longest stunt.

It turns out to be Billy Stumps, Dirt Bike Mike, Jock Wilder, Rock Callahan and Boom McCondor.
Kyle and Jackie dismiss them, and tell them to cancel all the super awesome stuff they had lined up for him.
Kyle is very excited at Kick's accomplishment and wants to celebrate it, because he claims to be his #1 fan. After everyone leaves, Gunther reignites the argument over who's Kick's #1 fan by claiming that he is as Kick is shown in bed, finally asleep.

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