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The parts for floor standing fan manufacturers has uploaded 3012 parts for floor standing fan pictures for their parts for floor standing fan products for sale, 1-20 parts for floor standing fan images are displayed.
Lasko brings you a reliable fan with smart, simple features with its 16" Oscillating Stand Fan. The Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fan is a highly efficient and portable cooling option that is capable of emitting air into whole rooms. Designed with high efficiency, Exhausted ultra air flow ;Low rotational speed, Low noise, Low power consumption. Designed with special diversion, reduce impeded by air; The blades pulley are corrected by the balance, steady. I unit product more efficient an area of over 100 square meters; Neither any capacity, Nor the tube pipe, Any where is installed. The shutter is cool-resisting, anti-ultraviolet rays, any kind of weather, environment is suited; the shutter obeys the theory of positive air flow, no power consumption, no switch . The ventilator contain super and low noise, a characteristics for consuming electricity little, breeze having great capacity, senking breeze far, easy to gearing. The housing adoption washed to press the rivet joint models, the shape is beautiful, Leaf's round through equilibrium examination, circulated the safety and steady. Suitable for cooling-down temperature in mineral factories, workshop, warehouse and gall etc. If emery wheel breaks will not hurt operators, because it will drop into the tube in the dust collector, the eye shield and glass shield can help block all the dust.
The lamp will turn on when the machine is on, it can help warn and prevent operators from getting hurt by the operating emery wheel grinding machine.
It is practical and convenient to use this machine, and there is no need to use additional collector to increase efficiency. On the mandrel of the grinder, put the thick washers in an inner side and hammer it lightly by the gavel. After starting the machine in the first time, the machine should be running for 1 minutes to make sure there is no problem, so operator can get close to the machine to check the vibration. During the adjustment, the iron plate should be moved from B to B’ in order to make sure the vibration is lower than the first time. If the vibration is still heavy, that means the iron plate should not put between 1 and three position.
Unique design results in substantial airflows at moderate pressures in minimum space and weight. A policy of continuous improvement is followed, and the right to alter any published data without notice is reserved.

Full range styles and sufficiently finished products of each model make quickly delivery be possible. Application Area: It can be suitably used in all kinds of the open-air or half open-air scorching hot factory houses for workers at site, reducing temperature. Touch Control Switch: Innovative high sensitivity touch control, LED ultra-high brightness indicator light with easy operation, resistant to moisture and oil stains.
Big air volume with small horse power,low noise running,high efficiency&performance,full compactness,easy to maintain.
POG series are widely used to transport air in factories, workshops, warehouse and other relevant places for petroleum refining, and production of various alcohols painting, spray drying, rubber production, food processing and medicine production.
CASINGThe casting is desiigned for highest efficiency and can be turned to 4 discharge positions.
IMPELLER AND SHAFTPumps are supplied in standard construction of cast iron casing and bronze impeller shaft is of high tensile stainless steel. MOTORS AND MECHANICAL SEAL ALL KUANG CHUAN PUMPS are fited with mechanical seals, having synthetic rubber flexible parts. RANGE OF PUMPSIncludes both high and low speed pumps, The wide range of speeds and heads pemit accurate selection of the most suitable pump for the work. TYPICAL APPLICATIONSSuitable industral agricultural and irrigation use.For hot water transfer, Water circulation systems.
The feature of evaporative cooling pads decreasing temperature fastenUsing the theory of decrease temperature system, water steam suction the high-temperature negative pressure type exhausting air flow after install the product then, draw the hot-heat air and grimy air from factory, therefore the fresh air flow into factory again. Evaprorative cooling padsEvaporating and cooling pad is ripple fiber combination with high evaporating efficiency and high corrosion-resistance utilizing imported special fiber materials and multiple materials through bond processing. 180° angle design, Intake and outlet in the same line, Suitable for different occasions.
5 differing speeds of quiet control allow you to fully customize the sound levels of your cooling experience. So, R&D for mew generation of mulit-Evaportive cooler by our corporation meanwhile, it would be reduced the temperature guickly. Use adjustable tool rest to cover the emery wheel and loosen the screw on the top of adjustable tool rest, place iron plate, and tighten the screw to make sure that iron plate is able to move flexibly.
First, put the iron plate between 1 and 3 positions, and tighten the screw to make it balance equally in order to measure the difference of density.
Designed motor (1HP UP), Squirrel Cage Induction Motors & specially designated shaft can satisfy long-time-continue operation. Even if the factory temperature (32 degrees to 45 degrees high-temperature)decreases temperature in 10 minutes and keep on in 26 degrees to 30 degrees.

Hot air goes through cooling pad and become cool wind, seems aliks natural breeze from forest after rain, cool and refreshing. Most of places where need drawing hot-heat and decrease temperature, such as market, super market, office, hotel, hospital station, athletic hall, exhibit hall conservatory, opera hall, etc…2. A 'white noise' option has been included to provide users a host of options to explore when installing this fan. Just make sure that operator can find out one position to adjust it to be balanced n to adjust it. Motor is of Squirrel-cage type, total enclosed motor, All motor and pump combinations have non-overloading characteristics. Suit for green house?warm house, livestock premises meanwhile, keeping the facility on cooling and certain wet. This unit also comes equipped with an adjustable mounting stand that can target multiple areas for cooling. LED controls and an included remote control allow for increased ease of use while opening multiple access points. Ability to expel hot and stale air in a building and replacing it with fresh cool air within one minute. Each unit comes with a highly responsive remote control that allows you to access your fan from a distance. An auto shut off timer is also included and offers even more versatility to a cooling option that's already flexible.The QuietSet Stand Fan from Honeywell stands 16' in height and was designed to be powerful, convenient and stylish. Ability to increase and ionize air flow in a building, therefore raising the productivity of the workers. It features an oscillating option for whole room cooling, as well as an auto shut off timer that can be set for up to 8 hours.
If needed, simply immerse the grills of your fan in a combination of water and mild detergent. Its QuietSet controls allow you to choose from 5 levels of quiet cooling and the remote control gives you the ability to change the setting from across the room. Ventilation, dust control, removal of odour and cooling effect are achieve simultaneously through this system. The rest of the fan can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth moistened with water and mild detergent.

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