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A multilayered lighting scheme, usually reserved for formal living rooms, comes to this master-suite conversation space. While lighting was kept intentionally spare in the modern bath shown below, it maximizes both task and decorative opportunities. This master bath features a long vanity with hand-tooled marble top and a matching mirror cabinet broken by flush-mounted, vertical incandescent tubes for even make-up lighting. ONCETHE REALM of a glare-producing ceiling globe and clunky plug-intable lamps, the bedroom is now the setting for major news inlighting design.
Decorativesconces, torcheres, or built-in cove lighting can provide soft,glare-free fill light. General lighting is via dimmable PAR lights with polished reflectors; When it's time for relaxing, the downlights are turned off, leaving the soft indirect glow from strip lights in the coved ceiling (they're hidden behind classic crown moldings). Theclosets in this basement bedroom are faced with translucent,sliding shoji panels that match and overall oriental theme-andadd soft ambient light.

Installed on either walls or ceilings, surface-mounted fixtures are integral to most home lighting designs. Most surface fixtures come with their own mounting hardware, adaptable to any standard fixture box.
A three-tiered paper shade makes a hand-some dining-room accent, doubling as a centerpiece while cutting a hanging pendant's glare-prone output. Three beaded pendants hang from low-voltage cables, marking the line of a sturdy waxed-pine dining table. General lighting is via dimmable PAR lights with polished reflectors; smaller MR-16s with louvers spotlight planter.
Punchy PAR downlights wash the fireplace; low-voltage downlights pinpoint mirror and mantel.
The spare design at top keeps the light-and the overall bedroom look-simple, shapely, and colorful.

They’re especially good at providing diffuse ambient light, though some fixtures are highly decorative too. Staggered wall sconces add fill light while echoing the angle formed by the nearby staircase.
Fixed table lamps are mounted in window alcoves flanking the far fireplace; MR-16 monospots wash firpaneled walls, lending ambient fill to middle zones. Matching reading lamps offer bedside task light; a pair of wall sconces adds style and fill light. The lighted niche at right glows with warm fluorescent light that passes through the diffusing panel between open and closed storage areas.

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