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New York Daily News Top Outdoor Concerts Top Outdoor Concerts Over the last four decades, New York area venues have seen a rich array of airy sonic events. Friends who actually attended this show tell me ita€™s myth that fans couldna€™t hear anything. Herea€™s a look at some of the best, either as witnessed by yours truly, or as filtered through the collective glow of history.

It was still the Beatles, and just a little over a year later there would be no way for anyone to see them ever play again live.(Unless they happened to be in London and stumbled upon that final rooftop show filmed for a€?Let It Bea€?). Thankfully, the Shea performance has been preserved on bootlegged recordings and video documentaries. Should you track one down you will indeed hear the band - not to mention those screams that never seem to cease.

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