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Bajaj exhaust fans are presented as the way to deal with unpleasant odors in the home with this print advertising campaign from India. The Bajaj Exhaust Fans campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Mumbai, by national creative director K.V. The campaign won a Gold at GoaFest, two Silver awards for Press and Poster at Adfest 2009, along with two Silver Lotus awards for Kitchen and Loo and two Bronze Lotus awards for Baby Room.
What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. Thank you, I'm waiting for Delta T, the fan manufacturer to tell me if they can change the fan motors to 24v DC and still have enough power to move enough air. When I questioned Ocean Alexander as to their thinking on the design, they also said they assumed a genset would be running all the time as well. The other reason you don't want to run your genset all the time is it will have insufficient*load on it and suffer a premature death.

As to where the power is going; the boat is a 24 volt system so everything DC on the house runs off of the house batteries ( 4 8D ) which also power the inverter. As to underloading the gensets, I too was concerned over that, which is why I installed the smaller 9kw, so it would be better utilized for light load charging or overnight use of a single air conditioner.
ADD an alternator , at least a truck 125A or far better a bus 250, 300A unit and a smart voltage regulator with battery temperature monitoring.
Since Bob*assumes he must*run his vent fans when the main is running, then a spare set of installed fans is required,*no matter what the power source. My alternator keeps the bats toped up when I am steaming and so don't require the gen set when under way even when I don't have my 5 KVA 240 V belt driven cruise alternator on line. Items are wrapped in plastic to prevent them from ruining the atmosphere in Toilet (Loo), Kitchen and Baby Room. It unfortunately will require a lot of re-wiring as the controller at the helm is AC powered as well.

Today's, and yesterday's for that matter, alternators, inverters*and cruise gens*will allow*the main(s) to supply all the normal (non AC) power you may need in a large trawler yacht.
Having been on many wet exhaust vessels where ER fans are not required to run with the main, I'd question this base assumption with ER natural ventilation an area of interest.*The 54 OA should not need much more than 140 HP to do hull speed, hardly a big heat generator. This includes extra freezers assuming they are not the inefficient ones.*Many vessels* are intentionally*set up this way with the genset used for an hour or two a day for house battery charging, water makers and clothes washing.
You do not want to be running your genset except sometimes at anchor, this is an obvious mis-design on OA's part and they are trying to back away from their design.

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