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Below are the online retailers that offer this product, please click on the name in order to go to their online store. When power fails the All Season Portable Rechargeable Fan works continuously for 5-6 hours at a stretch.
The third party assume all responsibility for this product, which includes the warranty, brand, creative, trademark & copyright. Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes.
Naaptol is always in forefront in bringing to you products which have multiple uses throughout your life.
The portable electric fan best suits every season, as its designed in a way to provide cool and warm.
It is easy to move and can be moved from one place to another as it is portable in nature, pretty safe and use. Just the brilliant & portable rechargeable fan that anyone could ever get from any online shopping portal. NOW YOU CAN ENJOY THE SUMMER EVEN WITHOUT ELECTRICITY FOR HOURS, AND ITS VERY EASY TO CARRY ANY WHERE SO JUST GRAB THE OFFER BEFORE IT RUNS OUT OF STOCK..
Does it get's charged with our normal home socket or some other source is required to charge this fan?
Usha Mist Air Tower Fan comes with unique tower shaped design with 60 degree motorized oscillation for a wider air spread.

After the passage of chilly winters, this is the time to enter in hot summer season and to unpack your fans, coolers etc.
Usha Mist Air Tower fan is a kind of small electric appliance, designed to sit easily on any desk or table, or can be used without it comfortably. Usha Mist Air Tower fan is provided with a unique shape, so that it can provide air not only to the persons sitting near, but also to the persons, who are away. It is easy to move from one place to another, which makes it portable in nature, and is pretty safe to use. Finally, we can say that Usha Mist Air Tower Fan is a great fan, which can be carried anywhere as per convenience. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.
The power indicator light helps in knowing about its working, whether the heater is on cooling mode or hot mode. The fan works with super power and delivers great performance and is well suited for cooling or heating the room which is most needed in our day to day climate.
This fan circulates air evenly through a motor turning a series of blades on a rotating shaft. Further, the 60 degree motorized oscillation is provided for a wider air spread, so that nobody would feel heat, whether the number people are more or less.
The fan works with super power, delivers great performance and is well suited to cool the room.

It has 16LED Light and an Auto ON features that automatically turns on the light when there is no light in the room. So, to help you in this, your favorite Fan brand from years, Usha, has introduced its new tower fan-Mist Air. The portable size and ultra-light weight of this fan allows easy movement and channelizing.
The portable fan comes with support stand and has powerful system for consistent performance and long working life. Mist means a thin fog with condensation near the ground, therefore, this fan will cool you , no matter how much heat is prevailing outside. Made up of quality material, this tower fan from Usha comes in white colour with a safety net to blow the air as well as for protection.
Its a vertical type fan which is easy to use & portable enough to be carried anywhere and comes along with support stand.
It also has an adjustable fan speed of High and Low depending on the kind of air you would want the fan to give. It also has an air throw direction of upto 90 degrees.This fan comes with Overcharge and Deep Discharge Protection.

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