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Important Note: If you are looking for a ceiling fan that runs smooth and quiet, the fans on the left side of this page are examples of fans that we know run very quiet based on our experience and customer feedback. Ceiling fan manufacturers want to claim their fans are quiet, but they are under no obligation to prove it. Quiet is a somewhat subjective or relative term when it comes to ceiling fans since there is no mention of dB (decibels) to back up any claims that are made.
Yet we have all heard some annoying noises come out of a ceiling fan and have been around others that are very quiet.
So regardless of what it says on the box, how can you be confident that the fan you are about to buy will not be noisy? You can rest assured that any fan on our site that has a quality rating of 5 will be very quiet. Motor Size and Quality: Larger, higher quality motors will run smooth and quiet, smaller lower quality motors may make buzzing or clicking sounds. When giving a fan a rating of 5 on our site, the motor inside is one of the most important factors. Sturdy Mounting Hardware: When a fan is mounted securely, it tends to run quieter, so we take into consideration the design of the mounting system.
Balance: How precisely components are manufactured has a direct impact on how well balanced the fan will be, and therefore, how smooth and quiet it will run. Any part that spins can be out balance, such as the motor, the blades or the blade holders. Manufacturers may or may not ensure these things are balanced depending on the level of quality they are shooting for in a particular model they produce. Air Noise: Aside from annoying noises generated by poor a quality fan motor or other components, the actual sound of the air being moved deserves some attention. Although most people find the sound of the breeze to be comforting, the more blades there are on your fan, the less wind noise it will produce.
Also, when the blades are close to the ceiling, such as with a hugger fan, you may actually hear the air produce a reverberating impulse as it bounces between the blades and the ceiling. This is not a review or editorial but a real unedited communication thread I recently had with one of our customers. For a traditional white DC motor ceiling fan, I also recommend the Emerson Avante Eco, which I rate as the number one fan of this type.
If you are not as concerned about the efficiency of the fan, then I would recommend the standard Casablanca Panama.
If the only difference between the $419 and the $299 is a remote then I would go with the $299 I have never had a remote so I won't miss it. One other problem and it's probably the biggest is that according to your warranty I cannot put up the fan and try it out and then if it doesn't work send it back. How can I find out if it is really noiseless (except for the blades whooshing around which is OK) if I cannot try it out ?????
The XLP motor has been considered the industry standard for top of the line quietness for many years. As far as noise is concerned, there are no fan manufacturers that publish testing results for noise. The Panama is over $100 less than the Emerson Premium, so there is no need to consider it at this time.
This is a topic that caught my attention several years ago when the wonderful EPA started regulating the ceiling fan industry (something that most consumers are not aware of). The EPA now requires ALL ceiling fan manufacturers to test their ceiling fans for airflow and efficiency.
As you see, the newer DC Panama is nearly 4 times more efficient than the older XLP Panama. The intent of the EPA is to allow consumers to make a more educated decision and choose a product based on efficiency. Based on the application of your fan in the bedroom, I believe a very conservative usage estimate would be about 8 hours per day for about 200 days out of the year (1600 hours total). Most people could care less about spending a lot more money up front in order to save a few pennies 8 years down the road.
I am really amazed at how much time you have spent on me trying to get me the best fan for the price, or more so for the best with no noise. After my last e-mail to you I did go back into the fan specs and look at the CFM and could somewhat come to the conclusion that it meant how much it cost to run the fan, which is what you were alluding to with your efficiency statement.
I had to laugh when I read this e-mail because it seems like you have a certain "opinion mind set" to all of this stuff. So again I thank you very much for all your help and I am keeping your info in case I need to show someone that is also looking for a fan.
It's so great to sleep (or try to sleep) with the air moving and not have an humming or whine from the motor. My husband thought it was a neat install as it was different then most fans he has put up. But then when the room got cold during the night I wanted to put it back on Medium Low and therefore had to pull on the chain 4 times to get it there.
I have 4 fans in the house and this one is the hardest to pull until it clicks into place and also makes the most noise.
He also said that the remote works electronically and not by changing the windings in the motor and therefore could cause a hum. This all my be moot questions as there might not be a remote and also I don't know If I could spend more money on one.

Anyway Greg,,,,,,,,,THANKS again for all your help in steering me to the right fan that I needed. When my other fan dies in the other bedroom I will definitely get the same (if I can save up enough money for it ). This control is made by Casablanca specifically for the Panama and a couple other fans, so the receiver will fit inside the canopy. Also, I would like to know if you will allow me to post your kind words on our website…and can you possibly email me some pictures of your fan in your room so I can show our visitors what you are talking about. BTW: Casablanca uses a much heavier duty pull-chain control than most other brands, which is why it seems stiffer to operate.
I guess you realized that I made a mistake when I said that it took 4 pulls on the chain to get from Medium to Medium Low. I really like the medium-low feature on this fan so I guess even though it would be more convenient for me to use the remote from my bed in the middle of the night I really don't want to go to 3 speeds. This is the first time my Husband has not complained about the fan being on all night with it set on medium low so it's a great feature. I understand about the pull chain and my husband also said it would probably get smoother with use. I also wanted to say that when my husband and I took the motor out of the box we were amazed at the weight of it. I also noticed that the pitch of the blades are steeper then most fans (if that's the right way to say it) and I think this helps with the air moving.
Again Thanks for your expertise on all of this, and I am just thrilled to have a fan that has absolutely no noise at all except for the air moving. Thank you so much for sending the pictures (they are perfect) and allowing me to share our conversation with others who visit our website. Hopefully this will be the last ceiling fan you will ever need to buy for your bedroom since the Panama is truly designed to last a lifetime! QUESTION: I am looking at the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco 72 (DC Motor) Ceiling Fan Model CF788VNB, however regarding fan blades for an outdoor-damp location, would these blades tend to warp over a few years in a humid environment? ANSWER: When you click on the orange button for blades, look for blades that say "(Outdoor Damp)".
ANSWER: I am sorry to report that Halsey went out of business several years ago, so finding parts for them is difficult. QUESTION: The location I am considering was wired only for a light and no fan (1 wire pair). QUESTION: How far down from the ceiling does the Seaside fan hang when installed with the flushmount option?
ANSWER: I am sorry to report that we do not have any of the Hunter light fixtures you are looking for. ANSWER: Regarding the Emerson Carrera Grande Eco, it is one of the most powerful and efficient fans we sell. Per the information on the site, the new DC motors, the Emerson K55XL, and other "induction" type motors are considered best quality. I would certainly recommend spending the additional money for the Panama if quietness is essential.
Flush mount fans are too close to the ceiling to allow the air to flow smoothly around the blades. The DC Panama (with DC Spinner Motor) has a different motor than the 4-Speed Panama (XLP Direct Drive motor).
Casablanca changed the model number since they are now going to an all numeric model number system this year.
Although I know that Emerson actually does noise testing, they will not give me any data to publish since they claim it is for internal quality assurance only and they do not want other fan manufacturers getting ahold of that data. However, it does come with a built-in uplight and has far more control options, which makes it appealing to many consumers when they like those options.
I a confident you will be pleased with the performance, it truly is one of the best fans ever made…particularly when it comes to running quiet.
I am somewhat opinionated about this topic, so I hope my opinion does not prevent from answering your question clearly and objectively. They define efficiency as the calculation of the amount of airflow a fan produces divided by the amount of electricity it uses. So the EPA is hoping that consumers will choose more efficient products when making buying decisions. But for some people, “saving the planet” is more important and the EPA doesn’t care about how much money you have to spend in order to use less energy and help save the planet!
The one thing that always goes out first on cheaper fans is the pull chain, and in some cases they cannot even be replaced. Please feel free to share this link with any of your friends or associates who might need a ceiling fan. I have enjoyed helping with you and we (all of us at Hansen Wholesale) truly appreciate your business and any future business you send our way. Emerson specially makes the damp rated blades from solid hardwood (instead of cheap plywood) that is treated to resist cracking and warping from being outside.
It is not a brand that we ever sold, so we would not have any fixtures on hand that were made by them.
If you give us a call, we will be happy to help you choose the best fan for your needs and make sure you can install it. The bottom of the fan cage hangs 16.3" from the ceiling when installed with the 8" downrod.

Hunter only made the triangular fixtures for a short period of time and they discontinued them several years ago (too many problems). When installed with a standard downrod, the regular Velo hangs down the same distance as the Velo Hugger, so the airflow is the same. A 5 rating is not just based on the motor inside the fan, but the overall consideration of the quality of the components and performance. Therefore, you should decorate all sides of the room includes the ceiling part to get a completely great room design. Casablanca has recently changed the model number for the DC Panama to: 59510 (they are going to a numeric system).
So either the manufacturer uses a cheaper less powerful motor to keep air from bouncing between the blades and ceiling (noisy motors), or a more powerful motor is used and the air does bounce between the blades and the ceiling (creating more noise). In other words, the motor inside the fan is stationary and it spins a drive shaft that comes out of the bottom of the motor. However, at the high end level, the DC motors are extremely quiet and run perfectly balanced. You will just have to trust me after being in the ceiling fan business for over 25 years that I know what I am talking about.
But what the EPA does NOT explain is what these efficiency ratings mean to you in the real world. They only care about your “Carbon Footprint” or how much “Greenhouse Gases” are being produced overall across the country. If you can post it on your Facebook or any other social media account you might have, we would be grateful.
They will hold up much better than what you have experienced and are in fact rated for use in outdoor damp locations by the manufacturer. If you have used only flush mount fans in the past in your bedroom, this is why you have been complaining about noise. Although the XLP motor is NOT considered an energy efficient motor by EPA standards, in your case it is in fact one of the best choices available…particularly because it is one of the last few fans available that has a direct drive motor with a noise dampening rubberized flywheel. So yes, it would have some benefit nationally if all ceiling fans had DC motors that used 75% less electricity…but for you, it makes almost no difference except how much money it costs for you to buy a fan. Because it makes a loud clicking noise I thought it would wake up my husband, but he says he doesn't hear it.
People love reading this sort of stuff, it adds a level of clarity that you cannot get from product descriptions and factory specifications. If you can email me some pictures of your fan along with the model number (located on a label on top of the fan housing), I may be able to come up with an alternative that will fit.
If you can only install a single fan, then I would recommend an even larger fan (up to 84") such as the Fanimation Odyn. Moreover, you can choose quiet ceiling fans with lightsthat come with good functionalities. Not only does this allow the fan to spin more balanced, it also dampens the motor noise and transfers less noise to the blades. DC motors are the latest technology and cost about 75% less to operate, so they are super efficient. A comparable model would be the Emerson Premium model CF4801WW, which use the same type of Direct Drive motor (called the Emerson K55). This is a special motor that Savoy House had designed for this fan and the performance and quality of the motor are excellent. As a matter of fact, when Casablana first introduced the Panama over 20 years ago (then called the Delta), they purchased K55 motors from Emerson and used them for over 10 years.
A fan with a high efficiency rating does not necessarily move more air or make you feel cooler…it just uses less electricity compared to the amount of airflow it produces. Please call us at: 1-800-201-1193 and we will be happy to discuss all of your options and help you make an educated decision. With spinner motors, the drive shaft down the middle of the fan is stationary and the entire motor spins around the drive shaft.
Some other brands still buy K55 motors from Emerson such as Fanimation…but their fans are more decorative than functional.
I have seen fans with high efficiency ratings that I would never recommend to a consumer simply because they don’t move enough air to make any sense. You do not need worry about the noise that probably comes from the fan, because some designs are made in quiet, so it will not be annoying.The ceiling fan design for the size and style must be fit to the room. If your room is small, you might choose the ceiling fan with short blade, while the longer blade fits to the larger room. So there is more chance of the fan wobbling and any motor noise is magnified by the blades and motor houseing.
The number of blade for quiet ceiling fans with lights is varied from three to five blades. Then, quiet ceiling fans with lights designs are completed with conventional switch with a tie or the modern remote that make you easier to turn on and off the light and operate the speed of fan.However, if your room is designed in minimalist and modern decor, you can choose the ceiling fan with simple design with a lamp on the center of fan. Monochromatic tones like white, grey, and black for the ceiling color might be a good choice. So, if you have no idea to enhance your room’s ceiling look, you can choose quiet ceiling fans with lights.

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