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Please note that you MUST purchase Metropolitan products from an Authorized Dealer like Hansen Wholesale in order for any potential warranty claims to be valid or accepted by Metropolitan! This is like FREE INSURANCE for light fixture giving you the ultimate protection beyond the factory warranty! So if some kids get a little too rambunctious and just happen to throw a baseball into your nice beautiful chandelier and break several pieces of glass or crystal, you need not worry.
Finding a place that provices great service is equally important, but more difficult to accomplish without interacting with someone.
Although the Internet makes it easy to compare prices, it does little to ensure you are going to get good service. If you are like most consumers, claims regarding great customer service are empty words until proven otherwise.

We will appreciate being given the opportunity to match or beat it if possible and, in the process, give you a chance to experience our excellent customer service! We have been in the ceiling fan and lighting business for over 30 years and have professional installers and technicians on staff who can help you when necessary. The one thing that we are most proud of and sets us aside from our competition is our professional customer service. Google officially launched in 1998 while we launched our very first website 4 years earlier back in 1994.
We love taking care of our customers personally over the phone because it allows us to give you additional service that we cannot provide in a shopping cart.
As an Internet seller for over 20 years, we know how important a return policy is to you when shopping online.

Here is a quick guide to the equivalent lumens between LED, CFL and Incandescent bulbs based on wattage. So, we do offer to match or beat competitors prices whenever possible with our Lowest Price Guarantee! We know that the prices we have on our website may or may not be lowest you can find at any given moment.

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