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Extreme: A plane has skidded off the runway at JFK this morning as the nation endures its coldest weather in almost 40-years as ice forms on the beard of Bob Schweitzer as he helps clear ice and snow from the seats at Lambeau Field on Friday, Jan. Cold: James Diedrick helps clear ice and snow from the seats at Lambeau Field on Friday, Jan.
When Perkins found out he might be attending Ice Bowl II, his enthusiasm was dampened only briefly.'Ia€™ll be able to tell my kids and grandkids I was part of that game,' said Perkins, who bought a hunting coat and thick gloves in preparation. O'Hare airport crews work to de-ice planes at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago on Sunday, Jan.
Cold: Allan Umscheid, owner of Yards By Al in Lawrence, Kan, feels the bitter wind and catches drifting snow on his face as he runs a snow blower early Sunday morning, Jan. Ouch: A woman falls while slipping on ice during freezing rain on Roosevelt Island, a borough of Manhattan as a woman raises her hands as she crosses the street in Chicago on Sunday, Jan.
Frozen arches: A person struggles to cross a street in blowing and falling snow as the Gateway Arch appears in the distance Sunday, Jan. The referees for the game were not dressed for the weather and had to go to a local sports store to buy earmuffs, gloves and thermal underwear.The officials were unable to use their whistles after the opening kick-off. Homeless worry: Nick warms himself on a steam grate with three other homeless men by the Federal Trade Commission, just blocks from the Capitol, during frigid temperatures in Washington, Saturday, Jan. Cold morning: People walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan in New York, New York, USA, 04 January 2014.

A firefighter surveys the former Odd Fellows Building in downtown North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Minnesota called off school for Monday statewide, the first such closing in 17 years, because of projected highs in the minus teens and lows as cold as 30 below. Houses line a flooded street along the shore in Scituate, Massachusetts on Friday as a winter storm dropped nearly 2 feet of snow just north of Boston, shut down major highways in New York and Pennsylvania and forced U.S. Even after piling on hundreds of pounds and trading in his soft fuzz for yellowish fur, many fans remained loyal. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The FAA is investigating.'The plane was then towed to a gate with passengers on board, she said. One Cowboys player had respiratory problems attributed to breathing in so much frigid air, he added, and Dallas quarterback Don Mereditha€™s calls were inarticulate because his lips were frozen.Improved clothing should help the fans, too. Many Green Bay players could not start their cars in the weather to get to Lambeau and linebacker Dave Robinson flagged down a car to get a ride.
And we had a pretty cold December,' Maue said.Cities and states are already taking precautions. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport, said 35 people were aboard the plane.

Winds were recorded to be blowing 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph and temperatures in the low 30s.
Modern down jackets fight the cold, and waterproof boots and gloves keep hands and feet dry.Thata€™s what 49ers fan Leon Perkins of Stockton, California, is counting on. Experts will conduct a post-mortem examination on Monday to identify the cause of death.Some fans already had their own theories. The 30-year-old truck driver goes to every 49ers home game, and a visit to legendary Lambeau was on his bucket list. Officials are warning fans to take extra safety measures to stay warm including dressing in layers and sipping warm drinks. So the minute he found out the 49ers were playing in Green Bay he jumped online and bought tickets. They followed his every move, including his weight battle - he had a weakness for croissants - or plans to move to a different zoo.'Knutmania' led to a 2007 Vanity Fair cover with actor Leonardo DiCaprio shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz, a film and plush likenesses. Though the zoo has never released exact numbers, Knut merchandise including postcards, key chains, sweets and stuffed Knuts have brought in hundreds of thousands of euros.

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