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Factory Sealed: Products purchased in factory sealed condition were never taken out of their original boxes.
Mint: Products purchased in mint condition look brand new and may or may not include the original packaging.
The principle is simple: look at things you’re going to throw away (or recycle) and try to turn them into something else that would be useful. You’ve probably done this when you were a kid: did your parents present you with old newspapers, empty boxes and egg cartons, or empty bottles, with PVC glue, a paint box and a pair of (blunt) scissors to play with? Other examples of Upcycling come from Siemens who worked with a local college, running a competition to turn the brand’s home appliances into an array of new products.  The winning article, pictured, is Fiona the Lamp which was Upcycled from a Siemens dishwasher. Upcycling can be mainly practical or all about unusual design, but if you want inspiration for practical upcycling, ask your parents and grandparents – it was just part of life when they grew up. The Eighties were such an iconic era in terms of fashion trends and the ‘Club to Catwalk’ exhibition at the V&A, which runs for the rest of the year, pays homage to this vibrant time.

Since 1965 the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has showcased the very best of nature photography from around the world. You would think that taking photographs of the Hollywood elite would be a fairly easy enterprise, as they are all poised, immaculate and elegant. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. Cosmetic and working condition are perfect as if you traveled back to the 90's and purchased them. Products purchased in "complete" condition are pre-owned but include the original packaging, instructions, and all other original pieces. They are in excellent cosmetic condition, working condition, and have passed tough inspection requirements. It’s even greener than recycling because it doesn’t need the collecting, sorting and processing required for recycling, which takes energy and resources.

The Spanish designer Katcha Bilek has been creating upcycled bags from bicycle inner-tubes since the late nineties.
Of course you can start with converting jeans to cut-offs when you get holes in the knees, but would you think of making a cushion cover out of an old jumper? But only a select few have mastered the art and made those other-worldly beings appear even more breathtaking and alien. Now her collections include: bags, belts, crocodiles and chandeliers, all of them upcycled from reclaimed materials.

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