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Either way, with the condenser fan motor inoperative, your compressor runs the risk of burning out if allowed to continue working without the help of the fan. We can't do this unless you're comfortable and knowledgeable about electricity and have a good multimeter, capable also of testing capacitance. The pic of the fan motor was sent to me, out of all places, from FLA, by a cousin of mine who I assisted over the phone and via e-mails.
I just stopped the unit and waited for 5 minutes and turned the unit on again, and the outside fan started up by itself so all appears to be normal now.
My wife thinks I still should call a service guy and get a pro to look at it before the warranty runs out. It was nice to have a trained tech look at the unit to insure nothing else was wrong, but $400 was a bit much in my opinion. I have the similar problem, Compressor and Condensing FAN both comes on but after some time Condenser FAN stops but Compressor keeps on Buzzing.
I tried the stick test and the fan started running but i guess as soon as the house cools down and it shuts off I will have to do that again until I replace a capaciter.
After giving the fan a slight nudge with the stick the fan did start running, but as you can hear towards the end of the video below the other 'starter' noise still comes on and off every so often. Also does this mean that once I replace the run capacitor the noise of the unit trying to start will be resolved? Went to Johnston Supply got the Titan capacitor in picture, replaced it and everything works great. Tried the stick test and the fan blade moves freely but won't start and I don't hear any noise or humming coming from the unit outside.

I am a former plumber and pretty good with most types of repairs and really can't afford this right now. Your best bet is to change out the capacitor first, let me know if you need help with that. Comparison of Central Air Conditioner Prices by Brands, Units, Sizes, Repair Costs, Installation, and High Efficiency Central AC Systems. If the fan spins freely with power removed, you may only need to replace the run capacitor. OK After letting it cool all night the fan still needs a push to start and the compressor doesn't start.
I was assuming that the buzzing noise mentioned was the compressor running but apparently it was the reversing valve solenoid or something besides the compressor. I would definitley check on that local vocational tech school gig that pflor mentioned, if no luck there you might even check with your local Sheet Metal Union Hall as most of them also have HVAC journeyman upgrade classes and are looking for Guniea Pigs.
But I hate the idea of having to pay for a service call where the dude comes in, says there is nothing wrong with the unit, and sticks me with a hefty service charge. Maybe I will just call Rheem and have them note in their database that we had a problem with the unit while the unit was in warranty - that way if it occurs again, we can infer that it was part of the same problem call.
I went outside this morning and noticed the fan on the outside unit not spinning, it was also making a weird starter noise every so often (see link below).
From your initial post I'm assuming take it out and specs will be on cap and that's what I want to get.
I noticed there was a cable going from top of unit to the grill I'm assuming that's going to make maneuvering the grill around to properly clean the inside somewhat difficult. Your source for Discount Prices and Fast Shipping on Motor Controls, Starters, Contactors, Overload Relays and more.

At the very least you might find a student that would be willing to work for Elcheapo for you if he does good and actually repairs it make sure and tip big LOL. When the house reached the desired temperature and the unit turned off, the fan would not restart, when it needed to cool again. The old cap is completely rusted, and the manual only says to check the side of the old cap, go figure.
I have already spent $200 on Tech he only changed the capacitor and problem started again few minutes after the tech left. The manual states that the unit has a 5 year warranty starting 6 months after the manufactured date. Upon reading threads online and watching DIY youtube videos my only 2 bets are: 1) the start capacitor or 2) the fan motor itself is shot. So that would mean the warranty expires this month, and tomorrow is the last day of the month!! It is very simple to replace but all safety precautions such as turning off the power and discharging the capacitor must be taken as described in my post.Once you get the replacement it is just a matter of swapping the wires on top of the old capacitor to the new one.
Just make sure you make a diagram of where the leads go or better yet take a photo just in case. I want to call a HVAC tech out but would rather try to diagnose this and get to the root cause before getting raped for a simple fix.
If you find that the capacitor is bad you will need to find a replacement that has the same specs as listed on the label.

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