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Indoors and outdoors, ceiling fans keep air moving and help keep your home comfortable in summer and winter.
When selecting a new ceiling fan or a replacement ceiling fan keep in mind the ceiling height.
The look of a ceiling fan’s blades is actually more of a design feature than a matter of efficiency or utility.
Shades – Ceiling fan light shades typically come in glass, though new innovative designs are featuring the fan hidden within a fabric drum shade. Ceiling fan accessories allow you to modify your fan or enhance it, depending on your needs.
Angled ceiling adapter - Attaches to the outlet box to help mount ceiling fans on angled ceilings.
Good to KnowBe sure an outlet box is available in the ceiling before beginning your installation.
Air conditioners chill air, but ceiling fans push it around, which means they're useful for both cooling and heating.
The fan’s ability to move air is determined by the pitch of the blades, so pick the one you like the look of best. Most fans have adjustable speeds and a reverse airflow function to help with heating during cooler months.
The adapter works with a longer downrod (sold separately) in case you have a high ceiling, too. Check the packaging to see if the fan is compatible with a light kit in case you want to add a light in the future. Refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual for step-by-step directions, safety and warning and caution information.
Many fans have multiple mounting options, allowing them to work almost anywhere in the home. Many fans come with reversible blades so if you get tired of one finish, you can reverse them later to change the look of your fan – talk about an effortless design update. If the door handles and cabinet hardware are all in brushed nickel, choose a ceiling fan in a complementary finish. If your fan doesn’t come with one, or you need a longer one, they are available separately in a variety of sizes and finishes. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.

On an open or screened porch, a ceiling fan can create a refreshing retreat - just be sure it's rated for damp or wet locations. Measure the height of your ceiling to determine the mounting option that will work best for your space.
If you select the wrong type of fan, then your sunroom or outdoor patio can become unusable in the warmth of the late afternoon sunshine. Some fans have as many as nine blades, for a helicopter style; however, the traditional four- to five-blade ceiling fans remain classic. It needs to be certified to work in outdoor conditions because there are some unique factors in play. These fans must be able to withstand moisture, higher temperatures, and even added sunshine, which can deteriorate the quality of the plastic that a fan may have. Without the ability to draw air into fan, there will be no air movement whatsoever where you need it, which means there is no cooling that will be experienced.Outdoor fans also help to control the environment in unique ways.
The air movement that they create helps to naturally keep bugs away from you when there aren’t any screen barriers in place.
When there are screens, the fan won’t have so much air power that it degrades the construction of the screen.
Sitting on an enclosed porch in the summer is nice, but it can get really hot on a sunny day. That’s because the sunlight reflects off of the patio and then gets trapped by the awning or covered area.
The best outdoor fans that are floor based will oscillate up to 90 degrees so that the entire addition or porch can be provided with cooling comfort. Floor fans, however, must typically be placed on a GFCI outlet in case moisture should hit the circuit for some reason and try to blow it out. The box for the fixture is already affixed to a stud and that supports the weight of the fan.
There needs to be weight distribution along the entire ceiling so that the fan doesn’t cause a cave in or worse a€“ fall down on top of someone!Because of all of these changes that may need to be made, a building permit may be required by your local jurisdiction. That’s because a ceiling fan especially may be seen as a a€?valuea€? improvement to the home, especially if the enclosed porch or addition is connected to the main house.
Most households are going to find a good fan for about $70 that will be able to meet their needs.
There are entry-level options that cost a little less, but they only work in specific environments, like a porch addition that doubles as another room for a home.Top of the line outdoor ceiling fans can cost upwards of $300.

For this price level, however, you’ll receive a fully sealed unit that can work in almost any outdoor condition, including a stand alone enclosed porch. There isn’t a remote control with this ceiling fan, but it does have a wall switch that installs directly. There’s an LED light that shines through the switch, which might be a bit bothersome to some folks, but otherwise the entire installation looks good and is relatively easy. For a ceiling fan at this price point, there are many users who would expect to have wood blades at the very lease. Replicated the classic design of the palm leaf, the angle and shape of the blades are able to move more air than other fan designs because of the wider blade and better angle.
The blades are also reversible so that you can customize the look of your room if you prefer and there is also a white version if you’re wanting an updated, modern appearance.
What this outdoor fan will do is provide a light misting in addition to the cooling air so that everyone stays happy on the hottest of days! You won’t get soaking wet like you can with other misting fans, but the strength of this fan is pretty outstanding. It’s only 18 inches in size, but it can cool down up to 500 square feet of outdoor space. It’s got a premium price tag, but the 53 watt motor is outdoor rated and spins the 18 inch fan with great gusto. It’s a four-blade fan design that provides 3 speeds and it circulates air up to 10 feet away. With 5 blades that provide a lot of cooling power, a 3-speed pull chain helps to customize how the fan is used.
There isn’t a down rod included with this fan, however, so you may need to purchase a few additional items to complete the installation.
Use these comprehensive reviews to make an informed decision and you’ll be able to enjoy owning the best outdoor ceiling fan or floor fan at the best price possible!

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