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Advanced aerodynamic blades and electronic control means the Revolution is at the cutting edge of ceiling fan efficiency, drawing only 48 Watts on high speed while moving more air than similar size fans that are thicker in size and heavier. These timber blades come in either a flat colour finish or a wood grain finish, and each blade is lacquered to ensure longevity and to prevent peeling. The Hunter Pacific Typhoon ceiling fan timber blades also come in a range of colours for you to choose from. Why not contact one of our friendly staff today to help you choose the right Hunter Pacific Typhoon ceiling fan for you? If it not for our problems with our Hunter fans, if we were doing our shopping all over again, I’d take a look at the Hunter Osprey which is available in the Philippines.
Hunter fans come with good quality mounting accessories intended for mounting to wood joists or to concrete. There are various options for controlling the fans; wireless remotes and wall mounted speed and reverse controls (at extra cost), but we just wired ours to a regular wall switch. The availability of parts and service should be a consideration when deciding on purchasing ceiling fans (or any other expensive items).
Just in case it might be of use to others, this is the address of the repair facility to which Handyman shipped our part. Unfortunately our first floor fans that we own, before building our home, the on and off switch bit the dust.
I have seen the fancy ceiling fans sometime with lighting and even some with remote controls. Table fan or stand fan can be very useful too in hot days where the outdoor temp is usually lower then inside the house. Well all my fans are GE brand, knock in wood, No issues with them, Except I had to take them down to clean the dust inside. Finally,my wife step in, and took our daughter to her mothers house, while I finish the Job, Basically, she read my thoughts that day….
I used a soft brush and vacuum to clean the inside, in the other hand was not the fan, but the overall take down procedure, is kind of a reverse engineering method, those those blades are cumbersome, too many pieces, basically, I had to draw a flow chart, piece by piece, where it went. Once you warm up your blood and start sweating, and you have no distractions around you, you could focus on the job faster. When I checked the fans in the stores they all had bushings instead of bearings except for the ceiling fans.

Even though we’re living in a 2 storey concrete house with tin roof, we almost never need to run them faster than level 2 to achieve a decent air circulation in the room.
I did not notice an increase in power consumption after switching to ceiling fans, perhaps because they’re most times operating on slow speed.
We do agree that having a conventional fan blowing directly on you can be annoying compared to the overall, more gentle circulation of a ceiling fan. James, I have heard other foreigners talk about whole house fans for the Philippines but I’ve never seen them in stores here.
The higher speed will give more air, and a higher consumption, but as long as the motor isn’t overloaded, its not a problem.
Hi Bob, its always worth planning for the bedrooms to be on the East facing walls, then the sun wakes you up but leaves the room at noontime.
Hope you and Carol have a nice Christmas in your new home, best wishes for the new year and may your vegetables Flourish. Bob, I find it admirable that you are making a strong attempt to live with out air conditioning.
December is the best month for sleeping in the Philippines, at least in our region, and I usually don’t even need any fans during the day now. Hi Dave, before we moved into our house we were in a very nice apartment, but it was so hot we had to use aircon in our bedroom almost every night. The glass base plate is held with chrome finished screws which gives the fan a more modern appearance. It operates smoothly and quietly, making it a fine addition to your bedroom that will help you sleep better. Using the calculator on the Hansen website, our 80 watt fan will cost about 75 centavos per hour or about nine pesos per day or P3285 per year running twelve hours per day. Supplementary fans are much more effective at circulating the cool air than are the fans in the air conditioning units. I had to do some minor modifications, in how to mount them, with a good drill, I sized 2 holes in the front to mount the switch knob and once finish, the fans were back in business. That was tedious and hazardous job, while having my 3 year old running around and asking ” Daddy was s That”?
It looks like the manufacturers are willing to spend the extra dollar a sealed bearing costs them in a ceiling fan.

After a stand fan failure which almost ended in a fire in the sleeping room at night, we went to Citi Hardware and bought three Westinghouse 52″ ceiling fans. The Purple is the lowest strength incase you ever need to remove the blades or other mounting hardware and the blue is what they use to secure oil drain plugs on cars.
In a motor, the magnetic field is switched 50 or 60 times a second, but it make no difference in normal soft-iron motore, as they can deal with it.
We did install an air con in our bedroom, however, this past April, as I just couldn’t take the heat anymore. This glass bottom is attached to the motor housing and regardless of whether the customer has a light or not the glass plate is always present. The fan’s brushed-nickel finish adds a rich, traditional touch of style, and the high-performance motor and WobbleFree canopy provide optimal balance and a whisper-quiet performance. You can fix it if you have aircond in the house and this fan will rotate slower then conventional one and is not effective. One of them is a beautiful looking one called Eurostyle (Php 5700), the two others were a bit cheaper (Php 5200). Our little one (3 mos.) has a hard time sleeping well at night, which is at least partially caused by the warmth. However if a light fitting is desired, customers can add a light assembly which can be inserted between the glass plate and upper half of the motor housing.
The motors have no oil holes so I had to disassemble them to add oil to the reservoirs around the bushings. I often got a stiff neck while working in front of my computer while the fan blows towards me. And I guess my work will turn out to be much more efficient than last summer with some decent cooling in the room.
The Eurostyle is whispering silent, even in highspeed there is no motor noise at all, just the wind noise from the fan blades, which turns out to be soothing when going to sleep. I am also sure that my electric bill would be high but its a luxury I think I would avail myself with.

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