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For slopes over 33 degrees but under 45 degrees, use the sloped ceiling adaptor (sold separately). Before you start questioning my knack for keeping up with the latest styles and trends, you'll need to re-think your ideas on tie-dye.
The Ball ceiling fan by the Modern Fan Company is a clear expression of The Modern Fan Co.'s roots, derived from a minimalist approach to ceiling fan design.
While tie-dye used to conjure up images of brightly colored bursts on white tees (like the kind you made at the after-school program in elementary school) and is generally linked to hippie attire and reserved for those still stuck in the 60's and 70's (in both mindset and style), tie-dye as of late has gotten a modern make-over. A perfect sphere provides visual simplicity while housing all the components required for exceptional air movement.Modern Fans can keep you comfortable while helping to reduce energy consumption in several ways. The Ball ceiling fan represents a return to the Company's roots deriving from a minimalist approach to ceiling fan design.
Using an edgier or more wearable color palette, as well as differing patterns and shapes, modern day tie-dye is now more chic and stylish than tacky and dated.

Doshi Levien's Paper Planes line of reading chairs are designed to help you do just that -- they're contemporary like the bulk of their esteemed furniture projects, and their asymmetrical shape was actually crafted specifically for comfort, making the chair as sophisticatedly practical as dad's leather LA-Z-BOY, just more smooth and sleek and effortlessly less burly.
This hugger configuration of our popular Ball fan is an improved solution for use in low-ceiling environments.
In forward mode, the blades turn clockwise and air blows down, creating a breeze and a cooling effect. A perfect sphere provides visual simplicity while houseing all of the components required for exceeding the EPA's EnergyStar guidelines for air movement effeciency. The teardrop shape makes a graceful transition from the fan to the ceiling conveying a sense of fluidity and connectedness to the space.
In reverse, the blades turn counterclockwise, pulling room air up and causing warm ceiling air to be gently pushed down, reducing winter heating costs.The blades are pitched at 12 degrees to circulate the greatest amount of air without creating excessive noise. The Ball fan is exactly what a good ceiling fan should be: it is efficient, quiet, unobtrusive and it looks super cool too.

The Ball fan is available with options for direct or ambient lighting and in a gloss white or brushed aluminum finish.Special!
The Ball Hugger fan is available with options for direct or ambient lighting and in a gloss white or brushed aluminum finish.Special! In many cases, air conditioning can be turned off entirely, with a Modern Fan using less electricity than a standard light bulb.Additional reductions and savings are gained in cooler seasons when Modern Fans are used to re-circulate heated air that would otherwise remain trapped or stratified near the ceiling. The new, made-over tie-dye designs are youthful, versatile and totally fashionable and soon, over-sized rainbow tie-dye shirts will just be a thing of fashion-faux-pas nightmares.

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