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Our crawl space vents allow for positive airflow year round to help protect your crawlspace from mold and moisture issues.
Our crawl space vents are manufactured from high-grade materials and precision-engineered for a long service life beneath your home.
Vents which extend more than twelve inches above the roof should be watched for frost closure problems.
After enough seasons, conventional shingles have literally been worn down to the core.Standing seam metal roofs are a completely different animal. Pushes onto numerous wheels or blades including those blades which fit on a flat-sided shaft. 50cfm bathroom exhaust fan motor for the V2270-50 and V2280-50 bath fans with side exhaust. 75cfm 120V bathroom exhaust fan motor for the V2270-75 and V2280-75 bath fans with side exhaust.
Next time your forced-air gas furnace acts up, perhaps one of these basic troubleshooting tips will save you a service call.
Please remember that this information is just a guide and in no way do we claim fault or liability if it doesn't work for you. When problems arise, knowing how your gas furnace functions will help you determine what the problem may be. Many of the newer furnaces will practically tell you what's wrong by locating a diagnostic code which is simply a flashing light. If your furnace is still under warranty, you'll want to get the blend-air (also called Fresh Air Fan) unit fixed as soon as possible or your warranty could be voided.
If your furnace runs fine but constantly runs many short heating cycles instead of an occasionally long (normal) one, then you need to make an adjustment inside the thermostat on the wall.
For optimum performance and safety of your furnace, you should never guess at the anticipator settings. First determine if you have a standing pilot furnace or a furnace with an electronic ignition.
You're probably wondering why it takes longer for a gas valve to close with a good thermocoupler and a clean pilot light? A thermocoupler only costs a few dollars and is available anywhere including stores like Walmart. Since thermocouplers are so inexpensive, replacing it and cleaning the pilot light should always go hand in hand. 4) Transformer.A transformer converts the 110 volt power coming into your furnace to 24 volts for use by certain parts including the thermostat.
Using a voltage meter, first check that the transformer is receiving 110-120 volts on the 'line' side.
C) If the ignitor comes on and the burners still don't light, then replace the flame sensor and check that the orifice to the burner is clear.
D) If the burners still don't light, then you may have a problem with the centrifugal switch, ignition control or gas valve. Probably the only way you'll know whether or not you have a problem with the centrifugal switch is because the ignition control (circuit panel) is flashing you a code telling you that the switch is either stuck open or stuck close.
For the most part the blower assembly contains four parts -- the blower wheel & it's housing, the blower motor, the fan capacitor and the temperature control switches.
Servicing the blower assembly basically means oiling the motor and cleaning the dirt out of the blower wheel and housing.
To oil, place 1-4 drops of 3in1 SAE 20 motor oil (found in the blue and white can) into each oil port.
When the heat exchanger gets hot from the burners, either the fan control, limit switch or upper limit switch will tell the blower to turn on at a 'pre-set' temperature.
If your blower isn't functioning properly, a possible cause is one of the above temperature switches. If your blower does not turn on, first look through the viewing hole above the gas valve and see if the burners have lit. In determining why your blower doesn't come on, first check to see that the problem isn't in the blower motor itself. If the blower does run when you move the fan switch to 'manual' or 'on', then the problem most likely is a faulty temperature switch.
If the blower does not shut off, shuts off too soon, or not soon enough because it blows cold air at the end of the heating cycle, then the problem is most likely a bad temperature control switch. If your blower does not shut off and it's not blowing cold air, then that means the burner is still lit.
One of the main causes of carbon monoxide in your home is a bad heat exchanger in your furnace.
The second way to check for a possible bad heat exchanger is to simply watch the flame from your burner. If you believe you have a problem with your heat exchanger, your furnace should be shut down (red tagged) and a service technician called immediately. Box-type filters generally have an arrow somewhere along the edge that indicates the direction of air flow through the filter.
If you have a more specific question or need further help, please post your question to our forum. With numerous styles and colors to choose from, there’s a perfect crawl space vent for your needs in our Sunvent Industries catalog. Install top-quality crawl space vents from Sunvent Industries and see the difference a secure and moisture-free crawl space can make for your home-ownership.

Few other choices were available, and if you wanted a different roofing material, you had better be prepared to pay big bucks for it.Not long ago, standing seam metal roofs were only a figment of the imagination in the minds of average homeowners. Not only is the type of material different but the size and shape of the material and its installation method are different, too. Use this article to help maintain and troubleshoot your furnace, but we recommend calling a qualified technician to perform any repair. If your furnace has a pilot light that's lit all the time, then you have a standing pilot furnace. Trying several times to light the pilot should eventually purge the air and allow the pilot to light. If the thermostat is set right and your pilot still won't light, you could have a problem with the thermocoupler or a dirty pilot light (or both).
Listen to the gas valve and count the seconds until you hear a click telling you that the gas valve has closed. If you hear a click in 25 seconds or less, replace the thermocoupler and clean the pilot light. That's because if everything is working properly, the thermocoupler will be hot which takes longer to cool down and signal the gas valve to close. Thermocouplers come in various lengths and length is not important in how it functions as long as it reaches from the gas valve to the pilot light. When you locate the transformer, the connections that say 'line' are for the incoming 110 volts. Neither fix is cheap and at this point you may want a qualified technician to examine your furnace. The code is telling you that either the switch is defective or there's a problem with the combustion air blower. Some blowers are belt-driven meaning there's a belt between the motor and blower, although this type of set-up is rare in a manufactured home furnace. Names for these switches, which vary from furnace to furnace, are called fan control, limit switch, upper limit switch or lower limit switch. When the burners are no longer lit because the call for heat by the thermostat has been met, then either the fan control, limit switch or lower limit switch will tell the blower to stop once the temperature inside the heat exchanger has cooled to a 'pre-set' temperature.
Do keep in mind that transformers, thermostats, fan relays, circuit boards and capacitors also affect how a blower functions and you could have a possible problem with one or several of these components. This is easily tested by moving the fan switch on your thermostat from 'auto' to 'manual' or 'on'.
With holes in your heat exchanger, instead of the carbon monoxide going up the chimney, it's coming in your home.
If your home has a split-unit air conditioner, you will find an A-coil inside your furnace either above or below your blower. The proper ventilation of a crawl space diminishes the accumulation of mold and moisture that can wreak havoc on the wood and insulation under a home. In other cases, where the vent is extended to carry odors up past a window, it may be necessary to use a larger diameter vent. If there's a problem with the blend-air unit, a red light will flash and you may hear a beep. You may also be able to get the anticipator settings by looking at the gas valve for the amp setting. If the pilot remains lit, turn the knob to 'on' If pilot goes out, wait 5 minutes and repeat steps c thru e.
NOTE: Always wait 5 minutes before trying to relight a pilot to allow all residual gas to dissipate. First be sure that the thermocoupler hasn't slipped or shifted and not getting the full flame from the pilot light. Gas valves are expensive so be sure you've exhausted all the above sources before replacing. In some cases this type of ignition may create a spark to light a pilot and then behave like a standing pilot furnace as talked about above. Second, it continues to blow through to the flue to assist in the natural draft of the burned gas by-products. In many manufactured home furnaces, the centrifugal switch is located inside the combustion air blower. If you have a belt-drive system, then maintenance should include inspecting the belt for wear and proper tension.
Also remember that the burner ignites (comes ON) before the blower starts and extinguishes (goes OFF) before the blower shuts off. Calling a competent technician is always the most recommended way to troubleshoot your furnace problem. But for the most part the temperature control switches are non-adjustable and are to be replaced if found faulty.
If you are a qualified technician, click here to view a PDF file from Coleman with details on doing a visual inspection and replacement. Even though you may not be running your air conditioner, air from the blower still needs to pass through the A-coil to heat your home.
A frost closure problem can usually be solved temporarily by pouring a kettle full of just boiled water down the vent from the top.Because the venting piping carries mostly air, leakage is typically not an issue, however the above roof vent pipes do collect rain water and could leak into the attic or wall.
Generally if you do hear this unit beeping or see the red light flashing, it's not a life-threatening warning and you will be OK to run your furnace until you can get it repaired.
On a side note, leaving your pilot lit all year long is a good idea as it helps keep out condensation preventing rust.

If that's not the problem, then replace the thermocoupler and check that the pilot light is clear of any debri.
In fact, looking for the words 'line' and 'load' is one way to help locate the transformer inside your furnace. If the blower doesn't start, then the problem could be a fuse inside the furnace, a loose connection or a bad blower motor. If your furnace shuts off when you turn the thermostat to off, a possible cause is a malfunctioning thermostat and replacing it should fix your problem. The problem of not shutting off could be anything from a short in the thermostat wires to a bad gas valve so its best to let a qualified technician troubleshoot and repair. Remember, the pics in this PDF file are of a Coleman unit and those instructions are for THAT Coleman unit. If your A-coil is dirty, your blower will have to work harder and you will be getting less air into your ductwork. Between the panels are seams connected by fasteners which are raised above the level of the metal roofing.
Of course not all transformers say 'line' and 'load' so learn what yours looks like before testing. Once you've been diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning, it can literally take months to rid it from your body and you'll feel sick the whole time.
If the flame of the burners start dancing when the blower kicks on, that's a sign that you may have a bad heat exchanger as the blower is pushing air into it. One problem with asphalt is that, being derived from petroleum, prices of the shingles do vary.
This is where we get the term standing seam, because the seam is raised or standing, as opposed to flush-mounted.
They will (if not previously removed) have a plastic plug in the holes (usually yellow or blue).
The best way to protect yourself from carbon monoxide is to install a carbon monoxide alarm. Air from the blower should only flow over the heat exchanger -- picking up the heat and cycling it into the home (hence the term heat exchanger). Another thing: if you have ever cleaned out your gutters (assuming you have asphalt shingles), you know quite well how these shingles have a propensity to slough off the upper mineral-based surface.
Count how many times the light is flashing in sequence and look up the diagnostic code in the furnace's manual. A lot of times, if still legible, the fan label will say if it's self-lubricated (meaning sealed with no oil ports).
If leakage occurs here, the water may run down the outside of the vent stack, and appear near a plumbing fixture in the house. Because these fasteners are concealed, you only see a smooth continuous ridge extending from top to bottom. It is possible to look for a long time for intermittent leaks in the waste plumbing system which do not exist.
For instance, on some furnaces if your code flashes 3 times that means you have a bad centrifugal switch.
By paying careful attention to when the leak occurs, it may be found that the apparent plumbing leakage occurs only during or after a rain.When a lower level bathroom is added to a home, it is difficult to run a vent pipe up through the house and roof. The diagnostic code is different with all furnaces, so be sure your looking at the chart for yours. With the exception of floor drains under some circumstances, all fixtures should be vented.As a rough rule, any fixture within five feet of the main stack does not need a separate vent. If you have an older furnace with a pilot light, most likely it won't have any type of flashing diagnostic code system. Where fixtures are more than five feet from the main stack and do require a separate vent, the vent must extend above every other fixture in the house.
Site-formed panels are created from rolls of metal that are run through mobile forming machines which crimp the metal into rigid panels. Mechanical devices which simulate conventional venting are available, although not approved by many plumbing authorities. It is, therefore, possible for a house to have several bathrooms, and only one vent stack going up through the roof.Typically improper venting results in a siphoning or gurgling noise when water is drained out of a sink or tub. These devices, known as automatic air vents or air admittance valves (AAV), are essentially vacuum valves which allow air to be drawn into the waste plumbing system when negative pressure exists, but prevent any air escaping from the plumbing system under positive pressure. These devices provide a low cost alternative to conventional venting for all fixtures except toilets. The warm moist air passes up through the vent, and the air is cooled as it contacts the cold walls of the outdoor section of the vent pipe.
In a prolonged spell of cold weather, this frost can build up to a point where it closes off the top of the vent. Vents should be at least three inches in diameter where they penetrate the roof system in order to avoid frost closure.

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