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Price SPDLT Series low temperature square plaque diffuser is designed to distribute low temperature supply air to spaces that need to satisfy both architectural appeal and air distribution performance criteria. The good horizontal air pattern and rapid mixing of the Price Series SPDLT ensure comfort is maintained in the occupied space with low temperature supply air.
In addition to providing superb air distribution, the tapered air nozzles of the IC are configured to optimize acoustical performance and low pressure drop. The upstream side of the square plaque is thermally lined to prevent condensation forming on the face of the plaque. The founding principles of Price have never changed – business integrity, first-class service, innovation and a commitment to people. The simple, clean and unobstructive face design is intended to blend in with most ceiling systems. The SPDLT Series incorporates an Induction Chamber (IC), which is designed to deliver high velocity thin air jets through tapered metal discharge slots.

Hot and unventilated air can have numerous consequences; in some cases it's uncomfortable and leads to decreased customer satisfaction and employee productivity, and in others it can be extremely unsafe.
Fans offered by us feature high air exchange efficiency, quiet operation, Ensuring efficient air exchange in each room. The tapered slots efficiently convert static pressure to velocity pressure, causing a high rate of induction of room air and rapid mixing of the low temperature air. The plaque face is sturdily suspended by four heavy gauge metal legs that lock into the diffuser backpan.
You could potentially be dealing with costly worker's compensation claims or even damaged equipment due to heat and condensation from humidity. The thin air jets wash across the aerodynamically shaped face of the diffuser backpan in concert with the plaque face, resulting in a tight horizontal air pattern even at reduced flow conditions.
The 4-way directional air pattern combined with the high velocity from the discharge slots also ensures sufficient throw is maintained at low flow conditions.

The airfoil deflectors are completely adjustable and can be adjusted for a two directional or one directional setup, allowing better use of the airflow depending on your cooling needs.
In fact, just one of the directional ceiling fans can replace four large single-speed panel-aisle fans or eight 36" basket fans while using only half of the power during its operation.
SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your facility's exact needs before the design process begins.

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