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Be sure to shut the power off first and remove the existing fan or lighting fixture, whatever is currently there that you are replacing.Before you handle the wires, use a multimeter to ensure the voltage is zero and not amperage.
This fan offers 3-speed reversible operation to help you easily select the desired speed and direction. White Ceiling Fan 8 answers am I able to purchase an extended warranty on the hampton by ceiling fan 42"s? Someone bought this fan for me, but I need to add an extender rod (24 inches) so it will fit. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan 1 answer This ceiling fan can putted on the covered porch or not??

This is an excellent diagram for referencing, when you are performing installation of your ceiling fan.
For best results, you can also refer to the manual that came with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan.
The ceiling fan features a light kit for convenient lighting and provides an airflow rate of up to 3,129 CFM for powerful performance. These screws and joists can differ from fan to fan, but for the most part, the diagram at left is very accurate of most typical ceiling fan installations.Once you have ascertained there is no power running, install the mounting bracket (tightly) and make sure it is sturdy. The fan's five blades are reversible so you can customize the look to complement your decor.

As well as that, we have a slew of help guides which can assist with most problems you are having. Look on the right side at technical troubleshooting manuals which can help with the issue you're having, or use the contact page to reach us. If you need more help connecting the wires, refer to the "Wiring Guide by Wiring Colors" help guide.

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