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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. There are 2 wall switches dedicated to operate lights and fan independently and that's how I would like it to be. I managed to trace the wire that goes to the light kit, and spliced it directly with the red wire going to the wall switch.
The wire I spliced was connected to blue wire coming from the black square box - that box has no antenna though, so I guess it's not the remote unit. Edit2: U shaped brown box is definitely a remote unit and the square pigtail connector looks awfully familiar to older type of fan remote units.
Sleeve going town towards the motor also has white and black braided wires, which are light kit wires. So with just 3 wires (and no apparent white neutral) to the motor, does it seem like a regular motor wiring would be? Edit: I should have mentioned that when wired through a 3 speed wall fan control, it effectively gives the fan 18 speeds. I couldn't find instructions online for the Harbor Breeze fan, but the instructions for the Hampton Bay fan show one hot, one neutral and one ground connected. I'm not sure whether it's the DC motor or the built-in whether-you-want-it-or-not remote, but you apparently can't control the motor and light independently with wall controls on either of these fans. I'm ambivalent on the subject of remotes, but I clearly hear your dislike for them and your clear reasons for that dislike. On 54" fan I have light working independently as it was easy to figure out which wire was going to the light kit. I also found a place to get reverse switches that can be added on the case, but it really isn't the most important thing as I am not planning to use fans in the winter.
Not helpful but from what I found it is probably brushless DC motor that has permanent magnets in the rotor and coils in the stator that are controlled by microprocessors. If that huge open area is roughly the size of a hayloft, then that fan may be the right size for it.

9 vs 5 vs 4 blades apart, efficiency beats all the odds as both fans are above Energy Star ratings. When shopping for a ceiling fan light fixture, we highly recommend that you purchase a fixture that is the same brand as your fan. We will not accept returns for individually purchased light fixtures and are not responsible for knowing whether or not any fixture will fit onto or match the finish of your fan. ANSWER: Sorry for the confusion regarding the Kichler Arkwright fans, we did have some errors which I have now fixed. ANSWER: Yes, the 30" Kichler Canfield fans come with a flush mount adapter in the box which allows it to be installed without the included downrod. I don't care if the fans end up running just 1 way and have 3 speeds from proper wall fan control switches. I got Harbor Breeze Helicopter Slinger and Hampton Bay Winfield - not sure if I should post links here, but they are easily googleable at 2 big name stores.
It makes me believe that fan could be wired so it bypasses the remote unit and I still get my 3 speeds. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, for two fans the same diameter, a 4-blade fan is more efficient than a 5-blade fan. Fan wire is hooked up to the wall fan control unit (standard 3 speed) but once it's turned off, to make it run a remote has to be used. I recall seeing something about inner and outer windings and L1, L2, N1 or so designations. Without neutral and motor likely grounding through the case, I am betting that combinations of them 3 wires result in 6 different speeds. When you kill it with the wall switch and then turn the switch on, remote has to be used to make it run. Wiring it in any manner other than the manner specified in the installation instructions will almost certainly void the warranty and leave you with no basis for a claim for, say, replacement.
Of course your standard 3 speed wall fan control unit Guarantees the exact same thing, but the fan wasn't designed or built to work with that.

The bottom line is, the Kichler Arkwright fans come without blades or lights so you can pick and choose whichever combination suites your taste. But, both fans have just something like 16-2 (black, white, neutral) pigtails and come with remote controls that I have always hated and have no plans to use them.
Since it sounds like the other fan wires the same way, my guess is that they have rectifiers built into them. I think you would do best to return those two fans and buy two others that are the right sizes and that can be controlled the way you would like.
Fans that accept universal light fixtures have a removable bottom cap with a threaded hole in the center similar to the fan picture on the left. We named them "Plywood" or "Polycarbonate" only to differentiate between what is shown in the pictures. Both Hunter and Casablanca (a Hunter brand) start their fan selection process by asking about the size of the room the fan will be in. But you can get any of the motor finishes with any of the blades (size, material or finish) with or without a light. They may or may not make fans you like, in terms of appearance, but going through that process is an easy way of learning what size and type of fan should work best. If you have a fan that already has a light fixture, you must be certain that you can remove the existing light fixture from this screw hole and that the light kit is not actually built into the entire bottom cap of the fan. The pictures and model numbers we created are just a few examples of the possible combinations. Also, you must be aware that finishes between brands will vary, even if they have the same finish name and description, so if you are picky about things matching perfectly, you will need to make sure you only buy a fixture made by the same brand as your fan.

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