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For patients who need medical marijuana, the progress of LED grow lights has been closely watched. Some claim the LED grow light technology may finally put the cultivation of a few marijuana plants within reach of anybody who has a few extra bucks and a spare closet.
On paper, LED grow lights seem to outperform HPS grow lights (the current standard for growing marijuana) in almost every way. For one, LEDs use significantly less electricity than HPS bulbs, plus they only give off a fraction of the heat. In contrast with HPS lights, LED lights do not require the installation of expensive ducting or a ventilation system to control the heat. In fact, according to the manufacturers’ specifications, most LED lights can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet and turned on immediately in any small space, with no worries about uncontrollable temperature changes. Ok, I see they ran the Pro Grow 400X in this experiment but what other LEDs did they use and what were their results? LED grow lighting is a type of Solid State Lighting, as are light– emitting polymers and organic light–emitting diodes. LED lights today can cover every part of the the spectrum, which basically means they more closely emulate the sun than any other type of lighting. When shopping for LED lighting, immediately ignore anyone who doesn’t tell you actual wattage and what part of the spectrum the light covers. If you consume only edibles, the amount of bud it takes to keep a steady level of medicine decreases. Anyone who can grow other plants will have no problem growing medicine as potent as top shelf, gram for gram, for a fraction of what recreational or even medical marijuana sells for. Of course the professionals with 1000W sodium bulbs and hydroponic systems can grow some incredible herb.
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Is it only me or does it look as if like a few of the remarks appear like they are coming from brain dead folks? Au cours des dernieres annees, le taux de LED de penetration elevent la lumiere pour augmenter la valeur de sortie de la LED mondial elevent la lumiere a commence a croitre rapidement en 2013, bien que la valeur de l’echelle que dix millions de dollars, mais il devrait depasser les 35 millions de dollars de 2014 et de plus de defis plus de 300 millions de dollars en 2017. Beaucoup de villes au Japon construit la plus grande usine de legumes de LED au monde qui peut produire chaque jour 10 000 laitue. 2, a la fois dans la soiree ou la nuit, peuvent effectivement se prolonger et le controle de la science vegetale necessaire de lumiere. 4, resoudre completement le stade plantule pour voir les conditions meteorologiques, en pleine conformite avec les recrues et d’organiser le temps de livraison. Shenzhen LISIDA has announced the ultraviolet (UV) Optan UVC LED family that will span peak wavelengths ranging from 250 to 280 nm in what is known as the UV-C spectral band. As we covered in our feature on some of the talks at the Strategies in Light conference back in February, there are many potential applications for UV LEDs with life-science applications especially prevalent in the UV-C band. There are a number of companies exploring different avenues to better UV-C performance, and the Crystal IS approach centers on the use of a native substrate.
Shenzhen LISIDA manufactures the AlN substrates and those wafers are far more expensive than sapphire wafers. The company has also used other techniques from the visible LED sector to maximize photon extraction. Venugopalan, however, also said wall plug efficiency isn’t so important in most target applications as opposed to how the LED source compares to legacy lamps. In an application that requires a narrow-band source, a UV LED light engine might consume only 1W. Shenzhen LISIDA expects that the Optan LEDs will find immediate usage in application such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for chemical detection, spectrometers used across life sciences, and water quality monitors. Shenzhen LISIDA is also working on a surface-mount UV-C LED family that will feature a wider beam angle and enable applications such as water purification. For more details on the UV LED market, see our feature on the UV technology sector published back in 2012. It is reported that  GSF has invested millions of dollars to transform and update their equipment and indoor growing space that is more than 28,000 cubic meters. GSF is committed to the construction of the farm in the university campus , hospitals and military bases and other personnel -intensive organizations in future to reduce the amount of food transport mileage of these institutions so that provide more fresh food for them.
LED grow lighting factory can accurately control environment within the plant where the plant almost freely grow without the constraints of natural conditions  to accelerate the growth cycle for the early harvest.
Zhao Lihua, Minister of Fifteenth China ( Shouguang ) International Vegetable Science and Technology Expo exhibition, told  reporters that photovoltaic ecological agriculture greenhouses in LED grow lighting factory are known as insulation, dust-proof , anti- rain, anti- snow , etc., which is conducive to the formation of plant morphology , fruit coloring and vitamin synthesis, promoting crop’s early harvest , improving quality and increasing production. The 15th China ( Shouguang ) International Vegetable Science and Technology Fair will be opened in Shouguang International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 20 2014 . The best ratio of LED grow light fits different plants growing in different time,of which the wavelength and the brightness is not only the same for sprout and leaves , but is also divided into different color and automatically controlled by the program to give different light .
The LED grow light has been  enjoying a great popularity in Plant Factory of Japan, Hong Kong where some of the vacant plant is utilized to grow vegetables and fruits . Panasonic vegetable plant using LED grow light  in Fukushima plant was officially opened on March 17 2014, which can achieve 1380 Nissan vegetables in 1600 square meters factory, these vegetables will be sold in local supermarkets, This is the first implementation of Panasonic industrialized vegetable production . Vegetable plants use the original digital camera production plant as a production place , which are completely sealed and use the LED grow light, the greenhouse area is ??840 square meters with mainly lettuce crop varieties , including pickled vegetables , spinach and other 16 varieties of vegetables,also including lettuce specialized supplied for the sustain the lives of patients on dialysis potassium consumption. Vegetable plants will be further improved by heating, cooling and LED grow light control technology to improve crop quality and yield. Philips has a wealth of technical experience has a huge performance over the world, the company’s LED grow light also has excellent dustproof and waterproof performance, and ensure PPFD required by perilla cultivation ( photosynthetic photon flux density ) , therefore , Toyama decided to use the LED grow light.
New LED Flood Light And New Moon Light Come into the MarketIn last week, lead opto technology co., ltd launched two new led lights.
LED flood light CL4 adopts curved surface design,which totally breaks the traditional square appearance of led flood light.The curved surface design style redefines aesthetic concept, which brings a refreshing feeling to consumers. For body materials, the light shell adopts ADC 12 aluminum die casting and spray the powder surface processing craft makes the light appearance more delicate(silver cover matches black radiator). The biggest advantage of led flood light CL4 is that its fixed support of lamp body can be rotated at 360 degrees so as to adjust the light at any degree. Firstly, the connection of lamp cap and holder adopts pluggable design, easy to install and convenient for changing light components. Secondly, rotary LED lamp holder design enables the installed lamp cap to rotate at less than 350 degrees, which makes the new moon light can be used in many other lighting places.

And finally, the new moon light can be directly fixed with screws on walls, easy to install. It is sure that these new led lights can make your life brighter and beautify your life space. Nearly all LED grow lights are good for 50,000 hours of light before they go out which is 6 solid  years! Many companies took advantage of the consumer’s lack of understanding how LED grow lights  really work and they used misleading market tactics to bring in sales. Hopefully by the end you will be better educated and be able to avoid those misleading companies and their dirty tactics. With any other grow lights system you will need to replace your grow bulbs after one year of use. It’s important to remember that although LED grow lights are much cooler than others they can still produce enough heat to cause an issue, depending on your growing situation. Don’t just assume because you choose an LED grow light that you will have zero heat problems. Many companies will try to use this fact to their advantage and claim that a 90 watt UFO LED light will replace one 400 watt HPS grow light which is simply not true. The reason they attempt to make such claims is because LED grow lights tend to be twice as efficient as other grow lamps based on the colors they emit.
However no matter how many proper colors you have in your light, this does not mean proper colors will beat higher intensity.
I highly recommend LED for all types of growers.Obviously they are more expensive than other lighting resources however remember they will last for six years. Be sure to purchase LED Grow Lights with at least a 3 Year Warranty, if the LED company doesn’t offer this; be very weary of purchasing the unit.
We are continuing to do more LED grow lights research and so far have found three lights that produce quality results. Be sure to come back often to see us separate the facts from the fiction in the LED grow lights world! We understand every one of our customers has different aspirations for their Hydroponic garden, varying levels of in-house resources, priorities, budgets, knowledge and therefore different support needs.
A wealth of information is available on the internet on every area of Hydroponics and indoor Gardening including, Grow Room Design, Equipment Selection,  Building, Harvest Cultivation, Indoor Pests Elimination and Pests Prevention. The unfortunate part of the equation is that much of the Hydroponics Gardening information you find on the Internet may not be entirely accurate, unbiased or simply isn’t true. Since there seem to be more Hydroponics Garden sites than real experts, you need to be careful where the reliability of internet information is concerning Hydroponics Gardening. The Hydroponics Garden information we’re sharing here comes from 25 years of combined experience acquired from trials and revelations not only from our own Indoor Hydroponics Gardens but also from helping our clients build successful Indoor Hydroponics gardens. Green Joint Venture is a family owned and operated Indoor Hydroponics Garden Supplies  business that has been providing A to Z Indoor Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening Solutions to residents in Beautiful Salinas in Monterey County, CA since 2006.
We can assist in identifying and resolving any issue you may encounter in every area of your Hydroponics Garden including, Grow Room Design, Building and Cultivation.
Grow Room Design – We can help design your grow space for maximum operational efficiency and flexibility. Cultivation – You can have the best, state-of-the-art grow room and plant nutrient program in the world, yet still produce only mediocre results if you choose the wrong strain for your expectations or growing style. Our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly professionals’ will help you solve any Hydroponics or indoor grow garden issues you may run into…Especially Those Emergency, Hydro Garden Pests Questions. We take pride on the information we provide on our website because this website is an extension of our local store and the reputation we have built for the last 6 years servicing our local grower community. We’d like to hear about the issues and challenges you struggle with and have an opportunity to present our proven solutions. We provide hydroponics expert phone consultations, support and classes.  Our phone consultation’s are free of any cost or obligation.
As increasingly more farmers opting for lights for indoor developing grow, there has been several new items launched in the marketplace.
Farmers also have to be mindful that when the temperature supply from conventional full spectrum LED grow lights continues to be eliminated evaporation is (nearly) eliminated aswell. If you’re contemplating utilizing full spectrum LED grow light, there are numerous uses where they are able to gain you. 225 Hydroponic Led Grow Light Panel Blue + Red 14 Watt Vegetable Grow Lights Lamp The lumen of each LED is better and more effective. LED Grow Lights, LED hydroponics lights, LED seeding grow lights, UFO LED plant grow lights, LED plant grow lights, LED grow spot light, LED grow lights panel.
They can argue about almost anything relating to weed cultivation, and that certainly includes the lights used for indoor growing. The lights, which promise greater energy efficiency and lower heat than their high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide cousins, have gained increasing visibility in the cannabis community. More efficient than nearly any other type of artificial light, these diodes were too weak to be a contender for growing plants until recently. Within the last few years, many LED grow light systems have sprung up on the market for indoor gardeners. The two of them recently released a review and case study of their attempts at growing marijuana with LED grow lights. I was growing for me on a small scale but I could see huge electrical savings for a commercial operation,,and the no heat signature,no extra wiring and low electric bills is pretty stealth.
I simply want to give you a big thumbs up for thhe excellent information you’ve got herre on this post. The company manufactures the LEDs based on native aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates and the resulting decrease in defect density will enable the LEDs to displace UV sources such as deuterium and xenon flash lamps in a variety of life science applications. Unfortunately, the efficiency of UV LEDs is limited by the amount of aluminum that is required especially at the shorter UV-C wavelengths. The strategy mirrors that taken by Soraa in the visible-light LED sector with gallium-nitride-on -gallium-nitride (GaN-on-GaN) LEDs.
Venugopalan said the company has used roughened or patterned substrates and thinning of the substrate. He said a typical deuterium or xenon lamp used in an application such as a spectrometer would consume 35W. The Optan LEDs come in a TO-39 package that is widely used for discrete semiconductor components. The company will equip with 14 planting tower whose height is 7.62 m in two controlled environment growth chamber and adopt Philips energy-efficient LED grow lights to grow certain crops. Moreover ,the size of multilayer cultivation frame in the LED grow lighting factory is several times more than the open farmland with the same area , plus its large planting density , and therefore the production can reach even tens or hundreds of times more than that produced by conventional cultivation, greatly improving the utilization of space. In addition , LED grow lighting factory is the system equipment to provide a suitable environment for the growth of the plant, which is a highly intensive technology internationally recognized as the most advanced agricultural facility and the new mode of production constraint which is not or little affected by the natural conditions, which represents the future direction of agricultural development . Because the environment can be freely controlled in plant factory , carbon dioxide in cultural environment can be greatly increased, so that the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants is increased , the formation and accumulation of nutrients in plant biomass are times more than that of conventional cultivation.

The generated electricity can be used to support the daily operation of agricultural equipment shed , but also to the grid .
These fruits and vegetables are pile up layer by layer thanks to the required illumination provided by artificial LED grow light . Establishment of vegetable plants as Japan’s advanced agricultural systems industrialization demonstration project access to the Japanese Sankei province 160 million subsidies.
The plant factory is scheduled to start on April 2014 , the goal is to use the cultivated area of about 800 square meters to production of about 200,000 perilla year. The project aims to take advantage of the hot springs and solar power and other renewable energy nd use the LED grow light to d build artificial plant factory aging, and carry out marketing business from the production ( Section an industry ) , processing ( secondary industry ) to circulation sales ( tertiary sector ) in an integrated manner , creating new local products .
According to reports , the use of the LED grow light whose wavelength is most appropriate for plant growth contains infrared LED lighting , the harvest can reach more 2 times than that of Hf fluorescent lamps when consuming the same energy.
Larger heat radiating area, great heat dissipation effect, low temperature rise control, and longer lamp lifespan.
This panel light’s appearance is like the new moon that is very beautiful and suitable for decoration in living room, bedroom, entrance hall, corridor and table.
As mentioned, Nearly all LED grow lights are good for 50,000 hours of light before they go out which is 6 solid  years! Whether it’s the sun, HID, T5 or any other lighting source, your plants will grow however certain grow lights will produce better results. This is why LED lights are a big advantage because they provide specific colors that our garden needs to grow vigorous. We also know that we must go beyond the standard website service in order for us to get and keep your business. We want to help your hydro gardens grow, flourish, and produce harvests that will feed your families and reduce your dependence on other sources. We have the knowledge and experience to design a large grow warehouse, room, closet or simply help you fine-tune an existing Hydroponics Garden plan.
We begin with controlling your electrical usage; it also involves a combination of equipment, Grow Lights and air movement to maximize your return from every harvest. The most important factor in the success of your indoor crop is the genetics, or strain, of their plants.
Certainly a few caveats are to think about as the benefits to developing with full spectrum LED grow light is great.
Whether you’re performing indoor hydroponics aeroponics, or orchids, along with regular interior garden, LED lights would be the new option. The possible advantages of low-energy, water-saving developing can be a means to fix global issues that are larger than obtaining crops began. If you know a marijuana grower, or if you are a marijuana grower, then you know that a hot deal on a TV is nothing to get excited about. Just in the past year, LED grow lights have been improved and made more powerful to produce even better results when cultivating cannabis. I actually want to go even so the girls are throwing me a likely away party that night at Angie’s. Dans le passe, la source lineaire de cc est, a un rayonnement a grande echelle, exige beaucoup de l’installation de LED, ce qui rend le cout de production a largement depasse les gains difficiles. Crystal IS director of global product management Hari Venugopalan said that UV-C LEDs grown on sapphire substrates can exhibit efficiency below 1%. In the UV case, Crystal IS will offer AlN-on-AlN LEDs and the homogenous material approach reduces defects between the substrate and epitaxial layers. Such a product is not fit for remote battery-powered use outside a lab and the lamps are fragile as well.
But Shenzhen LISIDA says the native substrate has extended projected lifetime by a factor of five to ten relative to other UV-C LEDs. Initially the company is offering the led grow light over the range of 0.5-2 mW in radiometric output power. This approach also eliminate the harmful pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives used, making the production of an organic increase and almost no chemical additives .
LED grow lighting factory combing photovoltaic industry and agriculture will drive the development of green agriculture , truly realizing the efficient green circle agriculture, which is a agricultural ecological construction project combining with organic agriculture , green energy generation, agriculture, tourism and high-tech greenhouse cultivation.
In the future the LED grow light will be widely used in the field of flowers, mushroom , herbs cultivation, greenhouse fill light , pest control , etc. Future goal is to turn the plant cultivation to open cultivated plants, so that the cultivated area of city and the county is expanded from Yamada area , creating a handful of perilla Japanese origin .
By accelerating the growth rate, planting time can be shortened,which can reduce power consumption by 55% as compared with the original fluorescent lamp. The integrated design of radiator and panel makes the light a natural led flood light but not led light components combination. And the new moon penal light is not only can be used as lighting product but also lighting art decoration. These aren’t factors that are damaging, simply considerations to create developing efficient.
Several crops flourish for twenty four hours with great developing outcomes on with full spectrum LED grow lights. The LED lights produce a particular kind of wavelength, and full spectrum LED grow lights occasionally have to produce wavelengths particular towards the crop being developed. It might not seem in the beginning like it, but you ought to never look in to the lights for extended periods. Venugopalan said the company has realized a five -order-of-magnitude reduction in defect density relative to UV-C LEDs built on sapphire. Venugopalan said that tweaks to the epitaxial recipe should drive output into the 3-4-mW range later this year.
When creating the vary to LED from conventional lights, crops may require one more supply of warmth to increase development and flowering. The easiest way to cope with this really is to water crops, then allow subsequently allow them get reduced on-water. The soil heat that is perfect is approximately 73 levels; then crops must do nicely during indoor when this really is attained. The crops may have you should not begin a big root process when the developing method is soaked.
With minimum water, develop into healthy crops and they’ll develop to search out water. Ryan's 23 years of cannabis growing expertise has led his team to 2 first place cannabis cup awards and most recently a 2nd place in concentrates in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2015.

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