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The results are in: The HPS weighed in heavier, potency was identical, but color and flavor were better from the RhinoGrow. In part 1 of our series comparing the performance of the RhinoGrow 400 LED grow light (172 watts) to a 400-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp, we described the growing space and the starved state of the test plants. As the plants built their buds and ripened, not much difference between the two was observed. The HPS plant looked about the same under normal light (daylight fluorescent, 5000K spectrum). During the last week of ripening, the red areas on both plants deepened to a burgundy color I’ve rarely seen in cannabis. All in all, the HPS plant harvested 52 grams of dried buds and was 25″ tall at harvest.

We noted that the HPS plant grew taller with larger leaves and more bare stem than the LED plant, which grew compact and bushy, similar to growing under sunlight or a metal halide lamp. The LED plant’s buds began swelling slightly later than the HPS, and the lengthy stems of the HPS plant needed support. While the 400 watt HPS produced about 25% more bud, it also used 130% more energy and produced bud of a slightly lower quality. The LED plant, however, was much more beautiful than I could tell from under the RhinoGrow. Both have been excellent for relieving stress and reducing anxiety, which have been plaguing me lately.
This comparison did not test the usable area of the lights because of limitations on the number of test plants that could be used.

That’s when I asked the grower to turn off the grow lights so I could take some true-color photos. The leaves were almost completely purple with the same reddish areas and stems, and the buds had begun to take on a purple hue. Since the plants were purchased as clones, it is possible that these plants are not the Fruity Juice that they were advertised as.

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