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One of the very best ways available for reducing your energy consumption during the summer months is through the utilization of a fan. One of the last things you probably want to do after purchasing a fan is to take it out of the box and dig around the home for tools. At the time of this writing, I was checking out the current Amazon reviews, and the Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan is rather favorably rated, as 77 of the 104 individuals who have reviewed the fan on Amazon have given it at least four stars, with 46 of the reviews giving it a completely five out of five star review. If you are looking for a way to cool your home and to reduce the overall temperature in the house, all without having to run your AC unit on full blast throughout the summer, the Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan might just be the option for you, as it can go just about anywhere, and work with any room or living condition. For large-scale air circulation, the heavy-duty, high velocity, 30" Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan series fits the bill. These fans make easy work of cooling warehouses, auditoriums, health clubs, and other large spaces.
If you do manage to tip it over, the plastic blade assembly breaks easily, by cracking along one of the many seams on the hub.

Not only is the fan able to circulate air throughout a room or hallway, but it can also push cool air from a AC unit to other areas of the house, allowing you to save money and energy whenever you turn it on. In fact, you probably will notice that it isn’t even able to turn and cover a 90 degree radius.
I am very happy with it.My old fan happened to break in winter, so it was no store I could of buy a new one,just because the heaters were out already, and fans were put away. Pedestal Fan offers powerful and stylish cooling with its black finish and 3-speed fan control.
While different fans are designed for different tasks, the Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan is an option for just about any scenario. The Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan is not that kind of fan, as assembly can be completed in only a few minutes. The height-adjustable fan gives you the control to direct air circulation and flow to optimize your comfort, adjusting to meet your needs with effortless operation.

This way, you can spend less time putting it together and more time enjoying the cool breeze the fan creates. Thankfully, the Lasko 1827 Pedestal Fan is able to help you out with exactly this problem, so you never have to worry about who is receiving the breeze from the fan and what kind of air quality they are receiving. The Lasko equipment is designed to provide exceptional wind movement for everyone inside the room.
The Lasko 2521 16" oscillating pedestal fan is a black, plastic fan that's suitable for cooling down any indoor space. It provides an economical way to enjoy a comfortable environment, plus it easy to clean, setup, and use.

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