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DescriptionMore than just another compact and portable space heater, the Lasko 755320 is also extremely easy to use and efficient. Programmable ThermostatThe 755320 lets you adjust the settings to any virtually any temperature for optimized comfort throughout the day. Powerful SystemThis ceramic tower heater combines a ceramic element, powerful air penetration, and widespread oscillation to provide you with maximum warmth and comfort. This heater has the usual excellent Lasko built-in safety features, including a self regulating ceramic element with automatic overheat protection.
This is my second one of these heaters and they are so nice to have on extremely cold days.
VersatileThe Lasko 5367 boasts a compact vertical design that is great for areas with limited space. Overheat ProtectionA thermal overload protector keeps the electric space heater from overheating and operating at higher-than-normal temperatures.

This electric ceramic heater is able to provide you with comfortable warmth with its maximum 5,118 BTUs of heat and self-regulating auto mode. The Lasko 755320 features an elogated ceramic heating element that operates quietly and efficiently. And I love the added feature they've started using, it turns on low every 10 minutes for about 10 seconds to circulate the air and recheck the air temperature, instead of relying on the stagnant air temperature which can give a false reading. In a smaller room, it does a great job of making the room comfortable, so that you can turn down the rest of the heat in the house.
The oscillating ceramic space heater offers 3 different heat settings and an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to choose the temperature settings that best accomodate your needs. The 5367 relies on a self-regulating ceramic heating element that works with the oscillation function to provide you with warm, comfortable heat. Its three general heat settings: high heat, low heat, and auto, allow you to easily adjust the overall power level to match the size of the room being heated.

It also came with a remote so one could make adjustments without getting up from a comfortable chair.
It is very quiet, controls are simple as they should be, it gives the impression of being efficient. Electric Chain Saw - 14.5 AmpSHOW ALLTrimmers> Catalog Source BB-100 BareBlaster Weed Removal System> Worx WG105 12 in.

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