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We have a tendency to forget the ceiling in our homes, just paint it white that’s fine, I think is the general phrase we use when decorating our homes. The Swedish graphic designer Lisa Bengtsson certainly have understood the importance by looking up  in creating the ceiling wallpaper  Edith (inspired by Edith Piaf). Sleeping in this bedroom would be like sleeping in Versaille due to the gorgeous glossy ceiling!

Here the roles have changed  places the grey went on the wall and the wall paper in the ceiling and it looks great! When I lived in Geneva, Switzerland I would walk down the street and all of a sudden I looked up and just realized what I had missed,  there I had the beautiful mountain of Mont Blanc right in front of me. The Toronto based artist Oorbee Roy who uses the old Indian folk art Alpona in her designs here not only in the ceiling but also repeated in the wood of the cabinets.

And if no one looked up in the Sistine Chapel well I suppose you might as well have travelled to Albania!

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