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Description: You can download this image titled Bathroom photos small bathroom designs for your home interior design photo collection. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Replace that old noisy bath fan with one that's whisper quiet and clears the air faster with better airflow. A new generation of efficient and quiet exhaust fans is now available at home centers and from heating, ventilation and air conditioning suppliers (under “Heating Equipment” in the Yellow Pages).
This project involves electrical wiring, so call your local electrical inspector to find out if you need a permit. If you don't have an attic above, as we show, you'll have to do the entire installation from below. Align the fan housing from above, making sure the housing is oriented properly for ductwork and electrical connections. Before going back into the attic, cut a piece of insulated flexible duct approximately 18 to 24 in. Every house has the scheme, main color, particular ornaments and so on, that made to create the impression of the decor for the house. Right click on the image to download selecting save image as, then you will select a title. Wear a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, boots, a hat and a dust mask to protect yourself from dust and insulation in the attic.
This means you'll have to cut open the ceiling a bit (and patch it later!) to get the fan in and run ductwork to a wall vent cap.

You need a power drill, screwdriver, utility knife, metal snips, wire cutter, wire stripper and a work light. Hold the base of the new fan housing to the ceiling and draw the new opening size (Photo 4).
You can also find similar design ideas and topic like Bathroom photos small bathroom designs by browsing the categories on the right or looking at additional home interior design pictures below. The basic operations include hand sawing a small drywall opening, driving sheet metal screws into aluminum ductwork, cutting aluminum duct, climbing on the roof and sawing a larger roof vent opening, and disconnecting and reconnecting electrical wires. While on the roof, use roof brackets, roof cleats or a safety harness for secure footing and fall protection. If your old fan unit has additional features like a light or heater that operates off a second switch, your electrical wiring will be more complex. Turn on the fan switch (on the wall) and test the wires with a voltage tester to make sure the power is off. Twist together the electrical wires (white to white and red or black to black) and install the connectors.
If you run into problems you can't handle, such as complicated electrical wiring, tight duct clearances, water damage at the roof vent cap or a steep roof pitch, don't hesitate to call a licensed electrician. And if your roof is too steep or you don't feel confident up there, hire a pro for this part. However, changing to a larger wall vent cap can be more complex if you have brick, stucco or vinyl siding rather than wood.
To make it easier to work in the attic, find a small piece of plywood to kneel or lie on—approximately 2 x 3 ft.

Then ease it down to your helper, who will hold the housing flush to the ceiling while you screw the brackets to the joists (Photo 5). Then slide out the inner liner of the flexible ductwork, gather three or four of the metal rings and use three more screws to attach the liner to the elbow. Extend the duct from the exhaust port to the roof opening, but don't stretch it so tight that it kinks. Seal the gap between the duct and the shingles with silicone caulk or another high-quality caulk. Take them into the attic along with the fan, fan mounting brackets, aluminum elbow, sheet metal screws, drywall screws, electrical cable staples, electrical clamp, caulk and duct clamps. If you're not familiar with the rules of wiring, call in a licensed electrician to do this part. Absolutely not, we decorate house for ourselves also.We need something different, something that can refresh our mind. Although it is located mostly in the back side of the house, but we need to look at the design and plan starts from the beginning to avoid re design after the house completely built.Light is the important matter in the home decoration, the better lights, the better performance, so do not ignore the existence of the lights. That is unwise when you try to make the under of the vanity so bright and colorful but the shadow cover the whole bathroom walls.
Make some hinges so that you can change the position whenever you want, that is so useful to make the room to be flexible and not so monotonous.

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