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We will give You 2000+ Permanent Facebook Likes Or Fans To Your Facebook Fanpages Or 25 Likes On Your Website from real profile to any of your url without admin access. 5 out of 5We will give You 500+ Permanent Facebook Likes Or Fans To Your Facebook Fanpages Or 25 Likes On Your Website from real profile to any of your url without admin access.
We will give You 100+ Permanent Facebook Likes Or Fans To Your Facebook Fanpages Or 25 Likes On Your Website from real profile to any of your url without admin access. We will give You 1500+ Permanent Facebook Likes Or Fans To Your Facebook Fanpages Or 25 Likes On Your Website from real profile to any of your url without admin access.
Need Help?Contact Streamline Results today and get your business the online exposure that it deserves! The graph below depicts brand fans of top 10 retailer brands of the U.S in comparison with followers of the same brand on Twitter. But the way Facebook has evolved in the last 1 year to resolve the above mentioned issues is quite commendable. It is indeed important to have followers for any brand page, but the engagement is more decisive, amount of user-engagement decides growth of a brand. Twitter is the undisputed leader amongst social media networks when it comes to the mobile space whereas Facebook’s numerous features do not fit well on the mobile screens. Although, Twitter lately realized the importance of visual feeds and introduced inclusion of pictures and videos within the tweet, the feature is yet to be properly integrated with its various advertising schemes, hence very few advertisers are able to analyze its impact.
Thousands of public investors have showed faith in Twitter and are hoping that it continues to dominate social media in the future.
Twitter should also focus on the talent hiring arena as employers consider an average Twitter user to be more intellectual than a Facebook user. Dazeinfo Inc is one of the leading industry intelligence platforms, immensely focused on creating business content that revolve around industry gowth, companies performance, analysis, market research and projection.Our content and service help business executives make fact-based decisions and accelerate their growth.
There is an on-going discussion about how meaningful (or meaningless) the number of fans on your Facebook page really is.
Qualified fans are those who will like your page because they feel concerned by the subject, and feel engaged into the conversations you create.
Having thousands of likes for your Facebook page ensures you are going to have fans that will visit the next article you write for your blog every time you post the update to your Facebook page.
Reach them using ads to promote your page, Tweet about your content, Ask influential users to share your content… and start the job yourself: Share your page content on your profile, exchange with other actors in the industry, comment on other posts!
Gain ExposureWeRSM is your opportunity to spread the word about your product, service or event to thousands of social media enthusiasts and professionals throughout the world.
So what are the fundamental things you MUST do to get your first 1,000 fans on Facebook and consequently your leads & profile? Here’s 10 Steps which, if carried out with gusto and invested in regularly will bring you untold rewards of great engagement and exposure!
I know this sounds obvious, but actually you wouldn’t believe how many boring pages there are on Facebook.
One of the ways to do this is to ask yourself – Will this content I am about to publish create CHANGE! All great questions to ask as you make a post and I mean any post, from a small status update to a full on promotional campaign. Also this great study done by Jeff on the 3 Content Types That Drive the Most Interaction on Facebook will aid your journey tremendously in becoming an Epic content creator!
In the meantime by content I mean, status updates, videos, images, comments, blog posts, webinars, contest. You could also send a message out to some of your nearest and dearest and ask them to share with their community. Something you can do though, that is super powerful is to post about your new page on your personal wall, (include a photo), asking your friends to like it.
You can also set up a Facebook event announcing your new page and invite all your friends to the event and of course you can offer an ethical bribe in the form of a free gift, but people need to head over to your page to retrieve it. The more you can get out into the Facebook community and comment on others posts, get involved in the conversation, like pages and generally be a social butterfly, the more you will reap the rewards! PLUS and here’s the biggie… A webinar means you create INSTANT RAPPORT with your audience.
You can also get these ads into the newsfeed and hence pockets (via mobile) of your target audience by using the power editor. Much like Point 1, this leaves it wide open for you to get in there and be original and interesting! An example of an interesting thread is when it’s more focused on the customer than your business.
The host had posted – in the next 30 minutes I am going to answer all of your questions, post NOW.
Something we used to do was at a specific time on a specific day have a themed event, ie., one very successful one we ran was 60 book suggestions in 60 minutes. Copy the code and paste into the sidebar of your blog or wherever you want it to show on your website. Why do I need them to like my page if they’re already in my email database Jo, I hear you cry?
The more channels you can disseminate information across, the more chance you have of getting in front of the eyes of your target market. Guest Author: Jo Barnes is the creator of Jo Barnes Online a valuable results based blog covering online money making and marketing tips, cool tools to make your business and life easier and HUGE doses of inspiration to help increase your motivation levels and ensure you’re taking ACTION!
Coming back to the post these points are very powerful and if used it properly can give great results. In the step 9, in addition of “like” box to the blog, a button in the bottom of every post in author space is also another way to increase FB fans. EdgeRank is in place to ensure users don’t get overwhelmed by content, and also protects them from spammy content. What this means: Your content is more likely to appear in the news feeds of people who have already interacted with your page at some point. What this means: The more people who like or comment on your story, the more often your story will show up in people’s news feeds. Your Facebook Page’s EdgeRank will be determined by your ability to get your fans to interact with you. Overly self-promoting your own brand is one of the top Facebook marketing mistakes people mak.
This is a great way to encourage your fans to interact with your content, and show them that you care about their opinion.

For a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a Facebook page that makes money, download the ebook 20 Day Facebook Fix. March 14, 2013 8 CommentsAbout Diana UrbanDiana Urban is the author of the U Stand Out ebooks and blog teaching people how to do online marketing using content marketing, social media, and SEO strategies.
Isn’t it time you learned how to reach the right audience for your business and turn them into awesome paying customers? Enter your name and your main email address in the box above to receive a replay link of this power-packed online event.
Often referred to as a€?the Queen of Facebooka€?, Mari Smith is considered one of the worlda€™s foremost experts on Facebook marketing and social media. Hi will there be a recorded copy in case i miss the webinar because of the time difference? Likes on website helps to increase search ranking on facebook as well as google or other search engines.
If we compare the number one retail brand Walmart – the number of Facebook fans are approximately 34 million whereas on Twitter it is hardly 421,000 plus followers (currently the figure is 425,000+). It has successfully transformed its desktop success to the mobile platform with more than 874 million users actively using their services on the mobile phones and tablets. Facebook yet again outplays Twitter – on an average 340,000 Facebook fans engage (sharing and talking about) with the top 10 retail brands on a weekly basis, which is undoubtedly much more than engagement on Twitter and in some cases is more than the overall fan base of same brands on Twitter. But the micro-blogging site has not yet capitalized its mobile dominance that well in terms of advertising of retail brands, providing  hefty returns to the advertisers and an increasing count of active tweeting users.
Twitter is failing to innovate itself in the advertising arena when compared to Facebook, it is not yet able to meet the sophisticated demands of advertisers for targeting specific audiences.
Perhaps networking sites with better visual representation or photos were more successful in driving them customers. Twitter is now using public money and they ought to take a couple of brainstorming initiatives to boost its growth at a faster rate. Hirschle, who was recently hired to grab in more retailers to advertise on the platform, held meetings with Best Buy Co.
The micro-blogging site should try to entice wayward users and increase its actively tweeting user base. He is also the Head of Social Media for a London based agency and a visiting lecturer at the University of Greenwich.
Apparently having a page will put your business on the map, you’ll drive loads of leads to your website, blog, offers and make a ton of sales! This of course is great news for you as it means the market is wide open for fabulously designed interesting Facebook pages! You would have to be some kind of Super Hero if you could create EPIC content with every post you make. This is probably the most time consuming role you will have on Facebook but without this your business will grow very slowly!
You can create interest lists for all your favourite pages and people, and then save it as your main newsfeed.
If you’re simply looking to get a lot of likes and optins over a short period of time, make the contest super easy. You want it to get out to as many people as possible, so add share links and encourage the entrant to share the contest for an increased chance of winning. When I first started my Facebook career way back when, I would say that webinars were the biggest draw of fans to my page and customers to my business! If you invite people to attend a webinar with you and you spend an hour or so giving epic content and chatting with your audience you will find there is really nothing more powerful, except perhaps to be in a room one to one with them.
As people come to register for the webinar, because you have an interesting page, epic content and loads going on they will of course like your page and engage with your posts.
Our posts are only seen by approximately 10 – 15% of our fans so to get our message out into the news feeds of all of our likers, we have to pay!
In other words, you post a normal status update, with a very interesting 90 character first line, a fantastic image and a compelling description and then use the Facebook ads platform to target it specifically. He had absolutely loads of comments and questions being fired at him and he went through and answered every single one. We had hundreds of comments, book suggestions and discussions that everyone could get a lot out of.
As you create more content and more posts and hold more events etc, you should be emailing your database and inviting them to come over and like and engage with your page. The answer is you want to be able to communicate with your prospective audience on a multitude of platforms. Remember there is a lot of noise out there, it’s your job as a marketer to cut through that noise and directly impact your potential customers with your Epic Content!
There’s no point in having a page with 100,000 fans if no-one engages, gets involved or turns into a customer! We actually invited Stacy Zapar, not sure if you know her, she’s a LinkedIn professional but also a top Twitter user in the HR community. The more people who like your Facebook page, the more people will see the updates you publish to your Facebook page. This reason is EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm for determining how often a story will appear in your audience’s news feeds. A typical Facebook user will only see 1% of her network’s activity on Facebook — that means she doesn’t see 99% of the content her friends and pages share. Actions including commenting, liking, sharing, clicking, and sending a message will influence affinity.
When calculating weight, comments are more valuable than a like because a comment requires more effort on your fans’ part. Not only will these types of posts not be interacted with, but it will lower your overall EdgeRank, which will have a negative effect on your future posts. If you were planning on posting a text-only update, find a picture that is abstractly related to the content of your text post.
Try to create posts that are less than 80 characters in length, as these get the most engagement. So schedule your posts for early in the morning or in the evening when there’s less competition.
Aim to delight your Facebook fans with clever, funny, and unique content that will make them smile. You can then turn this into a contest in which you share your favorite piece of fan content, or a weekly “fan content of the week” feature.

For example a recent client of mine noticed his videos got the most engagement when posted at x time but that the photos got the most engagement when posted at y time. Have you tried to boost your Facebook Page posts and gotten little response, basically wasting your money? We take a deep dive into the mechanics of marketing on Facebook, specifically how to effectively integrate paid products that help you grow your fanbase, attract more qualified leads and convert them into top paying clients… all without breaking the bank! People who like your Page spend an average of 2 times more as your customers than people who arena€™t connected to you on Facebook.
It has galloped at a swooping pace in addressing the issues of advertisers by initiatives like better location specific and gender based ad-campaigns, custom audience feature – an Ad campaign based on contact details of individual users (niche audience), a better insight of ad success report, Preferred Marketing developers program and the reviews feature. If we analyze the graph below, the engagement rate by Facebook fan base of Avon is 540,000 whereas it’s Twitter followers are just 70,000. Even though advertiser are well aware of the fact that features like tweet and re-tweet are a much more valuable form of engagement than like or share (in Facebook), the active user base which actually bothers to tweet is rather miniscule and disappointing. It’s success story is more convincing only in developed markets, whereas most of the advertisers from emerging markets are not very convinced about Twitter’s Ad results. According to Bloomberg Global Poll which interviews 750 customers, around 68% of the investors predicted that stocks would fall below its first day closure of $44.90 within the next 6 months.
It is important for Twitter to educate users and advertisers of emerging markets about its customs and traditions and how its explosive and viral nature and real-time conversation features can continue to evolve the communication modes of users worldwide. But you must strive to deliver the most interesting, relevant and results based content you can for your target market.
Check out my post 48 Amazing Content Ideas here, that should get your creative juices flowing! So if your target market is arts & crafts, it’s no good sending it your pal who specialises in personal finance!
So don’t just send this out to a random group of people in your FB address book, hoping someone will do the right thing.
You need to be creative with this as it can turn some people off, but on the whole, you’ll get a lot more likes and lots of contest entries also! Make the contest 1 – 2 weeks max and let everyone know as time is running out to enter. Whilst I would rather get it for free, as someone who has been in marketing for over 20 years I can also see why FB are doing it this way and I have to say, Facebook ads are cheaper and more targeted than any offline marketing techniques I have used over the years. These ads show up on the right hand side of the newsfeed like normal ads, but are more descriptive and have the wonderful social element of people liking, commenting, sharing etc.
Email, Social Media, Skype, Instant Messaging, Evernote, Drive – there are so many more options these days.
Love your idea re expert interviews and the book suggestions – will plan these into our schedule. Things like including both a profile photo and a cover photo are so simple, but make all the difference. They want to make their friends smile, too, so they’ll be likely to share this kind of content.
Sign up for this dynamic free event and get ready to finally demystify Facebook ads and the whole process of actually making money with your Facebook marketing!
Fast Company describes Mari as,A a€?A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and the Pied Piper of the Online World.a€? Forbes named Mari one of the Top Social Media Power Influencers for the past three years in a row.
According to the Wallstreetpr, Facebook is expected to grab the major share of the predicted total digital ad spent worth $9.4 billion this holiday shopping season.
Retail brands on Facebook on an average have 45x more brand fans than followers on Twitter. It has also revolutionized its mobile technology to drive a major chunk of the referral rate, which recently shot up to a whopping 253%. You will end up with lots of people leaving your conversation, probably some spam reports and many unlikes!
Done correctly contests can rocket your fan base and your customer database in a very short space of time. If you want to increase engagement, encourage reviews or create some user generated content for your site, then perhaps a picture contest or a video contest. With every webinar I market, present and replay I gather a huge new raft of fans and potential customers. Also going to test out facebook ads – never tried before and possibly some promoted posts. Do you find yourself wishing there was a better way to reach your target audience on Facebook? PLUS, when you register for this FREE event, you’ll also get Mari’s special handout to go with the webinar! Mari consults with businesses of all sizes around the world to help accelerate their profits by integrating proven social media marketing strategies. Enter your name and email below to start receiving our weekly top selections in The Social Scoop newsletter, published every Friday. Remember the higher the barrier to entry the less entrants, but possibly a higher quality more targeted audience. During this action-packed two-hour session, I walk you through my ten-step process that will totally make sense to you. She travels and speaks at major events, sharing the stage with many celebrities and leaders. Last year, Facebook earned 90% of total ad-spent during the holiday shopping season compared to 10% by Twitter. Currently, a major share of it is pocketed by Facebook, Twitter needs to accelerate, in order to harness a substantial increment in its share and continue with the sparkling IPO momentum a little longer. She also regularly appears in media locally and nationally in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Fortune, and Success Magazine.
Facebook is pacing itself exceedingly well, both in retail and mobile advertising sections and a majority of advertisers are looking to shell out more cash to publicise their product to the 1.189 billion monthly active users (of Facebook) rather than a mere 232 million MAUs of Twitter. Twitter lags behind Facebook in terms of marketing dollars from retail brands who are known to spend a vulgar amount of cash on digital ads. Facebook has more than 73.5% or 874 million of the total user base who enjoy its services on mobile platforms whereas Twitter which was born as a mobile network has a mere 173 million users on mobile.

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