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Fannie Mae puts out a monthly National Housing Survey that measures consumers’ attitudes about housing and the economy.
Homebuilders—like Lennar Corporation (LEN) and KB Home (KBH)—use data from the survey to measure consumers’ attitudes toward future home price appreciation. Mortgage REITs—like Annaly Capital (NLY), American Capital Agency (AGNC), and PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT)—use data from the survey to help forecast prepayment speeds. Looking ahead one year, do you expect your personal financial situation to get much better, somewhat better, stay the same, get worse, or get much worse?
Looking back over the past year, has your personal financial situation gotten much better, somewhat better, stayed the same, gotten worse, or gotten much worse? In general, do you think it’s a very good time, a somewhat good time, a somewhat bad time, or a very bad time to buy a house? In general, do you think it’s a very good time, a somewhat good time, a somewhat bad time, or a very bad time to sell a house? During the next 12 months, do you think home prices in general will go up, go down, or stay the same?
During the next 12 months, do you think home rental prices will go up, go down, or stay the same? What is the approximate amount of your firm's total assets under management (AUM), if applicable? With all the discussion about the Fannie Mae Incentives that were announced this week, the question arises as to how to find Fannie Mae HomePath Qualified Homes for your buyers. Now, I know what you’re really looking for is another resource to search each day when you’re looking for properties for your buyers, right?
Not only will you get a notice when Fannie Mae HomePath Qualified Homes are listed, but you will also find out as soon as there is a price change and when properties are in the Pre-Marketing stage as well. Anne - Thank you!  It's great to get the notices and have up to date information on upcoming inventory! Many of the interest groups that directly benefit from large subsidizations in the housing market continue to state that Fannie and Freddie fell victim to the bad private market participants.
The opinions expressed below are those of their respective authors and do not necessarily represent those of this office. So why is the 187.5 billion drawn not being applied to reduce the liquidation preference of the preferred stock purchase agreement?
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been in the news quite a bit over the last year, so it’s a good time to do a refresher on who they are and what role they play in the Thomasville real estate market.
In 2008, due to mismanagement resulting in billions of dollars of losses, Fannie and Freddie were taken over by the government. You will be required to document your income to prove you can afford the payments of a new home. Lastly, you will be required to document assets such as bank accounts or retirement accounts to prove that you have enough money saved up for the 5% down payment that is required for financing.  Many times you will be able to get this money gifted to you from a family member or close friend. While these are the main HomePath Mortgage qualifications and requirements, there are other factors that your loan officer will help you review to determine if you are eligible for a HomePath Mortgage. Thank you for the short tutorial on ciruelohow to make the system work for the agent instead of the other way around.

They buy mortgages from lenders, so the lenders can use the money to issue new home mortgages. If your mortgage is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you may be able to refinance your loan and take advantage of lower interest rates.
Freddie, Fannie and the Federal Housing Administration together now guarantee about 90 percent of all new mortgages, far above their historic level.
The House Republicans and the Obama administration agree that the pair should be done away with.
A leading Republican lawmaker has asked federal regulators to explain why taxpayers have spent more than $160 million in legal fees to defend the giant mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their former top executives.
Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. HomePath home loans are only available on foreclosed homes owed by Fannie Mae whom hires local real estate agents to prepare, maintain and market their HomePath homes for sale.
When you speak with a loan officer for a mortgage preapproval, they will help to review things such as income, credit and assets. Loan officers will determine your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) and make sure it is in an acceptable range for loan approval.
Your loan officer will help you to review your credit report and look for things such as on time payments to your current creditors, proof established credit (typically 3 credit accounts with a 12 month history is required), judgments, previous foreclosures,  previous bankruptcies and collection accounts. To get started we recommend getting a home loan preapproval from a reputable mortgage company. While you can search the internet on your own, a real estate professional has tools such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which provides up to the minute updates of new real estate listings including HomePath eligible homes.
It was government housing policy, coupled with loose money from the Federal Reserve, that caused the housing bubble and those are the areas where we must focus reform. They were originally created to raise homeownership levels and increase the availability of affordable housing.
If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor. It is important to note that not all banks and mortgage companies are approved for HomePath Financing. Prior to November of 2013, Fannie Mae allowed for a 3% down HomePath Loan however this option is no longer available.
Once you are preapproved you will be able to seek the services from a real estate agent in your area that can help you locate Fannie Mae foreclosures for sale. A real estate agent can also help you determine if a house already has offers pending or is already sold. The foreclosure must be owned by Fannie Mae and have the HomePath Mortgage logo displayed to apply for this type of financing.
This program is designed for first time homebuyers that may not have the resources for a large down payment. Congress must agree on a plan, which could take years, and then the market’s dependence on the companies and the financial backing they provide must be reduced. Ask your loan officer if they can recommend a good real estate agent to help with your home search.

At least one of the borrowers on the loan must be a first time home buyer in a purchase transaction. The  My Community Mortgage® program is only available for low to moderate income families and may require home buyer education prior to loan closings. He’ll argue in a keynote speech that his bill would boost competition among private firms eager to enter the lucrative secondary market for mortgages. Getting a gift for the down payment requires special paperwork and documentation so be sure to review your situation with a loan officer to make sure you meet the down payment requirements for a HomePath Mortgage. Since the 2008 financial crisis, that market has been dominated by the massive government-backed entities known as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.Hensarling’s bill narrowly cleared his Financial Services Committee in late July.
This high LTV refinance program will be available only as a limited cash-out option which allows a borrower to simply change their interest rate or mortgage term.Update on the Conventional 97% Mortgage from Fannie Mae AnnouncementAnnounced on December 8th, 2014 Fannie Mae will reinstate the 3% down mortgage program.
Critics, including wary voices in the housing and banking industries, have argued that it could mean fewer mortgages approved in the years ahead. That would risk a slowdown for homebuilders, real estate agents and related businesses.It’s true that home loans could fall in number, Hensarling’s staff said last week. Not everyone will qualify for the 3% down payment mortgage including those that are not first time home buyers or make too much money for the My Community Mortgage®.
He agrees with Hensarling that private capital — whether from big banks or other investors — should play a much larger role in the secondary mortgage market.
With a couple of quick yard sales and postings on craigslist you may be able to come up with the extra cash for a 5% down payment which may offer better financing terms. But as in a bipartisan bill that has been introduced in the Senate, the government must continue to serve as a backstop in case of a financial meltdown, he said.The response among business groups in Texas and Washington to Hensarling’s bill has been tepid.
Leaders of the national Mortgage Bankers Association and the Independent Bankers Association of Texas praised Hensarling for kick-starting the debate over housing reform. Apply now for a Conventional 97% mortgage or My Community Mortgage® for first time homebuyers and buy a home with only a 3% down.
But both groups said they favor the Senate proposal, which would replace Fannie and Freddie with new safeguards that Hensarling sees as continued government interference.For real estate agents and others in Dallas, the banking crisis proved a setback over several years. Mary Frances Burleson, president and CEO of Ebby Halliday Realtors in Dallas, said business is now good but still not good enough to make radical changes.“I say a prayer every day, thankful for living in Texas, a low-tax, pro-business state,” Burleson said. Homebuilders, as business operators, welcome a scaled-back governmental role in the secondary finance market, he said. These loans are good for consumers but risky for banks because it’s so hard to hedge against uncontrollable risks over so many years.Moss agreed that innovation cuts both ways. The difference between a mortgage better suited for customers and one that exploits borrowers — as, say, payday lenders often do — can be a fine one.“There’s good innovation and bad innovation,” he said.
Mortgage programs include FHA loans, conventional loans, usda loans, jumbo loans, harp loans, manufactured home loans and home improvement loans. Both former HUD secretaries, one a Democrat and one a Republican, say Hensarling’s bill goes too far in pushing out the government.“The flaw in that logic,” said Cisneros, former San Antonio mayor and member of President Bill Clinton’s Cabinet, “is the notion that you can lay all the problems that led to the financial crisis at the feet of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
That was a perfect storm of conditions that stretched far beyond Freddie and Fannie.”And Martinez, HUD secretary under President George W.

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