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You have enjoyed the cool breezes from your house's ceiling fans all summer and now winter has arrived. Understanding ceiling fan rotation can help you keep your home comfortable and save money on your energy bills. Ceiling fans should rotate counter clock-wise in the summer (to generate a breeze downward to cool you off) and clock-wise in the winter (to cycle the warm air that Which way should a ceiling fan rotate in the winter? Discover why the ceiling fan rotation can make a difference in the heating, In the winter time when you have the heating system turned on, Ceiling Fans: Summer vs Winter Mode. Regardless of room temperature, heat rises and cold air sinks; during the winter, a ceiling fan set in reverse mode (moving clockwise) Seasonal Use Rotation. Do you have an inspiring blog, quote, or video?We are always looking for fresh new content and our mission is to inspire. That frigid winter weather might have you running for the thermostat, but there are ways to warm your home without using extra power. Bare floors will not only make your tootsies chilly, but they literally make the house colder.
Odds are you're wearing flannel this winter to keep yourself warm, so apply the same concept to your bed! It might sound simple, but just adding an extra layer to what you're wearing can make a huge difference.
Replacing your insulation can be an expensive undertaking, but you only need to go through one winter with great insulation to notice the difference on your electric bill. Use a draft stopper on the bottom of doors leading outside to prevent any chilly wind entering through tiny cracks.
It might not be the most visually-appealing way to heat your home, but covering your windows with bubble wrap will help in a pinch. This might be costly in the short term, but a programmable thermostat can keep your bills down in the long run.
Similar to a draft stopper, weatherstripping your doors seals off any leaks that might let cold air in. She Starts With A Simple Cake Mix - By The End She's Created The Ultimate Easter Cookie BarsThese Peep cookie bars will please everyone on Easter! She Always Saves Her Teabags Then Plants Them Outside For A Reason I Wasn't Aware Of.Don't toss your old tea bag! For year-round comfort and maximum energy savings, Westinghouse ceiling fans include a reversible switch that allows the ceiling fans to be used during cool or warm weather.

Check out our latest ceiling fans designed to include the most popular trends in technology, finishes, and styles, with special features like an energy-efficient DC motor, detailed blade arms, and two-toned blades. Ceiling Fan Rotation – The Basics In winter, you heat the air and Ceiling fans in winter should be pushing the warm air near the ceiling down and along the walls, where it can rise again and make you feel toasty. Donovan Not only can ceiling fans help keep your family feeling cooler in summer months, they can also keep them feeling warmer in winter months.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Some folks like it better blowing down, but most pull air up in the center which sends the heated air down the walls. Warm air can escape through the floor, so give your wood, linoleum or tile floors the equivalent of a sweater — a rug! This time of year, nothing feels better than a hot shower, so why keep all of that warmth to yourself? You're bound to use your stove cooking all of those holiday classics this season, so when you turn it off, don't let all of that warm air go to waste. Caulking your window frames is an easy, low-cost improvement that can quickly rack up the savings on your heating bill. Close the vents to these rooms so the heat can flow to where it needs to go more readily and without racking up unnecessary electricity costs.
Add a sweater, a blanket, some thick socks or a knit hat and see how you feel before clicking on the heat.
If your insulation looks crumbly, thin or otherwise old, it might be time to call a professional. Let your home cool down an extra 7 to 10 degrees when you're not home and you'll save an estimated 10 percent on your electricity bill, estimates. With these cost-saving tips, you might not need to head to the thermostat at all this winter. When He Adds The Egg, The Result Is Dazzling.What a unique and fun way to dye hardboiled eggs! Here are a couple ways to cut your electric bill so you have a bit more to cut your debt and add to your savings!Light bulbsOne of the biggest wastes of your electric bill is the lights we use. In the winter, Best Answer: People often ask whether to use a ceiling paddle fan in the winter and, if so, should it rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. In the winter, run your ceiling fan clockwise to re-circulate warm air from the ceiling, eliminating cold spots and drafts.
Besides just remembering to turn them off here are couple things you can do.Change your light bulbs to CFL or LED. First, in rooms Ceiling Fan Motor and Blade Rotation Settings In the Winter, a ceiling fan makes the air seem as much as fifteen degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer.
Should the ceiling fan rotation be counterclockwise in the in the summer and warm air is propelled up in the winter.
The two fans will create a convective loop this way, circulating the hot air trapped up at the ceiling peak.

It's instant, electricity-free warmth that will help you get through those frigid first few minutes under the covers. I know the Feds are trying to force you to do this by making the old lightbulbs illegal (oh that could be a whole other post) but changing on your own can save you money in your electric bill and replacement costs. Q: Changing the direction of your Ceiling Fan rotation throughout the year can add comfort to your home and help you save money on your utility bills. Your average 60w lightbulb will last you about 1500 hours of light, while you eqivalent CFL will draw only 14w and last you 10,000 hours.
LED equivalent, while a bit expensive still, will draw 6w and last 60,000 hours.LEDFLUORESCENT (CFL)INCANDESCENTLife Span (How long will the light bulb last?)60,000 hours10,000 hours1,200 hoursWatts Per Bulb (Wattage Equiv. They contain mercury so you cant just toss it in the dumpster, you have to find a place that recycles them (I hear Ikea and Home Depot do).
LEDs are new on the block so they are still pricey and I dont think you can get higher than 60w’s yet. On the plus side you can get them in the smaller sizes for track lighting that CFLs wont do.
After our budget gets more defined we will slowly start going to LED.SensorsAnother Big one for me is forgetting to turn lights off. We have a motion sensor in the hallway which will turn the light on when someone approaches and turn it off after a min. They do have overrides for say when you are in the shower so it dosent leave you in the dark after a few mins.Another sensor would be a light sensor for your outdoor lights.
This will cut off the electricity to the lights off during the day but allow you to have them on at night.
Wife often forgets to turn off outside light and it will stay on till I get up and go out and notice (this can be all day if Im really lazy) so this is next on our list.Ceiling fansInstalling a ceiling fans in your house can lower your heating and cooling costs by circulating the warm or cool air. Almost all ceiling fans have a direction switch so you can change direction based on the season. In the summer time you want the fan running counter clockwise (when you look up at it) forcing the air downward and causing a wind chill effect.
In the winter you run it clockwise at a lower speed drawing air up to the ceiling and forcing the warmer air down and out towards the walls.Our house has 3 ceiling fans currently, one in each room except daughters and ours but its on our list!Putting it all togetherWell these were just a couple ways to knock your electric bill down.
Besides waiting around for your monthly bill to see if it goes down how are you supposed to know? In our neighborhood all the old style meters have been replaced with smart meters, allowing SDGE (our local gas and electric company) to get updates every 15 mins without coming near our home.
Now there are pros and cons of this and we’ll see how it develops, but one of the cool factors is this info is put online for us to check in our account. So you can log in a couple times a week to see how you are doing and make adjustments if you need to bring it down some more.Our actual electric usage for Sept Nothing like tracking your electric usage like you do your money to help focus and work to lower it!What do you think?

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