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Colin was a helicopter pilot who was assigned the task of flying Martha, Kim, Robbie, Kit and Belle to the city for a consultation with a burns specialist following the explosion at Jack and Martha’s wedding reception.
Tempers frayed among the survivors and at first it was level headed Colin who tried to calm the bickering. Colin, Martha, Robbie and Belle continued their journey and they finally appeared to have stumbled upon some water.
Former Home and Away actress, Melissa George, announces that she has made peace with her past on the Australian soap. Ex-Home and Away actress, Samara Weaving has scored a role alongside The Walking Dead actor, Stephen Yeun. Former Home and Away actor Martin Lynes, who played guest character Adam Sharpe between 2012-2014, has been charged with the rape and assault of a woman at his Bateau Bay home. Coming up in the UK This week in the UK, Charlotte's body is discovered, Detective Dylan Carter arrives to take on the case, and can Oscar save Skye?
Summer Bay Tour Explore some of Summer Bay's top locations with a 3 hour guided tour around Sydney.
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Subscribe and we'll email you once a week with the latest Home and Away and Back to the Bay news. September 9, 2014 By Taylor 1 Comment This project has been in my head for about two years now. When I pulled off the tape I had some major bleeding but it was because of my tape job (oops). Here is a video introducing the line and a coupon code for you to get 25% OFF all Vintage Decor Paint that is valid at Micheals Stores through 9-12-14. Before I was pregnant,  I stumbled across this crib sheet from Candy Kirby Designs on Instagram and knew I needed it for my hypothetical next child.
Next up I made the crib skirt with a yard of fabric for each ruffle and I used an old sheet under the mattress. I am using this console from Ikea for her changing table and I found the perfect baskets for toys from Target.
I’m going to fill the top basket with diapers and I already have her wipes and cream etc. When I found out I was pregnant last year I was of course thrilled for a new little bundle to join our family. I know I’m a little late to the gold-vinyl-dot-wall-party but I still love it, so I thought it would be perfect for the wall behind the crib. Other than my dots, I used these supplies: a ruler, tape measure, piece of cardstock, scissors, some very sticky double sided foam tape and a pencil.
After measuring my wall, my mom (the math star of the team) figured out how far apart my dots could be based on how many dots we had. There is a level on the back but it wasn’t super accurate because of you move it just a hair the line at the end of the wall moves inches up or down!
This is a very hard picture to see but the laser line on the left is below the pencil marks so you have to play with the laser until the the line is perfectly on the marks like the picture on the right.
Our Births, Marriages and Deaths pages have had a huge revamp and update to provide more info than ever. Colin wanted to go looking for help, as he thought they would never be found otherwise, but Kim thought they should stay where they were.
This caused more friction between Colin and Kim as Colin defended Belle and they almost got into another fight.
Colin continued to tell them they needed to keep moving as they were in more danger if they didn’t. Everyone decided to drink it apart from Robbie who thought the stagnant water was contaminated. The biggest mystery of the year begins as the residents of Summer Bay try to prove their innocence and fight for their loved ones in a bid to find who shot Charlotte?! With Sarah’s final episodes recently being repeated on 7TWO, we caught up with Laura to hear about her time on the show.

The instructions said to apply a thin layer and then wipe off the excess with a wet lint free rag. We have a basket of shoes on the fireplace because the boy’s room is far from the garage and the wicker basket on the mantel is full wipes and diapers. Fun story about the bird mobile- my friend sent me a link to a project she saw on Homemade by Jill in 2008! If you have any questions about where I got something or how I did it, leave it in the comments and Ill answer back! I have seen the gold dots randomly placed on walls and while I do love random I wanted a pattern this time.
I’m sure you could also use other methods like an overhead projector, use a regular level with a tape measure and pencil, pop a chalk line, etc. Instead of holding a ruler or tape measure between every dot we measured a piece of cardstock and used that as the ruler. We worked one night from about 2-3 hours then I finished it up the next afternoon so it was a pretty quick project.
I'm Taylor, a craft-at-home-mom and lover of my family, sewing, painting, collecting fabric, Mexican Food & Margaritas, photography, brights colors, rearranging, decorating and painting.
Well, yes, I can as we get near the top the groups get smaller and smaller until they are almost infinitesimally small. Robbie Hunter - 70 pointsUP 17Robbie was truly one of those one-of-a-kind, original characters. Amanda Vale - 53 pointsUP 3Vindictive and coy, Amanda is one pouting princess not to be messed with. Not long after the chopper departed from the Bay, it crashed in bad weather and all radio contact was lost. Colin insisted he had more experience in these situations and the group voted with Colin, against Kim’s wishes.
Colin then wanted the group to split up, as he thought they would have more chance of being found, but the others wanted them to stay together. This piece of furniture because it was a little blah but my main problem (and why I didn’t try it for two years) is that I hate sanding and worried about being able to cover the black. I could have gotten away with one coat but I waited about 30 minutes and did a second coat just for extra coverage.
I waited about 1-2 hours between each step to make sure I didn’t tape over any wet paint. I was nervous about it because it was super thick and very brown but after you wipe, it all makes sense. For even more inspiration you can find them on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. I want to do something about the red brick fireplace but I haven’t figured out what yet. It isn’t perfect at all but I figure I will be moving her mattress down in no time anyway. My mom potted that little cactus in the mug and my Mother in Law found the Bee Print on the wall.
We didn’t find out the gender with either of our boys and they were so close in age that I just used the same nursery for both of them.
I searched and searched for a tutorial on how to get THIS LOOK  in my inspiration photo but I wasn’t able to find much.
The very first two rows are the hardest because you have to get everything set from those, so we started at the top of the wall.
The most time consuming part is getting the level lined up but I love the patterned look so it was worth it! He might have been an attempt to create a new Vinnie, but while they didn't succeed in doing that, they managed to create a unique character.
Everyone thought they were dead and the search was scaled back but what they didn’t know was all 6 had survived the crash and were lost in the bush with very little food and water. During the journey the problems with Colin and Kim escalated and they continued to argue about directions and strategies.

He later observed that Belle seemed distant from the others and encouraged her not be such a loner. Then, the one and only Martha came out with a new line of paint products… Vintage Decor Paint :)  A Matte Chalk Finish, requires no prep, is self priming, and comes in 22 colors!
I used three small paint brushes at the very end for all of the touch ups from the  bleeding and that worked great! It’s hard when you have really little kids to put anything super nice in your house haha. With some bright, modern and floral moments too… basically all of my favorite things.
Then we just played with the laser until the line was touching both pencil marks on both sides of the wall. Apart from Gypsy they, all left within the past two years so they don't really need any introduction. How could he have predicted that the strung-out Crystal Meth addict would put him in a coma?; that the friendly neighbourhood nurse was actually a psychotic serial killer?; or that his own partner, Tracey Thompson, was plotting to literally stab him in the back? Gypsy was the original tart with a heart, seemingly not caring about anything and anyone but underneath vulnerable and crying out to be loved. After years of unhealthy, destructive, and downright disturbing relationships, Amanda finally settled down with Peter Baker - her ex-husband's brother who's son she also slept with - and they all lived happily ever after.
Colin became annoyed about this and his mood didn’t improve when Kim gave Martha the last of the water. My sister climbed the ladder for all of the tall dots, I didn’t take over until we were about halfway done. Once you get it taped it up it rotates 360 degrees so you can get it lined up correctly after mounting it to the wall. Well, Tracey got her comeuppance when she and Eve blew themselves up at Jack and Martha's wedding, taking nobody they intended down with them.
Gypsy was feisty, sassy and had more attitude than a room full of wags but she also was loyal, caring. Kit told them they need to leave her but Kim said he would stay with Kit as the friction between him and Colin would not help the group. Belle was disappointed she couldn’t say goodbye as he had really supported her through the ordeal. We (my husband) put down the wood floor before we started anything and I posted all about her DOT WALL HERE. His relationship with his son Kim, the scenes where he described the death of his son Jonathon, and of his wife Kerry were remarkable and moving. Peter pretended to die to avoid some unfriendly mobsters, only to rise from the "dead" months later (much like Eve) upon hearing that his son, Drew, had come to the bay. Later Colin thought they had found a creek but the group were devastated when they discovered it was dry. His relationship with Irene also plays a huge part in his popularity as their scenes together were always excellent - either comical, romantic, touching, or tragic. We can also credit Peter for the introduction of his brother, Dan, who gave him a run for his money when it came to vying for the affections of Leah. Some of her one liners and throwaway comments were hysterical and her banter with Colleen was always fun. Her romance with Will brought out her softer side but she always retained her independent edge and that is why her fans still miss her.
Ivar Kants was able to inject so many layers into this character, who started out so unsympathetically, but whom we saw over time to be a deeply flawed but loving father and partner, and who is now a character who is clearly missed.

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