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This page has reviews of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans, light kits, replacement parts, remote control kits and more.
Because Hampton Bay ceiling fans have the Energy Star either a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan model number C532(CH) and am looking for installation instructions. Extraordinary designs, features and several advantages over other fans make Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans- choice of millions. Hampton Bay ceiling fans are designed to circulate air within a room to help provide a more comfortable environment. The 20 degree blades rotate in different directions, or simply brighten your room, you'll find the perfect Hampton Bay ceiling fans for your needs.
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Add classic style to your den, living room or garage with the Hampton Bay 2-Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Light. The Hampton Bay 1-Light Flushmount is beautifully crafted in a restoration look of yester year. Philips Energy Saving LED 18-Watt PAR38 indoor flood light is ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, offices and dining rooms. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. The house I moved into had a ceiling fan in the bedroom that was hooked up to a dimmer light switch. What I'd like to do is split it so the fan motor is toggled by the normal switch, and have the lights controlled separately on the dimmer. I'm a complete beginner at this type of stuff, so I took some pictures and drew up a basic diagram.
I assume I need to split the black wires, and possibly use the orange one to power the other switch after I split them?
BTW, with two black wires between the switch box and the fan, we should be able to make this work with two wall controls or with one wall control and the fan always on, so you can be thinking about that. The non-standard wiring is the first thing I noticed since every Google search seemed to be telling me to look for different colored wires.
If it's easier to shortcut it by just configuring the fan to be always on and just using the pull switch to control it I'm fine with that!
The other thing that you could do right now is to kill the circuit and disassemble and dismount the ceiling fan and light. You can put a wire nut on each wire that you find there and turn the circuit back on while we figure things out - shouldn't take more than a minute once we have the info. Anyway, It took about three hours to install, but it seems to work correctly and is very quiet. NOTE: This receiver is to be purchased only to replace the receiver your fan was originally installed with. For any questions about this product feel free to contact us with the form below.We usually respond within 24 business hours. The diagrams on this page are for wiring a ceiling fan and light kit often used in a living room or bedroom. This wiring diagram illustrates the connections for dual controls, a speed controller for the fan and a dimmer for the lights. This diagram is similar to the one above, but with the electrical source originating at the fixture. This wiring arrangement allows for lowering the lights with a dimmer and controlling the fan with the built-in pull chain. Use this wiring when the source is at the fixture and you want to control the feed to both components with the same switch. Use this wiring when the power source originates at the switch and you want to control both the fan and light from there. The right size ceiling fan for your room depends on more than just the square footage or your area. As a general rule, you can start with the recommended fan for a given room size as follows: For a large room of 15'x15' or more, choose a ceiling fan with a blade span of 52, 56 or 60 inches. Usually there is a small sliding switch on the side of the motor housing that will control the fan direction. Mostly all of the Hampton Bay ceiling fans has a Of course, the difference would be that the rotor blades spin in the opposite direction, Hampton Bay Redington 52" Ceiling Fan. The fans can rotate in either direction to eBay: hampton bay ceiling fans It looks like you included personal information in your comments. This fan offers 3-speed reversible operation to help you easily select the desired speed and direction.
White Ceiling Fan 8 answers am I able to purchase an extended warranty on the hampton by ceiling fan 42"s?
Featuring a brushed-nickel finish and updated racetrack design, this light is great for installation above bath mirrors.
It provides a bright white light and provides a wide beam of light, perfect for general room lighting. Most of the wires are black and they're all joined into a weird little connection (see the picture).
I'm starting to feel a bit over my head here already (I'll check out that Amazon book, thanks!), so let me see if giving any more information helps.
It's part of why I'm confused here (and also because I have no idea what that little connection is with the 4 wires going into it). For starters, if the wires in your switch box emerge from open pipes, then you have wires pulled through conduit. And one new question: Can you see the outside of your panel and, if so, does it have pipes or cables running into it?

You should be able to get one that will do what you need for less than $30 at Big Orange or Big Blue or a good local hardware store. One of those four wires is the hot feed from the panel, and it is making the other four hot. Or, if your fan is mounted with a mounting bracket, and not canopy-mounted, you should be able to just lower the canopy to see how everything is wired, and to do the work you will need to do there. The 3-speed reversible control helps you select the optimal speed and direction, and a remote control provides an easy control of your settings. Indoor Gilded Mahogany Ceiling Fan-DISCONTINUED 1 answer Will this fan be restocked Hampton Bay Clarington Fan?
Unfortunately, this item is no longer available and will not return to stock in our warehouse.
Not only iis it SUPER quiet (don't even know its on), its so pretty - especially in an older home, and even on the high speed (which is very high) there is no sway of the fan. The Received that has to be wired into the fan doesn't fit into electrical housing in the ceiling, to be out of sight, like it's supposed to be. I am not bothered by the dimness of the light fixture as I was just looking for some warm ambience from this light. It was also my first ceiling fan installation and I didn't have the luxury of a previous light fixture to work with.
You cannot simply add this unit to any fan that does not already have this receiver pre-installed. They are items that we normally do not keep in stock or we have recently ran out of stock, but are still available for order. Wiring arrangements for an electrical source at the switch and at the ceiling fixture are included, as well as controls for fan speed, light dimmer and a single-pole switch hardwired to control the light with a pull chain.
These include a timer to control the fan, a single-pole switch controlling the fan, and an exhaust fan and light fixture wired on two different switches.
The white wire is usually the neutral which is always connected directly to the source neutral, either at the source or through a splice in the switch box.
The source is at the controllers and the input of each is spliced to the black source wire with a pigtail. The white wire is no longer used for hot and the source neutral is run through to the switch box to satisfy the 2011 NEC requirement of a neutral wire in all switch boxes. The source is at the ceiling outlet box and 3-wire cable runs from there to the switch box.
Three-wire cable runs from the fan to the switch box and the source neutral is spliced to the white wire and to the fan neutral. These fans usually come with a small electrical connection box welded to the side of the housing.
There should be two hot wires and a ground coming out of the timer casing, splice one of these to the hot source.
The light is controlled with a single-pole switch and the fan controlled with a timer as in the previous drawing. Furniture, normal ambient temperature for the room, and ceiling height will all have an effect on the efficiency of the fan you choose.
For a 12'x12' room, go with 44 to 48 inches of blade span, and for small rooms of 8'x8' or so, a blade span of 36 inches should do the trick.
This function allows for more efficient cooling in the summer and for circulating heat in the room during the winter.
Available in all styles, including Hunter Shop for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions 10% Off Regular Prices.
Please make sure you remove email addresses, user IDs, item This entry was posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 9:21 am and is filed under Ceiling Fans Categories. Hampton bay ceiling fans frequently come with wireless remote controls for easy These remotes allow users to change the speed and direction of the fan at any time. Telling us where you're located may help us have a better understanding of the applicable codes, methods and practices for your situation. You can think of a hot wire as a water supply pipe and a neutral wire as a drain pipe, if that helps. If you would update your profile with this information, it will help other members get a sense of the jurisdictional environment you are in. It appears that there are two pipes in the switch box, that there is one white wire in each, and that those two wires are spliced together.
Since one wire controls both the fan and the light, you will need to do something there to separate the light from the fan.
A friend helped me install (over a 4 hour period), and we did have problems - but it was due to fitting the fan mount into some fancy ceiling plates, the install of the remote box (that was weird), and our inexpertise of electrical components.
Compact install has a hook to hang the fan fixture while wiring, the down-rod install has a ball joint to hang the fan while wiring, before attaching wiring cover. It's not so much that it is hard to install but that the directions are very sparse and the diagrams leave much to be desired. My only complaint during the install was getting the remote receiver in with all the wiring - it took a few tries to get it to all fit.
The neutral from the source is spliced directly to the white wire on the fan kit and the cable, running it through to the switch box.
The source hot is spliced to the red wire which is connected to the bottom terminals on the switch at the other end. The hot source is spliced to each controlling device and the output of the controllers are connected as in the previous diagrams on this page.
If you're installing more than one ceiling fan in a room or hall, set the distance between the two at 2 times the blade span. With this attitude, a counter clockwise spin will force air down into the room creating a cooling breeze.
In most cases sliding the switch down will set counter clockwise spin, while sliding it up will set clockwise spin.

This is accomplished by rotating the fan blades in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. The most common method is by an electrial switch which reverses the direction in which the blades rotate. We just bought a Hampton Bay 52" Redington IV Model 52-RDT ceiling Can I get the Hampton Bay remote to reverse the fan direction? For now, I disconnected the dimmer switch and put everything on the normal switch so that the fan works properly. He's coming over in July to install another in the next room - this time we'll know what we're doing! Whole steps were missing from the directions like the fact that you have to remove these rubber packing bumbers before you can afix the fan blades to the fan motor.
This would be a perfict light to have on while watching television, but not to read the newspaper or play scrabble. Operation has been good, and on the lowest setting it's rated to take very little power but still move enough air to be useful. We had a dimmer on our light fixture before and now dont have the ability to dim the light. The black wire is splice to the output on the speed controller and to the black, fan wire at the other end.
The hot source wire is spliced to the white on the 3-wire cable and then spliced to the input wires on both controllers at the other end.
The black wire is connected to the top terminal on the switch which runs power back to the fan where it is spliced to both the black and blue fan wires.
The black cable wire is connected to the top terminal on the switch and spliced to the black and blue wires at the fan at the other end.
Clockwise rotation will pull air up to the ceiling, disturbing the warm air collected there and circulating it throughout the room to warm things up.
Hampton Bay ceiling fans, a Home Depot product, are in use in millions of homes across the globe. There is a purple wire coming down from the ceiling that goes into the other connection on the switch. The switch did not have a ground wire connected, nor did another switch in my second bedroom. Also, the remote control receiver is not shown in any of the tiny diagrams of the unit assembly. The red wire is spliced to the output on the dimmer and to the blue, light wire at the other end. At the other end, the black cable wire is spliced to one of the hot dimmer wires, it doesn't matter which one. The neutral source wire is spliced to the white cable wire in the switch box and to the white fan wire at the other end. The Hampton Bay Hawkins ceiling fan is a 44-inch fan looks like it was designed specifically to work in those flat low-ceiling bedrooms. As stated in previous reviews, the step where your are supposed to connect all the wires with wire nuts, push them up through the center hole of the mounting bracket and into the outlet box, and then slide the receiver unit in place is absolutely laughable. We'll be getting one more of these for this house and five more for every room for another house. The lighting is a bit clumsy - having to push the button multiple times to dial in the right dimmer setting.
The ground should be spliced with a short piece of wire and connected to each device and outlet box that has a grounding terminal.
The neutral from the source is spliced in the switch box with the white wire, and to the neutral wire on the ceiling fixture at the other end. The other dimmer wire is spliced to the red wire in the switch box which is spliced to the blue, light wire at the other end.
In these drawing the brass colored terminal represent the hot side of the device and the silver colored terminal represent the neutral.
Connect the ground to the grounding terminal in the connection box and the ground wire from the fan, if there is one. First I trimmed a good deal of the excess wire lengths from the wires coming from the fan motor, then I ran most of the wires around the side of the mounting bracket and into the outlet box.
I wish it required CFU bulbs instead of the 60 watts but the light isn't on very often anyway.
It's perfect for watching a movie or for a child that likes to sleep with a little bit of light AND you can just tap the button to turn it off when you know they're asleep! Now that I have figured out how to do it, I could probably install one in about an hour, but that is inspite of the crummy directions.
It seems so illogical to have an item in a do-it-yourself warehouse with badly written and badly illustrated instructions.
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