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EasilyA  broke out the blue hot wire to the light and wired it to the 2nd hot from the wall switch with white common out.
I want first say that electrical work is very dangerous and you should also turn off your power and consult a professional before starting such a project.A  Installing a fan is extremely rewarding, but can easily go wrong. A If you are using the right bulbs and your wiring is correct then it might just be the switch. I took the fixture down again and pulled the cover off the small housing below the blades and found Rine electronics one capacitor and oneA power limiter.

A Compact fluorescent bulbs, or CFLa€™s, do not work on a dimmer switch unless you have ones that are specially made for dimming.
I bought 2 on sale around X-mas and just got to trying to put 1 up now the other is still in the box? Like I originally said I assumed they could be used with a 3speed fan and a dimmer because the box said remote was not included and that's all it said? What kind ofA  remote just turns on and off the power I got a light switch that can do that.

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