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With Hurricane Sandy understandably overshadowing many an East Coaster's Halloween plans, costumes are probably the last thing on people's minds.
Check out some hilarious last-minute costumes from around the web below, and upload a photo if you've made one yourself!
And then everyone screamed, “Shark attack… shark attack…” This is what you can tell others few days after you enter a Halloween party wearing the shark costume.
Turkey is something more than essential in the celebrations; whether Halloween or thanksgiving. For many of these homemade costumes, well, if they come knocking at your door wanting you to fill their bad with candy, we would advise you not to answer.
What blows me away about that Catholic Priest costume (no pun intended) is that he actually got away with that at a work office party.
What mother doesn’t want their son to be a sexist, booze-guzzling, chain-smoking narcissist? After wearing this costume, all you have to do is switch on the fan and the costume gets inflated which is “a man sitting on an ostrich”.

LOL, when his school had a career dress up day, this kid found a clever and affordable costume. 31, there are plenty of things you can create with minimal effort, just in time for Halloween. So if you are thinking about taking the life out of others, then using such an idea is a witty option.
Everyone would no doubt think for a moment that living turkey is moving all the way in the party.
This batch of crazy costumes are some of the funniest (or worst– take your pick) that you may find!
Halloween is celebrated each year on October, 31 which is actually a day of Satins in original terms dated back to 16th century. This is comfortable and sitting, dancing and walking are equally easy and comfortable due to its contextual inflation deflation mechanism. The costume looks like a real turkey due to the stuff and the colors and contrasts used in making the costume.

Well the essential character of this celebration was to take on the appearance of a wicked character and after that strive for “trick or treat”.
The inflatable costume legs make the costume somewhat real and it seems real that you are over the back of your mommy. Initially Halloween was intended to wear frightening costumes, however now individuals have begun utilizing this eve to carry out their wardrobe debacles and alarm the fashionista by their fashion. Those celebrating Halloween this year would definitely be browsing for the most creative and innovative dresses in order to make their Halloween day and win the best costume award.

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