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Free shipping is available for domestic shipments only and only offered on the lowest cost shipping method. No code required, free shipping and reduced international shipping is automatically calculated in checkout! Ah shucks, this item is out of stock.But fear not, enter your email address and “Jerry” the Dino, will notify you as soon as it's back instock! This is the full set of all five figures, individually packaged, needed to form the mighty Intimidator!
Considering how I was torn between this and the Combiner Wars set, I had to go with this for obvious design reasons. This amazing set is difficult as all hell, but the genius engineering leaves me breathless.
Second I drop a star since you can swap appendages yes but the arms are in need of an adaptor to improve their connection.
This has always been my favorite combiner team and I was thrilled when Fansproject endeavored to create this stunning homage. Orders placed by 1PM CT where all items on the order are instock, usually ship out the same day. The transformation is amazing, the scale of this guy is just right, and his minicon-weaponmaster is huge! Car Crash is part of a five piece Causality combiner set that individually transform and merge together to form one mighty Causality Robot! When I purchased this little guy I was pretty sure to buy all the team to form M3 but when I faced loose hip joints and poor plastic quality I was reaaly disappointed.

This doesn't mean it is a C10 box, but that it doesn't have any significant damage to the box. Later I found that it came close to its legit counterpart by being able to switch limbs around, which adds for better function. When I found about the 3rd party companies making better and more updated characters, I jumped on that train and I'm still riding it.
By that time, all of my fingertips were in agony from fighting against the incredibly tight joints and connections between pieces of laceratingly pointy plastic. Colors and paint are perfect, the robots all pop with personality, the vehicle modes are drool-inducing, and transformation is genius through and through.
I agree the plastic feels kind of cheap ( compared to their Insecticons for example ) and I worry about breaking him sometimes. This guy us everything I loved about the figure he was based on and so many awesome improvements. Add the poor aspect of the vehicle mode and not a single piece of translucid plastic gives a model really boring even if it looks cute and G1ish. It still may have wear to the window, and a small amount of wear to the box that is noticeable upon close inspection. By placing an order all customers accept that 5% of the time packaging may be below C9 or collectors grade. The wriste configuration was better than the default but the shoulder connections are a joke. The construction of each piece is solid, but it does still have that slight sense of fragility that all 3rd party pieces have.

If your a big fan of the Stunticons and have the extra cash, this is an absolute must have!
Like many TFs these days, everything is agonizingly tight the first few times, which leads to them being just about right once you've done it a few times. It took the better part of an hour and required watching some online tutorials in addition to carefully reading the instructions. The little sidekicks for this series are unbelievably well sculpted and articulated for the tiny bots that they are, very impressed. That aside, aesthetically the set is gorgeous and I have no complaints about the look and feel of the combined form.
The only drawback to this entire set is that Car Crash and T-Bone are essentially clones of each other. I have Columpio as well and I like him even more than Cubrar and Cubrar is fantastic as I have just explained.
And despite some parts that do feel a bit worrying, I think a careful collector will be able to tame this beast without breaking anything. Just know that I'm knocking a single star off for how challenging and stressful some of the transformations are.
TFsource is awesome as well, the shipping for the 2 figures was free and they got them here very quickly!

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